Tu Mera Hero 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Surekha crying. Rekha starts crying aloud and packs Titu’s bag. She asks Bhagwati how can she pack Titu’s bag and keeps loading the bag herself. She makes Surekha hear this. She says Titu will go very far. Bhagwati taunts her and cries. Rekha says Titu will have to do all his work on his own, how will he manage. He says I wish I could pack Surekha in this bag too and send with Titu. She says mum should be going with Titu. Surekha says enough, and goes. Rekha says I m tired now. Bhagwati says you will never change and leaves. Rekha says I m very happy.

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Golu gives sweets to all people and they also get a letter with it. Surekha changes her look and comes out. Bhagwati and Sundar are shocked seeing someone. Rekha asks what happened, as if you saw a ghost. Rekha turns and is shocked. Sundar comes running to Govind’s shop and asks him to come fast as something happened to Surekha. He asks what happened. He pulls Govind’s hand and takes him. Titu tells Pinky its very late, why did Golu not come till now. Pinky says we should go now, as Govind can get angry if we get late. Govind comes home and sees Surekha in simple clothes and without any jewelry.

She says I m seeing my world getting snatched from me, so it would be good if I became Sanyasan. Govind says you are going mad in your son;s love, I m doing this for Titu’s good. She says if you take the plant by its roots and put in heaven, can it grow. Rekha says Govind is right. Surekha says I have explained you 27 years before about polio medicine for Keshav, and you feared for fever and did not think for his good, and our mum in law said fever will come, and even then I did not agree and I have taken Keshav hiding from you and mum in law, and till I went, you both have stopped me, you said I don’t love Keshav, I don’t have motherly love in me, I want his bad, as I could not become a mum ever.

She cries. She says my heart broke and Govind knows it better than me. She says I could not do anything that time, as I was not Keshav’s mum. Bhagwati cries. Keshav sits in shock. Surekha says I pledged that daya that if Kanha gives us child, I will not listen to anyone for him, and never let him go far from me. She says I will not live my life now, if Titu does not stay with me, I can’t live. Govind says I understand your pain, but I m Titu’s father and doing this for his future, my decicion won’t change, he will do Agra. A girl is shown coming to Mathura. She looks modern and gets down the taxi.

She walks and everyone see her. She looks for a rickshaw and hires one asking him to drop at Prem Sadan. The man stares at her and she asks him to leave her. He says he can’t leave her. She says I m new here, and have much luggage. He says fine, sit. The man tells about Titu, he is like Kanha, he is more than hero and his father is sending him to Agra, and everyone is doing duty to stop him. Titu talks to his friends. Pinky calls out Titu, and the girl turns and sees Titu. She smiles and stops him. Titu smiles seeing her.

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She introduces herself as Ruhi. Titu is glad meeting her. Pinky asks how does he know him. She says who will not know Titu, as the village is outside his house. Titu and Pinky are shocked. Sundar tells Govind that entire Mathura came to meet him. Govind talks to them, and Golu and Panchi look on to see if their idea works to stop Titu from leaving. They all ask Govind not to send Titu. Govind says he is my son and I can do anything. They say Titu is of entire Mathura, we won’t let him go, we love him, our life had tears and Titu has taught me to smile. Sonu was going for suicide and Titu convinced him to smile and live his life.

They all praise Titu and ask him not to send Titu away. Surekha hears this and cries. Panchi asks Goving to agree. Mukund says lets go and prepare, Titu has to go in one hour. The pandit ji asks Govind not to send Titu to Agra. They all request him. Govind thinks and looks at Surekha’s Sanyaasi look. He says Titu will not go Agra. The people get glad and clap for him. Panchi smiles. Surekha gets glad. Golu says we will give good news to Titu. Panchi thanks for uniting her with Titu, and thanks everyone. Surekha thanks everyone to talk in Titu’s favor and Govind for not sending Titu. Rekha gets shocked.

Golu runs to Titu saying the good news. He tells him everything. He says it happened because of…… Titu thinks Ruhi did all this and shakes hands with her, happily talking. Panchi comes there and is shocked seeing this. Ruhi says you are my first friend here and clicks a selfie with him, holding his hand. Panchi feels bad.

Panchi comes to meet Titu. Ruhi asks her to go home and rest, Titu will show the city to her. Panchi says no, I will come along. Ruhi falls and Titu holds her. Panchi gets upset.

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