Tu Mera Hero 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Govind and Surekha doing the rituals in Krishna puja. He place the idol and move the cradle. Everyone smile. Govind is glad. Titu’s wig and dupatta falls, as he gets up. Panchi starts laughing, and everyone is shocked. Govind gets angry seeing Titu as Radha. Panchi says I felt it will be you hearing the talk. All the guest laugh and call him joker. Rekha smiles. Titu’s family feels bad. They all come home. Govind scolds Titu and says the entire Mathura was laughing on him. Titu says this is wrong, everyone did not laugh. Govind says name a person who did you laugh. Titu says you. Govind gets angry and Surekha protects Titu. He says I did not think my son will show me this day, I m hurt seeing him in woman;s attire, he is born after 18 years and was entertaining people.

He says I try every day that he becomes Ashish Agarwal from Titu, and he is becoming more lazy and useless, I took a decision for him, he will not stay in Mathura and will go Agra with his Chacha. Rekha and her sons get glad. Govind asks Mukund to book ticket. Mukund says I will get ticket today itself. Surekha asks Govind not to do this and he leaves. She cries seeing Titu. Panchi sees Aashiqui 2 movie pics and smiles. Rachna comes and says lets play word train game. They start and Panchi names Titu for love. They pillow fight and laugh.

Panchi imagines her wedding card with Titu. She writes Ashish Agarwal and hugs the card. Titu tells Surekha that Govind will not joke ever. She cries and says he has gone mad, he is really becoming inspector. Titu shows the kachori and says his theory that he feels its his future life. She says no, I will not let my son’s life become kachori. Titu and Surekha get sentimental and say emotional missing you lines. Rekha hears this and smiles, saying Titu is going Agra.

Panchi, Rachna and their mum visit temple and sit to do paat. Panchi talks to Lord and asks for giving her Titu and speed up the process. The puja is done. Panchi asks shall we leave. Her mum asks her to have patience. Titu asks Golu to set the umbrella. Golu says I m feeling tensed knowing you will leave. He says after you leave, everything will look pale here. There has to be some way to stop you. Mukund says there is no way, I m hurt too, but you have to go, and I m going to book ticket. He says you are most famous in Mathura, and if they can stop you, they can, else Agra.

Panchi sees Rekha there singing a sad bhajan and crying. She tells the ladies that she is sad that Titu is leaving Mathura and going Agra. Panchi is shocked. Rekha tries acting sweet and says we all love Titu, but Govind’s decision is not wrong, which father will like if his son entertains everyone as Radha, not Krishna. Panchi’s mum says I m going to tailor with Rachna, get some sweets and vegs from market. They leave. Panchi gets worried.

Surekha thinks will the black thread work on Govind or not. He comes from bath and she hides it. She does not talk to him being annoyed with him, and gives all the things he needs. He senses her anger and looks on. She gets angry and he smiles. Rekha looks on. Surekha smiles thinking its working. Rekha thinks Surekha is trying hard. Govind asks Surekha does she wish to stop Titu, and he will still go to Agra. Rekha smiles and pities on Surekha. Govind leaves and calls Mukund.

Mukund gives the ticket to Govind. Surekha is shocked. Govind says pack Titu’s bag till evening, ticket has come. She gets sad. Rekha taunts her and Surekha looks at her angrily. Pinky gives the family album to Titu and cries. Titu sees the pics and smiles, telling about the family and his childhood pics. He says I will keep this mum’s pic. He says his memories and link to al family members and keeps all pics. He jokes on Govind and says if any dangerous is close, ghosts does not come close. Pinky and Golu smile. He jokes on Rekha that she is always hungry and does not get anything to eat, I will miss her. Mukund looks innocent and is very clever, I will go far from him.

He sees Keshav and Bhagwati’s pic and says they are .lovely couple, a balanced one. He says he will not miss Pinky and Golu, as they will be always close to his heart. They cry. Golu says we will talk to your dad once. Titu jokes and smiles. Panchi comes there and is tensed, thinking what to do, she should meet Titu once and she will take some way out. She sees Golu at sweet shop. Golu tells Panchi that Titu is going Agra and cries. Panchi says she has an idea and smiles.

A girl comes to Titu and stops him. Titu looks at her and smiles.

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  1. Really todays episode was totally sentimental and also very comic titu and panchi u look good together and what is this new story line who is this ruhi anywase let me wait and watch

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