Tu Mera Hero 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tu Mera Hero 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Panchi arguing with Surekha, and asking her why does she not see she is making Titu handicapped. Titu asks what is she saying, he is fine, how can she say this. She says let me say and tells Surekha that a mum not just gives birth, but raises the child, and shows right and wrong. Govind comes and looks on. Panchi says mum is first teacher of the child. She says she did not give good teaching to him and made him lazy. Titu asks her to stop it. Rekha says what is she saying, Surekha is his mum. Panchi says this is the problem, that she is mum and does not see his good, when he wanted trophy, she would have made him work hard and run, he would have worked.

She says when people called him Nikhattu, she would have made him work and show everyone. She says he wanted to become doctor, she would have given him strength, she showed shortcut and made him sit at home. Surekha is shocked. Panchi says its your mistake, that he can’t see truth, you tell me does truth stop if you close ears. Titu says its about Keshav and Bhagwati, why is she linking this, mum loves me a lot and wants best for me. Panchi says I don’t doubt on her love, but her way. She says the future will show is she right or wrong, the bad thing is it will be too late.

Vaishaili says she is taking everyone’s class. Surekha asks Panchi how can she accuse her to ruin Titu’s life, she came in his life some months before, is her love better than her 24years love, fine then you make him something by your unique love. Panchi says sorry, I can’t make him anything in your presence, as you always protect him by making him blind. Titu asks what is she saying, he does not like this. She says yes, as you are taught not to face truth, Surekha is always with you in this, you can’t change yourself if you do this.

Surekha cries. Panchi says if you move back, I can change Titu, you leave him, and I will show to succeed in my try, I will make him a successful man. Titu says she is saying she will make him away from his mum. Govind smiles. Titu asks him to explain Panchi, she should not talk such to mum. Govind says its between your mum and wife, I will not say in between, let them solve the matter. Titu says its not solving, do something. Panchi asks Surekha to say is she ready to give chance to Titu to become something, will she leave him by trusting her. She asks for a chance and says she will make Titu such man, that wife and parents will be proud of him. Vaishaili says Panchi looks on our side, Titu will be out of home today.

Titu hugs Surekha and asks her not to cry. He says he will not go anywhere leaving her. Manorama gets angry and shows Arvind the dog’s collar, she got as mother’s day gift, she will make it an issue now. She says tell Chetan that Rachna has made me wear this. Arvind says spare me now, I will not support you now in your sins. She says she will send Rachna to her parents house. He says think Chetan is your son, does anyone ruin son’s life. She says do as I say, be upset infront of Chetan.

Surekha goes to Titu’s room. Panchi says she did not anything wrong. Surekha brings Titu’s bags and keeps it. Rekha says now her acting will start. Titu says Surekha felt very bad. Surekha says she has sworn 24 years ago that she will not love anyone other than her son, and give him happiness, I have always kept my vow. Titu cries. Surekha says Panchi has insulted her love and she can’t bear this.

She asks Panchi to change Titu, she has given him identity in 24 years and she wants to erase it and make him as she wants, fine I will give my son to you, make him as you want. I have given Titu for 24 days, make him successful. She asks her to go and take Titu anywhere she wants, far from her reach. Mukund says Panchi will lose before the fight. Vaishaili says Surekha is smart.

Surekha says I m his mum and can see what right and wrong for my son. She says don’t challenge a mum about her son, its fine, I accept this challenge. She says she will forget this if she loses and could not change Titu. Chetan and Rachna come home and have a talk. He is shocked seeing his parents from window. Manorama and Arvind sit wearing dog’s collar. Rachna says she don’t know what to say, she knows what to do. Titu says he won’t go. Panchi accepts the condition and says she will show Titu’s capabilities and real place.

Titu asks them why are they not listening to him, and deciding for him, he will not go. Surekha says if he does not go, the world will laugh on her and make fun of her love. She says you have to go with her. Panchi takes the bags. Surekha tells her three conditions and asks Panchi to obey them. Panchi looks at her.

Surekha says she has seen world, when Panchi falls, she will leave doing this. Titu says he won’t go, and Surekha asks him to go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am also a south Indian Kerala..I never feelz lik diz .. BT dey alwyz show as blackzz .. y??

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