Tu Mera Hero 6th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mukund impressing Govind and taking his blessings. Surekha and all ladies buy sarees and Govind gets angry as they are buying colorful sarees when their bahu is in jail, its limit. Gulgule is with Titu. Titu says maybe Rajni got the chit in the betel. Manorama and Arvind are also in market and she is angry on Chetan to go to watch movie with Rachna. Titu says Mukund is very sharp, he will find out. Gulgule asks him to be careful, he does not want Rajni’s doubt to be deep. They are shocked seeing Manorama.

Gulgule and Titu say you. Manorama asks do they know each other. Gulgule and Titu make excuses. Manorama asks Titu what is he doing here leaving his wife in jail. Titu says he has come to have kulfi for her. He leaves. Rekha tells Keshav that she has done something

which will make Bhagwati send Sundar to hostel. Titu comes to meet Panchi and she hugs him. They sit to have lunch together.

She says she has run from jail yesterday. He asks what. She says she was with alone, Cheeni was with me, Cheeni is in love with Golu, she wanted to meet him. She says about Kavi Sammelan and she has met a cute paanwala. He coughs and recalls Panchi. She asks is he jealous. He says why will I be jealous of myself. She asks him to make her eat food.

Rekha comes to Sundar and falls down to do a drama. Bhagwati helps her and makes her stand. Rekha shows the oil and says someone has put it, someone is planning to kill me, but who will be my enemy. She signs Sundar and goes with Bhagwati. Bhagwati says it will be a mistake. Sundar says no, I made it fall. Bhagwati asks why will he do this. Sundar says to make Rekha fall. Rekha asks her to see. Bhagwati goes to slap Sundar, and Surekha holds her hand. Govind looks on.

Surekha pacifies Sundar seeing him cry. Govind goes to Bhagwati. She says I m seeing Sundar getting spoiled, I did not teach him this, don’t know who is teaching him this. Surekha asks Sundar to tell the problem he will make everything fine. Govind says she should not raise hand on child, he is small and sees fights at home, it will affect him, mum knows whats in son’s heart. Surekha asks Sundar to talk to Bhagwati and consoles him.

Titu and Panchi come to know about kavi Sammelan being organized in jail tomorrow. Titu is shocked. All participants are brought to jail for the function. Govind comes to jail and sees Panchi. He cries seeing in which state is she living, she is his house Laxmi and she is bearing punishment of Titu’s laziness. Panchi tells Cheeni to bath, she has kept the water bucket. She greets Govind. He says he has come in Kavi Sammelan and asks how is she. She says I m fine, and excited as my happiness is just 3 days away, he has told me that he will free me by his hard earned money.

He blesses her and says he did not keep his promise, and prays that Titu keeps his promise and she gets her hero. She says Titu will keep his promise, everything will be fine. Surekha hears them. Titu tells Gulgule that he can’t help him. Gulgule asks why. Titu says my wife is also here, she will know. Gulgule says you will need 15000 to bail her, it does not matter to him if he loses, what will he tell his wife if he did not earn, you have to do anything. Titu gets thinking.

Golu tells Gulgule that Titu has written the poetry for him. Rajni and Mukund plan and make the water fall on the papers. Titu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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