Tu Mera Hero 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with the announcement about Titu finding the Radha. Mukund hears this and keeps the safe. The girls hear about Radha’s auditions and are glad seeing Titu. Panchi gets some Gulaal. Titu welcomes all the girs and says I m keeping special audition for Radha, and it will be for those girls who came in Krishna Abhishek, and wear red clothes for the audition, as red is fav color of Krishna ji. Panchi hears him and smiles. Titu says Kanha ji valued redcolor. Panchi says there is no doubt now, everything is clear, that this new Krishna’s Radha is me. Many girls come for the audition. Golu tells Titu that many girls have come in red dresses. They get their purses checked by Pinky as security step, and wants to get the keys.

Pinky signs Titu that she did not get keys till now. Titu refuses the girls sweetly and praising them. Pinky says he is very sweet. Titu says we will get the keys. Golu gets Surekha’s call and makes Titu talk. Surekha asks Titu to come home, as food is ready. She sasays I have to talk something imp. Rekha hears her. Titu says I m going to meet mum, keep finding the key. Panchi also comes there with her purse. Titu does not see her and leaves with Pinky. Golu takes the auditions. Lastly Panchi comes, and they did not get the keys. They ask her to leave. She says I m standing in line, I should get time for audition. Golu asks her to become Daasi. Panchi agrees and smiles.

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Surekha feeds Titu. Rekha is annoyed. Rekha asks Pinky about the problem going on. Pinky does not tell her anything. Rekha asks Mukund what is he doing here, who is safeguarding the wooden chest. He says I m keeping an eye on it, whats going on this house, we know Titu is finding something, but why. She says Govind was asking about keys, is this related. He says yes, there is something. Mukund asks Sundar about Titu and Surekha’s talk, and be their spy. He bribes him of cheese. Sundar comes to Surekha and Titu and hearss them. Surekha gets Govind’s call and says I will get the keys in sometime, did Mukund keep chest/safe in pandal? She ends the call and holds her head. She tells Titu that she can’t make duplicate keys, as safe is in pandal.

Sundar tells everything to Rekha and Mukund. They get glad and give him cheese. Sundar leaves. Mukund says its great news, but we have to use this, I will tell this to Tau ji. She says not now, we will tell before Janmashtami program. Mukund says right and leaves. Surekha comes to Rekha and jokes. Panchi asks Rachna to advice what should she wear. Rachna jokes that she is becoming a Daasi/maid. Panchi says its just for one day, else I will become Titu’s Radha. Rachna asks her not to dream and our lively Panchi can cry. She says Titu will wipe my tears and smiles.

Rachna prays to Kanha and says you give her some mind. Panchi says and give my sister some heart of love. Pinky asks Rekha did she make uptan. Rekha says yes, I worked hard, take it. Surekha makes Titu sleep. Mukund talks to Pinky and asks about the uptan. He says give this uptan to me. She says its for Titu. He asks am I nothing for you. He takes it and applies. He starts jumping and tells Rekha that he has applied uptan. Rekha says why, it was not Titu, I had mixed Maida and he has allergy with it.

Panchhi gets ready for Krishna Leela and applies perfume. She sees the keys and recalls its Titu’s.She hangs it to her waist and says it has to come to me after all rituals, but I have to return it, I will meet titu and give it. Titu wakes up and asks Pinky about keys. She says Golu said we did not get the keys. Titu gets worried. Bhagwati gives him tea and says you woke up by temple bell ring. She says Govind wants key. Titu says what will we do now. Panchi says she is leaving, and smiles. She sees the keys. Titu drinks the juice by straw. Golu gives the idea to run, else Govind will beat him. Titu says Govind’s respect has to be maintained. He says everyone will come, and even that girl. Kanha ji will make us get the keys.

Rekha and Mukund see Surekha worried and talk that Titu is over. Golu tells Surekha that they did not get the keys. She says if Govind knows that the key is lost, he will not leave us. Govind hears this and they sign her to see him. He says you always protect your son, tell me the keys truth. She says keys… and signs Titu to leave. Govind sees Titu.

Govind asks Surekha about keys. The pandit calls Govind and Surekha on the stage. He asks them to open the safe.

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