Tu Mera Hero 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tu Mera Hero 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chetan being shocked seeing the man dead. Rachna asks him not to worry. Govind says its all fate. The girls ask them to get their father back as they killed him. Surekha asks Manorama why did she ask Chetan to drive. Manorama says they came infront of the car, its not Chetan’s mistake. The girl says we will send you and your son to jail. Panchi says we should take him to hospital. The girls cry and says we will send you all to jail. Govind says we are sorry. The girl says you took away our support, our father raised us.

Govind says we understand your pain, but lets take him to hospital first. Manorama says lets end this matter here, this uncle is very rich, he can give you any moment, take the money and solve this. She asks Govind to give them some money and save Chetan. Surekha asks what is she saying. Manorama asks the girls to take money and forgive them. She asks Govind to give them money. The girls agree. Titu looks at the man. Govind takes out money from his pocket and Titu says stop dad.

Titu says the accident happened by some mistake, but we regret that your father is dead and we will agree to whatever you say for this, we will do anything and even go anywhere. Manorama asks Surekha to stop Titu. Titu says I want to give your dad Shraddhanjali/condolence. He says your farmer father has served the land a lot and says about Shivaji Maharaj. Govind asks Surekha to stop Titu, as a man died here and Titu should not start this joke shop. Panchi says she does not know why is Titu doing this, but she knows he always does something by some reason.

Titu asks the girls to just hear him. He sings about Shivaji….. Manorama asks what is he doing and why. Arvind signs her to stop. Titu sings some Marathi language song, and the girls look on with others all being puzzled. Titu says Jai Bhavani. The man gets up and says Jai Shivaji. They all are shocked. Titu smiles. Rekha says this man is alive. Govind says you all were acting here and scolds them.

Titu says yes, it was all an acting, as lead star is this man and we all are audience. Surekha praises Titu for saving them and making them proud. Panchi asks how did he know this. Titu says his acting was good, but great actors do method acting, like me. He says this man fell here and ants were passing by, and they did not get on him, and how he saw Jai Bhavani Jai Shivaji written on his hand. He says this man is not diabetic and ants did not get on his sugary blood, and then I understood this is chemical color. Surekha says great and taunts Manorama that her son would have gone to jail, if Titu did not save him.

She praises Titu and says he has helped them even when she taunted him. Manorama says fine now. Panchi scolds the people and asks them to do some work and not fool people. Surekha says someone has to go to jail, and now I think they should go, as they were sending us. Rekha says yes, send them to jail. Titu says no, whats the use, they will train people to become like them else do same thing again. The man apologizes and says he did this for some earnings, he will not do this again.

Titu says money is imp, don’t tell it dance on head, there are many ways to earn money, ask my dad, you can learn from him, he has earned much money by honest ways. He says he will forgive them if they walk on right path and take care of family. The man agrees and apologizes to them. Titu says Jai Shivaji and the man says the same. Chetan thanks Titu and says you saved my and my family’s respect. Titu hugs him and says lets leave. Govind hugs Titu. Panchi smiles.

They come back to the hotel. Govind asks Surekha how many times will she praise Titu. She says I hear bad things about him from you all the time, so I will praise him. Titu takes rests. Govind asks Titu how does he know about Marathi so well. Titu says I was seeing Marathi movie and TV remote was very far, and I had to watch it. Rekha says so he has seen three hour movie. Surekha says he is hero, he has saved everyone today. Panchi thinks Lord made good qualities in Titu and smiles.

Titu says he is feeling someone kept legs on his eyes and wants sleep. Surekha asks him to sleep. Govind says where was Lord’s focus when he was making Titu. Surekha asks Rekha to get water and Rekha leaves laughing. Surekha says Rekha is showing different colors in Shivgarh, its matter of one day and back home, back to senses. She goes to get water. Govind says we got saved today, its one day to cover up Titu’s laziness.

He says Panchi should now know about this. Rekha sees Panchi sitting alone and thinks to tell her Titu’s laziness truth. Rekha is angry and Golu says he has one work, to give her Mukund’s phone. He goes. She talks to Mukund and says he called on right time, she is going to tell Titu’s truth to Panchi. Mukund tells her everything and she is shocked. She thinks don’t know when will I get time to tell Titu’s truth to this Panchi.

Panchi and Titu have an eyelock and smile. Tujhe Dekha to ye jana sanam……………plays………………. Titu hugs her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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