Tu Mera Hero 3rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu himself doing the puja in pandit’s absence, and surprises everyone. He does the Krishna Abhishek and says the mantras, shocking Govind. Surekha is extremely glad seeing him and blesses Titu. Titu does all the rituals well. He does the aarti. Aarti kunj bihaari ki………plays…………… Everyone showers flowers and sing aarti along. Panchi smiles seeing Titu. Kamlesh looks on and Panchi stops seeing him. Everyone cradle the idol and Jai Kanhaiyya lal ki…………plays……… Everyone praise Titu and Govind is proud of him. Surekha asks will he told my diamond a stone. Govind says don’t be too happy. She asks Mukund and Keshav to bring puja items from the safe and it has jewelry, keep the keys with you, and make it reach pandal tomorrow at puja time. Surekha asks the keys to get silver coins to donate by Titu’s hands.

Govind taunts her on Titu and says 1 coin is enough. She bargains, and he gives the keys asking her to take just 4 coins. He smiles seeing Titu and says fine, take 8 coins. She counts the coins and Titu comes there. She asks Mukund to lock the safe and asks Titu to donate the coins to people. He returns the key. She asks Titu to keep the keys of the safe and goes to get food for him. Golu comes and asks Titu to come. Panchi tells Rajni that she wants to thanks Titu. Rajni says lets have food first, its Krishna Leela tomorrow, say it that time. She sees Titu and smiles.

Titu talks to the girls and says you will have a return gift today and jokes. Panchi laughs hearing him. He tells a story of a man praying to Lord, to get long age. Lord has blessed him and the man had to marry for it, as he will kill the wish to live long life, and short life will look burden. He throws the coins and the girls take it. The keys also fall and it goes in Panchi’s purse. She hides from Kamlesh. Titu says one coin is still there and gives Kamlesh. Panchi and Rajni sneak out from the place by hiding. Titu asks him to keep it as blessing and greets him.

Pinky asks Titu to go and see the Krishna Leela event, as Radha did don’t come even today. Keshav tells Govind that Mukund will keep the keys with him and it will be safe. Govind says but keep checking it. Surekha does bad sight off Titu. Govind asks Surekha to give the keys. She says you just came, you get freshen, I will come. She says everyone sit in puja and can’t say any mantra, but Titu remembers everything. Surekha asks Titu about the keys, and he says maybe I lost it. She gets worried. Govind saks her to get the keys soon. She asks Titu where did he lose it. Titu says I will send Golu and make duplicate than thinking.

She says Mukund is keeping safe in the room, if we go to make the keys, they will know it, think where are the keys and till then I will talk to your dad. Mukund says Titu did some mistake, but why. Govind waits for Surekha and sits to work. He sleeps. She comes to him and says she will massage his hair. He asks about keys. She diverts the topic. She asks will you have badam milk, and he snores. She says I have managed today, but what will he do tomorrow morning. Its morning, Surekha cries as she did not get the keys. Rekha comes to her and asks what happened. Surekha says nothing. Govind asks her to give keys and she goes to kitchen. He asks why is she not giving the keys. She says you go to shop, let me work, I will send the keys. He says send soon and leaves. Rekha understands and smiles.

Titu’s friends come to him and ask him why is he eating 25 kulfis. Pinky asks Titu not to tell anyone about losing keys, if Govind knows then….. Golu asks Titu to think where did the keys fall. Titu thinks the keys fell in Panchi’s purse. A guy says Radha is lost, the girl who was doing Radha’s role, her family came to know and locked her in room. Golu says another problem. Titu says Radha ji will come, and tells his plan. He tells Pinky and Golu that the keys fell in a girl’s purse, so lets call all girls for audition, and we will get it. He smiles.

Golu says all the girls have come. Panchi also comes there. Surekha asks did you get keys. Golu says no. She says if Govind knows the keys is lost, he will get angry. Govind looks on and is shocked.

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