Tu Mera Hero 30th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Cheeni bumping into Golu. She says her name Cheeni and asks his name. He sees warden and goes. He tells Titu that if their work is done, he will not come here again. He gives tiffin to the warden. Panchi asks Titu the work. He says he can’t say. The warden asks him to go. He starts his humor talk. The warden smiles and says fine go after some time. Panchi cries and he worries. She asks him is the work right and asks him not to do anything wrong. He asks her not to worry, its just 4 days and he promises he will free her by his hard earned money with respect. She says after 4 days, the 24 days bet will end and she will lose forever. He goes. She thinks the 4 days will look long, but she will plan a surprise for him.

Govind asks Mukund do you really need to do this new work leaving lawyer work. Mukund says yes, I want to earn being with family. Vaishaili says he was getting small jobs even after having big degree, this is good work. Surekha taunts Mukund. Mukund says he can do any work, but he wants to work for his home business, he wants to publicize his shop and we can get big profits. Surekha thinks what is Mukund doing that he is thinking for the shop and not himself.

Rekha gets ready and praises Vaishaili. She says Mukund is lucky. Surekha gets a letter. Titu talks to Golu and says he is feeling strange, will Panchi regard this as work. Golu says he can win anyone’s heart by his talk. He asks him to close his eyes and think the one who gives him happiness. Titu says first I have seen a pillow and then Panchi. Panchi gets hurt by the needle while stitching clothes and says why do I feel strange, will Titu do anything wrong? I hope Titu realizes his talent and works.

The Kavi Sammelan starts and Gulgule is worried as Titu did not come till now. The show goes on. Titu is stuck in the traffic and asks Golu to inform Gulgule, he will be tensed. Golu says the way is blocked here. Gulgule says I called Titu, why did he not come till now. A lady comedian poet comes on the stage. She entertains them by her poetry and comedy.

Rekha and Vaishaili come there and do not get invitation card. The guard says just special guests have got the invitation. Rekha argues with the guard. Titu reaches there. Titu sees Rekha and hides behind Golu. He thinks how will he go inside now.

Gulgule is called on stage and the man says he is winner since last three years.

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