Tu Mera Hero 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Panchi and Rachna’s haldi ceremony arrangements done by Kamlesh. Prati bha talks to the relatives and they grind the haldi. Everyone is happy. Kamlesh says the marriage is in 2 days. Kamlesh is asked to make the function grand and compare it with others. Panchi answers the ladies well, saying the false shine is not by lights but by guests. She says its by the good talk by them. Kamlesh says yes. The girls ask Panchi to come for dance practice. They leave. Panchi and Rachna dance happily. She imagines Titu there. Titu showers flowers on her. She smiles and holds him. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam………….plays…………..

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She comes out of her dream and the girls tease her. The girl says its haldi and Titu can’t come even if he wants. Panchi says what if he comes, and smiles. She feels like Titu will come to meet her. The girls dance on the song London Thumakda…………… Panchi and Rachna look very happy. Surekha talks to Titu and asks him to run, hide, go anywhere. Titu says he can’t go by getting down the window, who will work so much, marrying is much simple. She says don’t say you will marry that girl.

She says she will see if the way is clear and asks him to sit there. Govind talks to someone and says its his only son’s marriage and he won’t talk anything about business now. Keshav says he is going to shop, and asks Mukund to get the mattresses when the tempo comes, and then send it inside in order. Mukund agrees. Surekha asks Titu to come fast and gets him there. She fools Mukund and says she is taking Titu for haircut, as its haldi today. She says it should be special. Titu says yes, its special wound called marriage. Mukund makes the man keep mattresses. He asks them where are they going if shop is near. Surekha says we are going long way and thinks Mukund is sticking to them, and prays that he goes.

Mukund gets Vaishaili’s call and thinks what to tell her. He asks the man to keep mattresses well and goes. Surekha asks Titu to come. Titu says he is tired, he will hide somewhere here. She says nom get auto and go to bus stop. She says she does not want him to go far, but she is helpless. She cries and gives him tips to be safe. She hugs him. She takes him far seeing Govind. Govind comes there and she hides him. She asks him to hide in the tempo, it will go to bus stop. He says its very high. She says I will help and makes Titu sit in the tempo. Govind sees her and asks what is she doing here.

She says she is making the mattresses arranged. He says Keshav was doing this work. She asks really and talks to the man. She says Mukund did the work. He asks where is he. Mukund comes. Govind scolds him. Surekha says no need to take more mattresses now. She asks the tempo to leave. Govind asks Mukund to go to bus stop and get his cousin, don’t be late, he breaths by seeing watch. Mukund thinks where did Titu go, when he was with Surekha. He leaves. Surekha prays that Titu goes soon.

Govind asks her not to worry, as Panchi will not dominate the home and take her place. She asks him to work and tell her too. He says have patience, I m glad. She says I m mum, I will do whats right for my son. He takes him home and sees the tempo gone. She thinks now Titu will run away from Mathura. Panchi and Rachna get ready for the haldi. Titu reaches the bus stop and is in tempo. His uncle reaches there and sees who cane to pick him. Mukund greets him.

He asks did Govind not come. Mukund says everyone is busy. Uncle asks about lazy Titu. Mukund says he is useless, all work is on us. Uncle says this time I won’t leave him. The temp reaches Kamlesh’s home. Kamlesh and Pratibha welcome Govind and Surekha who give them the shagun. Panchi greets them. Titu is sleeping in the tempo. Surekha worries the same tempo. The mattresses are brought out and kept. They bring Titu out covered in white sheet. Pratibha brings the haldi and asks Panchi and Rachna to come. Panchi walks towards the stage. The people put down the mattress, and they all get shocked seeing Titu in it. Panchi is glad. The haldi plate falls and Titu falls on Panchi. They have an eyelock. Titu thinks the world is really round, I was running away from her and reached her.

Surekha tells Titu that she is worried, as she has just one day to manage else… Govind asks else what. Panchi looks on.

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