Tu Mera Hero 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gulshan saying police is coming In this area, we have to be alert and shift Titu. Titu wishes police comes to rescue him. Govind says all this great food for us, as ladies kept fast. Surekha says Bhagwati went to her Maayka with Keshav, as her mum is unwell. Panchi says Juhi will like the feast. Vaishaili says Titu got well as Panchi took good care of him. Hero smiles. Govind asks him to show something. Surekha says let him rest. Hero says no, I will perform today.

He says some jokes, and no one gets a laugh. Mukund says Titu, when did you become fake, we don’t get laugh on jokes, but nice try. Hero scolds Mukund angrily. They all get shocked seeing his behavior. The constable makes Titu look like baraati and asks him to come with him. Titu acts he has to go loo. He says he wants to go bathroom.

Hero comes to Juhi and asks her to say password and go home, just end this. She asks what happened to him, does he behave so with friends. He says I don’t know anything, I m fool and useless. She says you have to understand, Mukund just joked. Hero says I m not any dhol that everyone jokes. She says things should be forgiven, who am I to you If you don’t love your family, I heard Titu has big heart, you are not like that, till you don’t apologize to Mukund, I will not talk to you. She goes. He says he has to agree to get password. The constable waits for Titu outside bathroom. Titu thinks how to run away and sees the groom. He says congrats for marriage.

Hero comes to Mukund and apologizes to him. Mukund cries and says I always teased you, you always bear it and loved me, I was jealous of you, I was wrong, you forgive me, you are so good, I will never joke on you. Hero hugs him and says you are my brother, I don’t have any complains. He thinks what am I doing.

Vaishaili comes to Panchi and asks her why did Titu react so. Panchi says sorry, I don’t know why Titu did that. Vaishaili says it was not right and goes. Panchi gets Titu’s shirt torn and reads the message, which gets torn. She says who has written this, its something wrong, Titu changed. She prays that her fast will complete in some time, make things like before, please Lord. Titu dresses as groom and fools the constable. Panchi thinks what does JUD mean. Juhi comes there and compliments her. Panchi shows the amazon app in her phone and shows products.

Juhi says she can’t trust anyone and tell password. Panchi thinks Juhi is saying about Titu. She says I did not feel so. Juhi says maybe I got mistaken and leaves. Panchi prays and says she married Titu, seeing his honest eyes and she went against her parents to marry him, please Lord, return my Titu. Hero looks on.

The groom comes out of bathroom and asks constable to call the man who took his sherwani. The constable asks why did you give him your sherwani. FB shows Titu spoiling the sherwani and taking sherwani saying he will get it cleaned. Titu smiles and left to meet Panchi. The constable cries and says Gulshan will not leave me knowing Titu has run away. Gulshan comes and constable lies to him.

Hero gets ready and his lenses fall. Govind comes to him, and asks him to keep Panchi happy. Hero is unable to see anything. Govind asks him to take money, and asks him to buy gift for Panchi. Hero takes it and Govind leaves. Hero feels their love and says how can I break Panchi’s fast, no I can’t cheat her or anyone today, I will run away and come later, till then everything will be solved.

Rekha says Titu did not come till now. Panchi gets sad. She turns to look at someone coming.

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