Tu Mera Hero 27th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Panchi wondering how did Titu come home in this shirt. She smells and says its stinking, as if its not washed since long, I m doubting, there would be nothing, if so, Titu will tell me or give any hint. Govind waits for Keshav. Keshav comes to the shop. Govind asks did he get money. Keshav says Titu’s sign is wrong, bank manager did not accept this. Govind checks the sign. Hero sees Juhi alone and thinks to talk to her. He greets her and acts sweet. He says he was tired and did not hear her well. So what was she saying. She thinks is something fishy, and says I don’t remember, as its old thing and I m in stress, I will tell you when I recall it. Hero holds her hand and says how can this happen, don’t lie, how can you forget in one day. She says leave me, I m not lying. She slips and he holds her. Govind comes home and calls out Titu.

Hero rushes there. Govind scolds him and says Titu has changed, he has cheated me. He says he does not want to give me money, so he was making excuses, see he signed wrong and gave me, the cheque bounced. Hero thinks Titu did wrong sign, I won’t leave him. Surekha says Titu did not do this, someone captured him, Rekha said Titu has spirit on him, this evil spirit is making Titu do this. Govind says stop this, don’t defend him. He scolds Hero. He says what all he did for him since childhood, and what did Titu do for them. He cries and says I m ashamed of my blood, my son. He goes. Rekha says see I told everyone. Hero leaves. Panchi thinks how could Titu do this, when he loves mum and dad so much, is this some other Titu, how can this happen. Hero recalls Govind’s words and gets sad. He walks on the road. He is angry getting his dad’s call who does not love him. Golu calls him out and sees a car speeding. The car gets Hero. He gets wounded. Golu asks him to wake up.

Gulshan puts water on Titu and scolds him for doing wrong sign. Titu smiles. Gulshan hurts him and leaves. Titu thinks to run away, as its Panchi’s first Karwachauth. Gulshan tells his boss that Hero is finding password. The constable sees blade and asks how did he get this. Titu recalls writing message on the shirt for Panchi by the blade and says he does not know anything. He wishes Panchi sees the message on the shirt.

Panchi takes clothes for washing. She gets black shirt and says its stinking. Vaishaili comes and asks her to come fast. Titu met with an accident. Panchi does not see message and keeps shirt. He runs to see Titu. The doctor checks Hero. Govind asks him can’t he see and walk. Golu says he has seen Titu in market. Govind asks Hero how did he go to get his accident done, he does not want money from him, he is their pride and respect. Rekha says she will keep fast for him. Keshav says Titu is very imp for us, Govind’s anger goes fast. Hero was angry seeing fake relations in his family and gets teary eyed seeing real relations here. Surekha says Panchi will keep Karwachauth fast for you tomorrow, all your problems will vanish. They all sit with him at night and take care of him. Hero wakes up in morning and sees all the family members sleeping around in chairs and sofas. He asks does everyone love Titu so much.

Panchi says they all love you a lot, you have this breakfast, if you feel you are hurting them by hiding something, then just tell them. He gets sad.

Mukund asks Titu when did he become fake from real. Hero scolds Mukund and goes.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Gosh this is dragging too much now -.- please don’t ruin karwachauth for them!

  2. I am really sad as all the serials are getting worse…Please stop all this.

    1. Hate much this serial but I ave nothing to do director you ave to stop this ?

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