Tu Mera Hero 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu doing his humor talk with Golu and making his wife, acting about some couples and the problems they face in marriage. He says he has to convince Panchi, every way towards her has hurdles, what to do and how. Manorama starts laughing and says whats Chetan saying, Gulgule is famous poet and he is coming to Mathura. Chetan says yes, I m incharge for the event and he will be staying in our home. Rachna asks who is he. Manorama says he is a famous poet and he can make anyone laugh by his humor and poetry.

Manorama gets very happy that Gulgule will come to her home and goes to have sweets. Rachna stops her and says she can get any attack again, and what will Gulgule think to stay in mad woman’s house. Manorama leaves. Govind comes home and Surekha is annoyed with him. He says till we have this money, Titu will not work, he knows his dad has much money and mum’s heart is very big. She argues with him and defend Titu. He says he will give his property to Mukund and Keshav. He says its very late now and he took the decision which will not change, he will do what he wants, and give his money to anyone he wants. He asks her to hold a finger and she shows her thump. He says don’t cover up his mistakes, let him chance, you are his mum. She says he is right the way he is, change your mindset, min son will not work. He asks her to have the jewelry and feed him. A ring falls and Vaishaili picks it.

Mukund says mum will be happy knowing this and goes to kitchen to tell her. Rekha eats some food and says I did not do anything. She says she took some Prasad. Vaishaili says its fine, its good sign, I have good news. Rekha asks what. Vaishaili says Govind decided to give his property to Keshav and Mukund. Rekha blesses them and saks is she joking, Surekha will not let his happen, she is the stone in our way.

Vaishaili says if we have hope, whats wrong to try. Rekha says just eat and stay happy, leave all this. Panchi cooks food. Titu rings the bell. He sings singing and acts like a saint. He tries to make her smile. Panchi smiles. Titu says he wants to ask for something. He says I know its my mistake, I should have known your happiness, please forgive me, shall I hold your ears, fine mine. He says he has hurt her heart again and he will try to keep his vows he made in marriage. He says he will do anything for her happiness. She gets glad and thinks Titu will even work for her happiness, as he can’t see her sad.

A driver waits for Gulgule and says he did not meet anyone, but the one who makes everyone smile will be Gulgule. The bus comes and a cman says shayari to make people laugh. Panchi thinks to do something and bumps into a man. She says sorry and hears a lady saying she has jewelry and can’t go to find mechanic. She says she will drop her in rickshaw. The lady sits. Panchi says give me the bags and you sit. She runs with the bags and the lady says thief. Titu and Golu are also there and hears about the thief.

The sardar catches the boy and beats him. Titu comes there and says he has given fortune telling of the kids. Titu talks to everyone and asks the man how can he tell kid’s future that he will become dacait. He sayts his humor talk and the people enjoy. The people welcome Titu as Gulgule ji and make him wear garlands. The sardar says its me. The driver says he has come to take him. Titu says its not me. The driver says I m sorry, you gave me good lecture while making them laugh. The police arrests Panchi for stealing the jewelry and she thinks now Titu has to come jail to free me, and go to work too. She smiles.

Panchi says she will sign bail papers when Titu does her bail by his earnings and stops Govind from giving 15000rs.

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