Tu Mera Hero 23rd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Panchi being very happy. Govind thinks Titu might have done some work, that’s why she looks so happy. Surekha prays for Titu and Govind makes her have laddoos. He calls everyone and makes them have sweets. She asks what is the matter. He says Titu did some good work. She says he always does good things. He says Panchi met him at jalebi shop and was looking very happy. She says she plans a lot, it means she has tortured Titu, don’t know what did he do.

Titu introduces Panchi to Dr Kumar and his family. Kumar’s mum likes Panchi and says its yes from their side. Titu says guy and girl should like each other. Panchi makes them have jalebis. Kumar likes it. Titu jokes and says Kumar is like Panchi. Panchi says its good, Golu’s sister… Golu interrupts and stops her. Panchi asks Kumar what will you ask Lord if he grants you one wish. Kumar says money. Panchi thinks he is also after money.

Kumar says he will ask for money to take care of family and wife, and keep wife like princess. Panchi smiles and says Kumar is perfect, Golu’s sister will be happy. Panchi’s parents come. Kamlesh asks Titu why did he call him here, is everything fine. Govind says its all great, we are going to get good news. Titu thinks why did his family come here. Titu introduces his parents and asks Govind who called him. Govind says I m your dad and knows everything.

They all ask him why did he call them. Titu says he wants Panchi to marry Dr. Kumar. They all are shocked. Titu asks Panchi to say yes, as Kumar is ready. Govind shouts Titu and says Panchi is your wife, how can you make her marry someone else. Titu says think about Panchi and what expectations she has from her life, we are married, but its not good to face trouble by wrong decisions, I can’t see you fighting with life, I can’t work as my heart and body will not support me, but I m more hurt seeing tears in your eyes, this is gift from me to you for our friendship. Panchi cries.

Titu says Panchi will not face any problems now, and will fly in open sky, she will win from now like before. He asks Panchi to come. Panchi hugs Titu and cries. Titu asks why is she crying, is it happiness tears. Kumar says I m shocked that she hugged you, I would have slapped you being in her place, you are lucky Titu, don’t let her go even by mistake. Titu asks Panchi to say what happened, don’t cry like this. Panchi holds his collar and scolds him, asking him to understand. Kumar and his family leave.

She says she did all this to explain him to work, and he felt she wants some hardworking husband, I don’t like when people call you Nikhattu, I m doing this for you, I want people to respect you, you see other’s pain seeing from far, and you did not understand my feelings.

Govind scolds Titu and says he has ruined parent’s name, see your values. Surekha asks him to calm down. Govind asks her to be silent. Titu says he did this for Panchi’s good, and wanted to give her open sky, she does not need to live with him for society. She says I did not marry you for society, I married without any pressure for my happiness, I wanted you to be my life partner, you don’t have any right to make my happiness away, for you marriage can be joke, not for me, my happiness is with you, not with anyone else.

Pratibha says enough, and tells Titu that Panchi married him going against their wish, and she regrets he did not understand Panchi. She would have broken the marriage earlier, she does not care for society. Govind scolds Titu. Kamlesh says he is with Panchi and leaves with Pratibha. Govind and Surekha also leave. Titu gets sad and says I did not think this, I thought they will be happy.

Titu tells Panchi that he will also keep his promises like she does, he an do anything for her happiness. She asks anything? He says yes. She thinks he can’t see her sad and can do anything for her happiness, even work…

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. aahhh..superb epi ….

  2. I Think Titu should confess his love for Panchi and be a good person for her happiness.

  3. Titu lazy fellow,do sme wrk

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