Tu Mera Hero 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Surekha welcoming Vaishaili and her parents. Rekha coughs and Surekha asks is she fine. Rekha says she is fine. A man gives invitation card and says about the marriage fixed, and everyone has to dance. Golu tells about the halwai who is asking everyone to dance. Titu starts his explanation, and asks why should baraatis dance for food, the groom gets the bride, what do they get, they still go, as he want to support the groom in his suffering. They laugh and say your marriage will be grand. Titu says yes, I can wish Lord to make me out of the marriage matter, and mu mum to do something. Surekha tells them that she likes Vaishaili. Rekha stops her and asks her to make them have snacks.

Vaishaili signs her dad. He says we want to…. Rekha stops them and jokes. Surekha signs her to stop, and asks what was he saying. Mukund is tensed. Rekha thinks she has to talk to Mukund. She says you did not take the file, come with me. They leave. Panchi says will I really get married to Titu, and smiles saying her name with Titu’s surname. Rekha scolds Mukund and says how can you give Vaishaili’s hand to Titu. Mukund says no, I went to them and told her parents to talk about me and Vaishaili, do you think I will give her hand to Titu. Titu says he won’t marry anyone, he loved Ruhi and she run, its good, else I would have got scolded more.

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Rekha is glad and treats the guests well and says my bahu Bhagwati made all snacks. Surekha says I like Vaishaili a lot, I accept her as bahu. Her dad says but … Surekha does not let them say, and says I know what is it. Mukund says listen to him also. Surekha praises Titu. Govind comes and says this relation can’t happen, I m sorry, your daughter is a nice girl, but she can’t match up with my Titu. He says your girl will get a good life partner, thanks for coming, I m sorry. Mukund and Rekha smile, and sign them to leave. They leave.

Surekha asks why did he do this. Govind says I found a girl for Titu. She says I have equal rights to choose the girl for our son. He says calm down. She asks why. He says try to understand me with cool mind. She asks whom did you choose, who is that girl. He says you know that girl. She asks who. He says Panchi. She is shocked. She says you want to make Panchi our bahu, who laughed on Titu, and fought with pandit ji and questions on rituals, she can’t become Titu’s wife. He says I have thought well and understood this, Titu can’t get a better girl than Panchi, Titu will marry Panchi, this is my last decision. She says but… He says enough. Titu comes and hears all this. He is shocked.

Rachna asks Panchi why did she tell yes to Govind. Panchi says how could I say no. Rachna says our parents won’t agree. Panchi says I will convince them to say yes. Pratibha comes and says never. She asks what is she saying, we decided to refuse to this proposal, stop this madness. She says I m shocked how can you do this foolishness. Kamlesh looks on and leaves with her.

Surekha talks to her mum in law’s pic and says I always did as your son said, not today, I can’t let Titu marry Panchi, you know I m adamant, if I can stop Titu from going Agra, I can’t stop his marriage now. She cries. Titu says leave Dadi, think about Panchi, she got caught while helping me. Surekha says she is not caught, she has caught you, don’t worry, I will free you and Govind, we will go to your Mama. Rekha asks really and smiles. She says I mean don’t say this, I get hurt, how can you leave us like this. Titu says we won’t go there, I m unable to sleep there, and I don’t get sleep after getting heartbroken.

Surekha says no, we will just do drama, your dad loves me a lot, he will stop me and I will ask him to break this proposal. She asks Rekha not to let Mukund say anything. Panchi tells Rachna that Titu is different from others, he is not imperfect, but opposites attract. Rachna says I don’t know. Kamlesh says nothing is done good, see everything is imperfect here, Panchi won’t like this. He says Panchi wants perfection in everything. He says but at this big decision time, how can she choose an imperfect guy.

Titu’s friends make plan to make his mood fine. Titu tries talking to Panchi. Kamlesh tells Pratibha that Titu can’t become my son in law, explain this to Panchi, this won’t happen. Panchi comes to them and asks them to come to have kulfis, and jokes on Rachna’s mum in law. Pratibha says we want to talk to you. Panchi says we will talk on the way, please come, its fun to have kulfi in cold. Surekha tells Titu lets pack the bags. Titu says its acting, lets take empty bags. Govind says why empty bags, I have done all the packing. He asks them to go. Surekha tries emotional blackmail and cries. He asks them o decide.

Pratibha says you chose Titu and it will be your responsibility. Panchi says yes, it will be my responsibility solely. Pratibha says fine, then its my yes to this proposal.

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