Tu Mera Hero 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Govind saying he will see Panchi first. Titu stops him and says only he has the right on his scolding, don’t say anything to Panchi please. He sits on his knees requesting him. Govind leaves. Surekha says lets leave now. Rekha stops Mukund and says lets have food first. Mukund says lets go home. Goving will not leave Titu today. They come out. Kamlesh and everyone see the tree marriage. Govind thinks he has to talk to Kamlesh, and asks everyone to go home. He says he has some work at the shop, and sends them. Titu tells Surekha that he hopes Govind’s anger goes soon till he comes home. Panchi is asked to get flowers. She brings flowers. Rachna’s marriage with the tree starts.

The pandit chants the mantras and asks Rachna to stand for the rounds. Rachna cries. Chetan’s mum says hurry up, we have much work. Panchi hears people telling about the strange puja. She wonders what is it. Govind comes and thinks why is everyone going that side and follows the people. Shetan’s mum asks the pandit to start the mantras. Panchi comes and says stop, Rachna will not do this puja, and not marry this tree. Govind comes there. Arvind asks pandit to continue. Kamlesh asks Panchi not to fight. Panchi says its not small thing, we already did many things.

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Panchi tells the Shastras and explains them to respect women. She asks Kamlesh to speak up to defend Rachna, and asks Rachna how can she say yes to this puja being educated. She asks Chetan to respect Rachna. Chetan’s mum says enough, let pandit do his work. Panchi says no, I won’t let this puja happen. Kamlesh says enough Panchi. Panchi says no dad, first lets ask pandit ji why is he making Rachna marry the tree, if anything happens with Chetan, will you blame the tree who did not save Rachna and Chetan, or Rachna, that she did not get rid of the Mangal, or yourself that you did not do the puja well, do you take the guarantee that nothing will happen to Chetan after this, and Rachna’s first husband will be this tree, she should share her happiness with it.

She asks the ladies is it their mistake if they are manglik, she was sent to earth by Lord, you all believe in Lord, and tells about Sita going to Ram to share his pains, and other examples. Govind is impressed seeing Panchi’s thoughts and smiles. She asks if Chetan was manglik, would he marry the tree first. She his mum how can she do this being a woman, and asks pandit to tell everyone about Shiv ji, hhow he has protected Parvati’s respect, and our Shastra teaches us to respect women. Everyone smile. She says girls family pay much price always. Chetan’s mum says what values you have given to your girls.

Kamlesh says yes, I have given them good values. He blesses Panchi and Rachna and is proud of them and my upbringing. Pratibha smiles. Kamlesh says if you have to accept Rachna, then accept her with all her good and bad things, as we are accepting Chetan. He says you can stay I you agree, else you can leave. Arvind refuses for the marriage. Chetan refuses to go with his parents, and says he knows Panchi is right. He asks them to understand. He says I said yes for this puja, but I did not know the meaning, I did not think how will Rachna feel. He says I respect my parents, but I should respect Rachna and her feelings too.

Chetan asks his mum to accept Rachna, her parents are giving her to us. His mum asks are you mad. Chetan says no, lets do the engagement now. Govind smiles. His mum says I worry for the family where Panchi goes, and pity on her husband. Chetan asks his mum to come. Arvind says come. Titu talks to Surekha. He says dad’s anger is bad. She says I wish his anger melts. Panchi thinks where did Titu’s family go suddenly, I will call and see.

Govind comes to her. He says his son can influence anyone by his talk. She thinks uncle knows everything. Govind asks did he pressurize you to lie, else a good girl like her can’t lie to him. He says bad things about Titu. She gets restless. He asks her to say, as he has seen her talking. He asks does she love Titu. She looks at him and bows down.

Govind thinks Panchi lied and she can’t refuse to Panchi, her words are impressing my heart, is this the sign to choose her for Titu.

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