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The Episode starts with Pratibha and Titu hearing the taunts by the ladies on Kamlesh and calling him corrupt inspector. Titu whistles and gets everyone’s attention. He sings a song to explain them, about the Kalyug and asks all the policemen to raise their hands. He tells Kamlesh and others, what the world tells about them. He asks the ladies who said this. He asks the boy about his dad, who is in police, does he beat you. The boy says he will beat me if he stays with me at home, he celebrate just one birthday and no party. Titu says fine, even my dad…. Leave it, I will get beaten again. E asks a lady about her husband if he comes in civilian dress, will you identify him. She says no, e as in Karwachauth just two times, in 20 years. Titu says great, and jokes on them.

Panchi and everyone laugh. He asks them when did they go on holiday last time. Govind looks on. The man says its transfer when we go somewhere. He says they don’t get festive holidays as security is double, and they make everyone have peace. He says police protects us and stays away from their families. He says if they are spending by their hard earned salaries, why does people get jealous. He salutes all policemen and says they protect us, and give them roses. He gives the bouquet to Panchi. Govind smiles.

Titu jokes and they all laugh. Kamlesh and Pratibha smile. Titu says I m sorry to pause the function, we can continue it now. Everyone clap for Titu. Surekha asks Govind to see this. Govind smiles. Rekha says I will go and have the juice. Mukund tells Titu that Golu called, talk to him. Titu takes his phone and talks to Golu. He says take care. Kamlesh tells Govind that his son has kept their respect, thanks a lot, he has praised our department and gave an answer to everyone. Rachna tells Panchi that Titu has something. Sundar says he has to go loo. Govind says I have to talk to Kamlesh. Surekha asks him to take Sundar to loo.

Kamlesh says yes, take him. Govind takes Sundar. Titu talks to Golu in loo and tells everything, about their plan to fool Govind, and they have lied to him about Panchi, and she does not love him. Govind is shocked hearing this. Titu says I m fed u of lying. Sundar gets Govind’s dhoti and Titu pills it out. Govind gets angry, and Titu says its your dhoti, how to give you, come out. He says I don’t have problem, but you will have. Govind gives his hand and Titu sees his hand. Titu gives the dhoti and leaves.

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Surekha is worried. Rekha asks her to come and have lassi. Surekha says I don’t want to and leaves. Rekha says I want to have it, and goes. Arvind meets Titu and they have a good talk, as they know each other. Arvind’s wife calls him and he leaves. Surekha asks Titu where did he go. Titu says I was telling everything to Golu. She says you will get weak if you talk so much. She takes the lassi from Rekha and gives it to Titu. Titu tells her that he went to loo. Surekha says even Govind went there with Sundar. Titu says I m gone, it means the dhoti was of dad.

Govind says it was my dhoti and looks at him angrily. Arvind and his wife talk about a puja, to make Rachna’s stars not affect her son, and she is manglik and has to marry a peepal tree. Kamlesh says this can’t happen. The pandit explains them about this. Rachna gets sad. Chetan stays silent. The pandit says Chetan will not have any trouble and can have peaceful marriage. Kamlesh says this is superstitious and injustice with Rachna. Rachna cries and says she can’t do this. Arvind says we came to know it now.

His wife says whats the problem in doing this, we are doing this for your to be husband. Rachna asks Chetan to say something. He also asks her to do this, for everyone’s happiness. His mum tells this to everyone, and Rachna cries. She asks them to come and bless the girl. Govind confronts Surekha and Titu. Kamlesh is disturbed and does not like this peepal tree marriage thing. Surekha blames Panchi for everything, who got after Titu. Titu says no, she is a good girl, I was sinking, and she supported me. Govind says shut up. Surekha says Panchi lied to Govind that day and I lied to cover it. Govind scolds her and asks why did she not say the truth.

He says I can’t know how can she support this fool. Titu says its friendship. Surekha says maybe she is doing this to trap you. Titu says no, she was benefitting me. Govind says yes, Titu does not have anything special that she traps him. Rekha smiles. Govind says I will see Panchi first, then you both. Titu is shocked.

Kamlesh refuses for the peepal tree marriage and asks Chetan’s parents to accept Rachna with all her luck and bad luck. Arvind says fine, we refuse for this marriage. Govind looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good and ur acting is quiet intresting and i like this seriel and it is very comic

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