Tu Mera Hero 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Panchi saying Govind that she don’t know how to keep this relation, there is no ray of hope. Govind says you know why you wear engagement ring in ring finger. Panchi says as its nerve reaches heart. He says yes. He says there is one more reason, I have seen my parents fighting like enemies, and I used to think how do they stay together. Govind says my mum told me one thing, the five fingers regard our five relations, and shows thumb for parents, others for siblings, middle one for ourselves, ring finger for life partner and last one for children. He asks her to join her hands.

She joins her hands and fingers. He asks her to get middle fingers down and then bring thumb apart, it means our parents are not with us always, and then remove the index finger, it means our siblings will get away to settle in their lives, and then asks her to separate the small fingers, that children also get away to settle in their lives, and now separate this ring finger. She says its not getting away. He smiles and asks do you know why it does not get separate, life partners are never away as Lord decides it, its unique relation and it has much strength, have belief in it, it will teach you to have patience. And if there is anything broken, then it will teach you to join relations.

Vaishaili and Mukund are hiding and waiting. He says we will go by window and makes sound. Govind asks who is there and goes to see. Mukund and Vaishaili get tensed and Panchi says it might be rat, don’t worry. Govind does not check and comes back. Govind says Lord Krishna told in Geeta that everything changes in world, as change is the rule of world and Titu is her husband, he has just one bad habit, and he will also change some day. He says you have to be patient, it will be your strength. Vaishaili says think how will we go out. Mukund says you called me here, wait, we can go after Govind Tau ji goes.

Panchi asks do you think I can do this. Govind says I mw ith you in this war to change Titu, you fight like Arjun and I will be your Saarthi like Lord Krishna, we have to win. He blesses her and smiles. She says yes, I will win this war surely and takes his blessings. He asks her to go now, and sleep peacefully leaving all worries, its her first Holi after her marriage. Panchi goes. Govind prays to Lord and leaves. Vaishaili gets hurt and Mukund asks her to come.

Its morning, Titu is sleeping. Panchi wakes up and sees Titu’s hand over her. She moves his hand and music plays……. She smiles. She tries to wake him up. Govind asks Surekha for his handkerchief and she helps him. He applies color to her face and says happy holi. She gets glad and says this year she wishes his happiness becomes high and does his tilak. He says this year is special, as we got the bahu Panchi.

Vaishaili is hurt and Pinky asks her how did this happen. Vaishaili says its allergy of heat. Mukund comes there and even his foot is hurt with same type. Pinky says you too. He sees Vaishaili and says yes, I stepped on hot water. Pinky asks who kept hot water and how can he walk without seeing. He says stop it now, I m lawyer and you are questioning me, give me some ointment. She gives him. Rekha asks them to come. Pinky leaves. Mukund says we will go now and asks Vaishaili to come. She asks him to walk properly. He says I can’t. She says if we go like this, everyone will doubt on us.

Panchi asks Titu to wake up and gets an idea. She keeps many alarm clocks around him, and shuts her ears. The alarms rings and he wakes up asking what happened. She shuts the alarms and says good morning. He says how can this morning be good. She says I tried to wake you up and then I thought alarm is good. He asks why did she wake him. She says its beautiful new day and its Holi. She says we have to go soon, I will go for bath. Titu gets up and sits saying now he knows what being a husband.

Rekha eats the sweets. Panchi greets happy holi to everyone. Rekha sees Mukund and Vaishaili walking oddly and Govind asks them what happened. Mukund looks on.

Surekha tells Panchi that Titu is naughty, he colors everyone and no one gets to color him, and tells Titu that even this year no one can color him. Titu smiles.

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