Tu Mera Hero 18th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Surekha asking Titu to promise. Titu promises that he will not let Govind meet Hema. Govind gets angry and leaves. Panchi signs Titu. Surekha says the start was good and end will be better. Rekha signs the ring, and sees Vaishaili upset. Vaishaili thinks she is upset. Bhagwati says she wants to do high five with her today. Govind is at shop and sees Hema’s pic. Panchi comes to give food and says she was looking for that pic. Keshav asks is Hema ji in Mathura. Govind says yes. Titu asks Govind to work and smiles.

He says Verma ji can come anytime and sees a buyer. Panchi says she can understand, its tough for Govind, as Hema ji does not come daily. Surekha should have not taken Titu’s promise. Surekha calls Titu and he says its according to our plan, Govind is restless to meet Hema. Panchi says she will leave now and asks them to have food. Govind thinks to go when Titu does not see him, and he leaves. Titu and Panchi laugh.

Govind comes to see the shooting and asks for Hema ji. The man laughs and says why are you dreaming, why will Hema ji come here, its ad shoot, go home and see her movie. Govind gets angry. Rekha worries that Govind will not leave her. Vaishaili says I won’t save you. Govind comes home and says they all have fooled him, he understood this. Surekha saks how did he know that Hema did not come. He says he has gone to see shooting, Hema did not come there. She asks why did he break his promise. He says he went when Titu did not see him, and did not break the promise, why did they fool him, Hema is my fav artist. Surekha says I know, what does she have that I don’t have, even I can dance and act.

Govind says its easy to say and reaching that place is tough, that work has much efforts, only artist can do this, artist is chosen by Lord, they are special. Panchi says if you value artist, why don’t you not permit Titu, you know his talent, he has this big chance. Govind says its not easy, you don’t know the truth of world, forget this. Panchi says its about Titu’s dreams, even Titu wants this. Govind says so Titu has done this acting too.

He scolds them for always creating some issues at home and he will never send Titu. Surekha says Titu will go. Govind says you don’t know where he is going. She argues. He gets angry and says this is not a right step, explain this to Titu, the shining door has a valley, if Titu falls, he will never be able to get up. Surekha says why will he fall, trust Titu’s talent, everything will be fine, he needs your permission and he won’t do anything till you say yes, you will say yes. He says never.

Govind says he will not send Titu. She argues and asks why can’t he let Titu achieve his dreams. She asks him to say why is he silent. He says he does not want Titu to go there, he has seen same dreams in his young age, and he has seen his dreams breaking, it has hurt him a lot. They all are shocked. Titu says you went to Mumbai….. Surekha says you used to pull Titu that he makes stories, and you are also making a fake story today.

Govind says no Surekha, you don’t know this, I was like Titu, I had dreams and wanted to earn name in Mumbai, one day I got adamant and told dad that I will go to Mumbai, and then he realized that city gives sky to the one who gets it and others does not get even food. He says he has struggled a lot and everyone used to say come tomorrow, I wanted a chance and my days used to pass, I told one director that you always ask me to come tomorrow, he told me to see my face in mirror, you can’t become an artist. Surekha cries. Govind and everyone also get sad.

Govind says he has condition the one he names will bring the papers and ask me to sign, Vaishaili….. They all get shocked.

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