Tu Mera Hero 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chetan holding Rachna and she shouts being afraid. Manorama hears her and goes to see in kitchen. Rachna asks why did he come. Chetan says he has to give her something. Chetan says its for you, open the gift and see. She sees a chain and asks its costly, how did you get this. Chetan says he got bonus too, so he got this gift for her. Manorama looks on angrily. Rachna says what was the need, we could invest this money somewhere else. Chetan says sorry, but I wanted to gift you. Rachna says fine, but just this time, promise you won’t waste money again. Chetan says promise. Manorama thinks she is making my son lie to me. Chetan says leave this, end the work and show me by wearing this. Rachna says fine, go now.

Titu sits on the bed and thinks. Panchi comes to him and he jokes that its like a tv serial episode. He says she should not have problem if he sleeps on the bed as they are friends and have trust. She smiles and comes to sleep beside him. She looks at him and covers him with the blanket. Titu says sorry if I kick you in sleep, don’t wake me up, I have habit to sleep alone. He asks does she have any kungfu habit or snoring habit in sleep. She says she was her teacher’s fav for discipline and perfection, she sleeps and wakes up in same position. He says great.

She asks him did he keep alarm. He asks why, is there any puja again. She says no, you will go to shop in morning, so I will wake up by your alarm and make food for you. He laughs and says you joke well. She says I did not joke. He says if dad sees me in shop, he will get an attack, and his life is very valuable to him, he does not remember when did he go shop last time. He says we get life once and if we wish to enjoy our life, then world makes you rest. She says if we work 5 days in week and then rest for 2 days, we can enjoy that resting more. She says working and taking responsibilities are imp. Titu says everyone is busy in work that they don’t have work for them and their families, so I don’t do work to give time to myself and family.

She says he can give money too along with time, if he works. He says there is no tension of money. She says when you have own family then how. He says he is the only son of his father, I m first generation, he kept money for many generations. He says he got tired of talking so much, he will sleep now. She thinks. Mukund wakes up by call and goes to see Vaishaili. Pinky studies and is awake. He goes and the vase falls. Pinky looks on. Vaishaili coughs and says she will get water. She goes out and meets Mukund.

Panchi recalls Manorama and Govind’s words. Vaishaili says she feels sad to be without him, there is no one to talk, she thought to talk to him, and he is being rude. He says I m sorry, listen to me. She hugs him and cries. He asks her to come along. They get tensed seeing Panchi come downstairs and hide. Panchi goes to temple and cries talking to Lord. Mukund says she will take time here, lets leave and they slowly leave out from there. Govind comes there and sees Panchi crying.

He talks to her and she wipes her tears. Mukund says if Tau ji gets us, we will have to do bhajan here all night. Panchi asks how did he come here, is everything fine. He says yes, I was not feeling sleepy so came for walk, what are you doing here at this time. She says she thought a lot, she tried and she is not saying she lost, but she realized Titu is very lazy, I think Papa was right, a person’s clothes can be changed, not his soul. Mukund and Vaishaili hide. Panchi says Titu said he will not work, I don’t know how to keep this relation. She says there is no ray of hope and cries. Govind looks on.

Panchi keeps many alarms around Titu and closes her ears. Titu wakes up and asks what happened.

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