Tu Mera Hero 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu giving the red bangles to panchi. He says she did brave thing today and makes her wear many colors bangles and praises her, by seeing significance of every color. She smiles. He says she is very nice and honest, simple and does not hurt him, she has clean heart and she thanks him. She says she will keep whatever he gives her. She says lets have food. He says he is very angry. She says I m sorry. He says I did not get angry till now that I don’t eat food, bring it, I will have. She laughs and says I will just get it.

Keshav talks on phone about work. Bhagwati brings milk for him. He sees her and ends the call. He acts annoyed with her. She sees Sundar studying and gives him the milk glass. Sundar says I will just come. He goes to Keshav and shows happy family pic, of Keshav, Bhagwati and him. Bhagwati smiles. Keshav tears it and Bhagwati gets upset. Sundar cries and hugs Bhagwati. Its morning, Panchi sees Surekha with weight machine. Titu wakes up and she smiles. He suts beside him. He asks whats this.

She says she has got this for him. She reminds her condition and asks him to get up, they have to show Panchi. Titu gets lazy to stand. She makes him stand. They check his weight. Surekha says 500grams less and gets angry. Rekha and Vaishaili discuss about weighing the junk and takes money. Rekha eats the chips. Vaishaili asks her to lose weight to get fit. Rekha says healthy people are fit. Vaishaili says overweight brings diseases, like BP, sugar, heart attack, kidney failure and many more. Rekha worries and says I will die if I hear these names. Vaishaili asks her to follow her diet.

Surekha says Titu’s weight got less, he is not getting good food. She checks the food and sees what all Panchi cooked. She scolds her for not cooking good things. Panchi says she eats food in morning as she has work in day time. Surekha scolds her. She says she will take Titu if this happens again, then Panchi can sit alone. Titu manages the situation and asks Panchi not to make mistakes, else it can go wrong for her. Surekha leaves. Panchi gets thinking.

Rachna tells Chetan that they should not get late and take appointment for Manorama. Manorama hears them. Rachna says her friend said about some good psychiatrist. Chetan says fine, we will take mum there. Manorama is shocked and says so she is doing this and fooling my son. Panchi takes Titu somewhere. He asks where are we going. She says don’t worry, its good place. He guess are they going to doctor or any café. She says Surekha said he is getting bored, so this place is entertaining. He gets glad. She asks him to come and brings him to some baby day care centre.

She introduces herself and Titu. Titu asks why did we come here. Panchi says 9am to 6pm.The lady what do they work. Panchi says I m rickshaw driver. The lady asks Titu. She says nothing. Titu says he is confused, why did she bring him here. The lady about the child’s name, did they not bring him along. Panchi says Ashish Agarwal. Titu is shocked and asks what is this. Panchi says I came to do his admission. She says she is working women and want to have her husband here, so that he does not get bored. The lady says this is not possible. Titu asks what is she doing, lets go home.

Panchi stops him and asks the lady to take care of Titu’s food, entertainment, and everything, he is also like a kid, he is deponent on others for everything, and does not do any work. The lady gets puzzled. She says he is like kid in every way. He says how will I stay here. A little boy comes and asks for ball. Titu gives the ball and thinks h can have fun with kids here, its easy to stay here. The lady says they take kids of little age. Panchi says you did not mention upper limit, he is eligible, he will not do anything that troubles anyone, he will not come if he does anything wrong. The senior lady comes and identifies them as Govind’s family.

Panchi says she wants to admit Titu here, there is no one to take care of him, if he stays here, she can work well. The lady says Titu? Panchi nods. The lady says don’t worry, his admission is done. Panchi thanks her. She says now you and Surekha will not have any problem, he will get fresh food and also entertainment. Panchi asks them to manage as its his first day. The lady says don’t refuse to his words, his dad gave us big donation, they are nice people. Titu asks for cold water. The lady goes to get. He stretches his arms and smiles, saying lets enjoy.

Titu tells how kids have played a lot with him and made him tired. Panchi thinks well done kids, who made him work and run around.

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  1. v good drama depicting real life of pampered and nakhatuu child

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