Tu Mera Hero 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Surekha waiting for Govind. Govind comes home. Titu says he has come home. Govind is sad as he lost the money. Surekha asks where was he. He says everything is fine. Titu asks what happened, you look worried. Govind scolds him and says nothing wrong happened. Surekha asks him to freshen up and have food. Titu says dad looked angry. Surekha says yes, he wants to save money and came by walk, he maybe tired, I will give him tea.

Its morning, Rekha and Surekha talk to Lord. Panchi prays and thinks Govind will be angry as Titu collided with him, Govind thinks he has to arrange 5 lakhs for chadava today. He says he is leaving for shop, he will have breakfast later. He leaves. Titu thinks what happened, dad did not scold me. Golu comes there and tells about news. Titu reads the news about money raining and people belief its secret chadava from devotee. Rekha says why did we not get this. Titu sees Govind’s pic in it and tells them.

Govind is at shop and asks the man to lend him money. He says he has lost much money. Titu says dad lost the money, this raining was from dad. Keshav says so he has asked me about money. Rekha says we have to give chadava. Titu says I will not let anyone insult my dad. Surekha says I m worried, your dad has broken. Rekha says we will meet the manager of pandaal and tell about Govind’s money raining yesterday. Titu asks why will anyone trust us. Panchi says we will send chadava later. Keshav says we will make excuse on Rekha. Rekha asks what about Garba.

Hema and everyone come and say you all have lost. Rekha says we don’t want to compete. Hema jokes on them and taunts them. Surekha asks everyone to be ready, they will compete. Panchi says we will play Garba, win 5 lakhs and help dad. Titu says yes, but no one will tell this to Dad. He says dad did a lot for us, we got chance to help him today and they all join hands.

Rekha talks to Pinky on phone. She tells Surekha that Pinky would come tomorrow. Panchi says but we want 6 people in Garba. Pari comes and asks where is Bhagwati. Titu smiles and they all look at her. The inspector says we have to make her feel secure and then we can make her answer us. He gets Kamlesh’s call and says we tried to make the girl talk, but she did not tell anything. Kamlesh says I m busy in other case and asks him to send the girl to that place, he will talk to those people.

Surekha sees Govind sleeping and says he maybe too tired that he did not change and slept like this. She takes care of him and massages his legs. She says its her sweetest moment, she is proud of him. She says we will always be protective of each other. He hears her and gets sad. He thinks Surekha will not be proud of him, he will be ashamed today. Its morning, everyone come in the pandaal for the Navrati puja. Surekha and Hema challenge each other. The pandit tells Govind that he has promised chadava and asks him to do aarti today. Titu says yes, he is a good devotee, his devotion will be seen by entire Mathura today. Panchi says Hema, we are participating too.

Titu says we will win and get money, be ready to clap for us. They laugh. Hema says you don’t have Pinky along. Surekha says we are still six people and calls Pari from their team. Hema gets shocked. Pari says I m from my inlaws side. They all laugh. Dimple says Pari is seeing many films. Sonam says what shall we do now. Hema says we will see them. She makes a plan. Govind gets the call and man apologizes as he is unable to get money. People praise Govind for big chadava. Govind worries.

The doctor says hero is ready, plastic surgery is successful. The man sees the man and says he is exactly like Titu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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