Tu Mera Hero 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tu Mera Hero 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pinky talking to Bhagwati about Vaishaili. She says you helped her a lot, you are great, no one helps in these times. Rekha comes and asks about the preparations. Pinky says well. Rekha taunts Bhagwati for making garlands too slow and asks her to get ginger elaichi tea. Bhagwati asks her to have tea made by her new bahu, as she does not like tea she makes. Rekha gets worried. Vaishaili comes to help and Rekha acts sweet to Bhagwati being scared of her. She says she will make tea. Pinky says she also wants tea. Vaishaili says she will help her in making tea. Rekha says no, you study and rest, I will make it.

Titu comes downstairs and says about festivals. He gives his view on it, that festivals bond them. Titu says about the pujas and every festival is something special. His friend comes and Titu rests. He says when we complain that Lord did not listen to us, we should also think how he handles all this. Golu asks the other friend to go and do work.

Panchi comes and Pinky asks him to see how beautiful Panchi is looking. He gets lazy to turn and see, and sees her in phone camera. Titu gets some flowers. Golu asks Sundar to join them and they will go to kitchen to get some food for Titu. Panchi also makes garlands and says there is no flower in this. Pinky says see its there with Titu. Panchi looks at him and goes to get flowers.

Panchi gets the plate and the flowers are still left near Titu. Bhagwati and Pinky laugh. Panchi says I will get it and holds the garlands string. Titu is busy on his phone. He looks at her and smiles. Tujhe Dekha to ye jana sanam………….plays………. She recalls Manorama’s words and gets sad. She takes the garlands from him. Panchi talks to Bhagwati and Pinky and say I want flower and all are already together in the garland. Pinky asks Titu to give and Panchi says she will get it. Titu does the Hum Aapke Hai Kaun style to throw flower towards her. Pinky says Salman style and laughs.

Everyone come for the Holika Dahen. Titu asks Panchi to smile. Bhagwati compliments her necklace which Surekha gave her. Titu gets lazy and says when will the puja be done. Surekha tells about Holika Dahen and what they celebrate Putna Dahen, does she know the story. Panchi says yes, and says in detail. Everyone smile and clap for Panchi. Titu praises her and says you said very nicely, Lord might be smiling. Surekha says yes, and shows the red thread and says its significance. She says bad activities do not overpower them by it. Govind asks Panchi and Titu to take rounds and tie the thread.

Surekha and Govind do the ritual first. Govind prays that all problems end that comes between Panchi and Titu. Bhagwati and Keshav do next and she thinks she is lucky to have son like Sundar, and husband like Keshav, she lied today for Keshav and apologizes. Keshav ties the thread to Bhagwati and Rekha is shocked. She asks is it done, come. Vaishaili says even she has to do this, and Mukund gets tensed. Surekha asks how will she do it and with whom.

Vaishaili says she will do alone. Vaishaili does not do right and Surekha sees her. Rekha sends Mukund to help her. Mukund does the rituals with Vaishaili and signs her. She smiles. Govind asks Titu to take Panchi and do the Pariknama.

Vaishaili ties Mukund’s hand with the thread and smiles. Titu says why to walk around wood, I will turn around here. They all laugh. Kamlesh comes there and Titu greets him. Panchi is shocked seeing him. Rekha smiles. Titu thanks him for coming by accepting his invitation. Kamlesh says he needs to talk to Govind. Panchi asks him to come to temple and pray first, he came on right time. She takes him. Kamlesh tells her that he came to know everything, he will ask an answer from Govind, why did he make my daughter marry his lazy son. Govind hears them.

Panchi tells Kamlesh that she has lost trust in love after knowing this, but she did not lose trust on her own, she will change Titu, she will make him the hero of whom she dreams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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