Tu Mera Hero 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rekha seeing Titu relaxing and don’t know who is it who will break her fate. Titu asks Surekha not to ask many questions. Surekha says she was happy that she is bringing her bahu, but she is tensed now, don’t know whom will he bring. She asks Pinky to take the items and keep in kitchen. Titu signs Pinky and smiles. She sees Rekha keeping her ears stuck there and asks what are you doing. Rekha says I m just standing. Surekha sees Rekha and asks what is it. Titu laughs. She gives the vegs to Rekha and asks her to wait till beans get cooked. Rekha says I m going and leaves. Titu says we both will cry of happiness. She says its tough to get a beautiful girl for you, is she equal to you. Titu says she is more better than me. She says then she will always look high. Titu praises her. He says she will respect you. Rekha comes and Surekha sees her again.

She says if you want to hear us, then throw onion and potato here and you can get much time to hear our talk. She asks Rekha to leave. Rekha leaves. Titu smiles and says for Rs 5000 to meet the girl. Surekha says you have grown up, you used to ask Rs 5 and now its Rs 5000, you became responsible, wait I will bring. Titu smiles. Rachna shouts as her mum is applying medicines. Panchi asks why did she do nose piercing if it was so much painful. Her mum says it was necessary. Panchi says her inlaws love rituals, not Rachna. Her mum says its imp, this will happen with you too.

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Panchi says its not imp, and holds Rachna. Her mum says I will ssee what you do in your marriage. Surekha says girl should mend in inlaws, and talks to Rekha and Bhagwati. She shows the necklace and says my mum in law gave me this on Titu’s birth, I did not like it, but kept it as she would get annoyed if I refused, Titu will get bahu now, I will give this to her. Rekha sees other necklace and smiles. Surekha asks why is she eyeing it. They laugh. Bhagwati says will the girl of this time like the design if you did not like it. Rekha says yes, I will keep this one for my bahu, and make new one for Titu. Surekha jokes on her and laughs.

She says she will make new designs for bahu and also give this. Bhagwati says this is good. Surekha says the time has come that you see a girl for Mukund. Rekha says I will get a nice girl for her. Ruhi shows pics to Panchi and smiles. Panchi thinks maybe she is jealous and Ruhi does not love Titu. She asks what type of guys she likes. Ruhi says I decided to marry a guy from small city. Panchi says it will have adjustment problem. Ruhi says it will be adventure for me, it will be fun, I like the handsome guys in city, I got a guy and I just want things to be fine.

Panchi asks her to marry any smart guy. Ruhi says no, I feel you want a city guy. Panchi nods no. Ruhi sleeps. Panchi thinks relax, whatever Ruhi says, I will know Titu’s feelings tomorrow. She smiles and sleeps. Its morning, Panchi goes to meet Titu at the temple and smiles seeing him. She thinks its best day for her and says my heart beat is so fast. She sees another guy saying she came late and Ruhi asked me to give this to you. He says Titu is always on time and you came late, so he went with Titu. She says no and wakes up from her sleep. Its morning, Surekha does the puja. Govind asks her to talk. She ends the puja. He thinks don’t know what will Titu do now.

Titu comes in the temple and acts like Big B. He says he has come here to say his version, he is very happy, he asked a lot till now, and says he is in love, he does not love it happens once or not, but he can’t work hard to try again. Mukund comes there and a girl comes to meet him. He turns and its Vaishali. He is shocked seeing her, and holds her hand. She scolds him calling him a rat, he loves her and can’t tell his family. She says even Titu is doing the same. He says Titu is different, everything is pardonable to him. Titu waits for Panchi and has a bouquet.

Panchi comes to him and he sees her. She smiles. He sees her in pink dress and says shayari. He gives the bouquet and jokes on it. She smiles. He says he has called her for something to say. He says he is in love and he hears music in his ears, even traffic jam looks good to me. She nods yes and smiles. He says you might be knowing this, as your friend will tell her feelings to you. She asks friend? He asks her help to fix meeting with Ruhi, as he wants to propose her. He says I know you will help and thanks her in advance. She gets sad.

Titu talks about love and prepares to propose to Ruhi. Panchi comes to him. He turns and says I love you Ruhi. She cries and he is shocked seeing her.

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