Tu Mera Hero 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tu Mera Hero 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Titu waiting for Panchi. The man says its time for bus to leave. Titu asks is he married. He says no. Titu says then you will not understand, and asks them to wait. The man says we have to leave. Titu asks Govind how can we go. Titu says stop the bus and gets a jerk. He sees Panchi walking on the road and shows her to everyone. She asks the bus to stop. Panchi runs towards the bus. He gives his hand and holds her. They all clap for them. Titu and Panchi see each other. Govind smiles that Panchi is back. Golu takes their pics.Manorama asks Rekha how did Panchi come back. Rekha says don’t know. Manorama murmurs.

Panchi falls by the bus jerk and Titu holds her. Golu says one more pic and Manorama taunts them. Surekha asks her to be in limit. Rachna wants to talk to Panchi but Manorama stops her. Titu says this is filmi scene and jokes. He asks her to sit well as airport is far. Titu says I think Panchi is still annoyed about Prasad thing. He talks to her and holds his ears to apologize. She turns. He tries hard and she is still upset. Titu rests on her shoulder and sleeps.

Govind and Surekha see them and smile. They board the flight. Keshav says everyone will be reaching home soon. Mukund asks Vaishaili did she hide mangalsutra and sindoor. She says yes. Mukund asks Bhagwati not to tell anyone know the truth. Everyone come and is behind them. Govind asks what truth and they are shocked. They all greet elders. Govind asks Bhagwati about the truth and sees Vaishaili. Surekha says Vaishaili.

Rachna worries for Panchi and thinks to tell everything to Kamlesh. Kamlesh calls her and asks did they come back, how was their trip. He says sorry, I could not call as your Dadi got unwell and Pratibha went to take care of her. Rachna thinks he is already worried and she can’t tell him about Panchi. She says everything is fine, we had fun. He asks about Panchi.

Manorama comes and takes the call. He asks how is she. She says she is fine, but what happened with his daughter, he will be worried knowing this. Surekha and everyone are shocked. Surekha introduces Vaishaili and everyone and Panchi. Govind asks what are you doing here. Mukund gets tensed. Bhagwati says I got her here. Govind asks why. Vaishaili says I did not had home to stay, my dad had big loss in stocks and he got arrested for loan pending. She says we lost our home too. Vaishaili says relatives did not support us, and insulted us, my mum could not bear it and went Haridwar. She tells a fake story and they all get into it.

Govind asks Bhagwati is she saying the truth. Bhagwati gets tensed. Manorama tells Kamlesh about Titu being a lazy and she tells everything how Govind lied, and Panchi’s hero does not do any worj. Kamlesh asks it means he does not do any work, this can’t happen, you are wrong, he is Govind’s son, why will he hide all this from me. Manorama says yes, this is his identity to be Govind’s son, its your mistake to be blind in money, you should have found about Titu, he looks a prince, but he is Nikhattu, you are lucky as Chetan is IAS officer, else people would have laughed on you. She says she told this as its her duty, what can they do now, its family matter. She ends the call. Kamlesh is shocked. She scolds Rachna and asks her to do some work. Bhagwati says Vaishaili is saying right and Mukund gets relieved. She says she found Vaishaili homeless and got her here. Vaishaili says Maa ji and Rekha gets tensed.

She goes to Surekha and hugs her. She says when she was roaming on road, she was seeing her face, she knows they met twice but she gave her much love as her mum. She praises Surekha and fools her by her tears. Surekha asks her to stay with them for few months, and its good Bhagwati got her here, don’t worry. Govind says why few months, I will get good place for her in 2-3 days. Vaishaili thinks Govind won’t agree and she has to think of something.

Govind asks Surekha if she married a useless man. Surekha says no girl will like to marry such guy. He says it means we should have not get Titu married. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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