Tu Junnon Tu Ibadat – Chapter 2

RIDHIMA came down stairs and observe that vr mansion is decorated from top to bottom.

RIDHIMA: huh! Looking like a new bride is coming today.πŸ˜’. Don’t know what these people seen in him which not on me.
Is he really that good?

RIDHIMA HEART: it’s true. He is very handsome when he was young.😍

RIDHIMA brain: only looks no brain. He is so arrogant.πŸ˜‘

(Okay so here I want to tell something. Characters age wise.
Aryan 23
Ishani 21
Siya 18)

Ridhima started to help anupriya and chanchal chachi.

At 11pm

ANUPRIYA: rudra why vansh has not come yet(worried)

Rudra: don’t worry he will come in some time.

ANUPRIYA : ok(sad)

Everyone went to sleep at 1am because they are tired.

At 3am

VANSH came inside mansion and silently goes to his room after visiting anupriya, Dadi , ishani and siya room.
Everyone is still sleeping.

Suddenly he saw a shadow of some small heighted girl because of her bun.

He follow her and reached kitchen where he saw her eating chocolate cake

RIDHIMA: what this monster raisinghania think of himself. Firstly he didn’t tell the time of flight. Made all the family members wait for him.(angry). If I am in the place of anupriya chachi then I will beat him.
(Not knowing vansh is listening her)
I have all the rights to eat this chocolate cake.
(She is eating cake)

VANSH sneeze . Suddenly RIDHIMA look at him and shock.

(Guys there house is in Mumbai so it is mostly raining. And the weather does not suit vansh.)

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