Tu Jo Mila …. Rikara TS Shot 1

 Shot 1 


Gauri’s Pov

Today is completed 5 years…  But today I am still the same….And Move on…never….Most of us have experienced the loss of a relationhship and its jarring effects on us physically, emotionally, and psychologically…. Sometimes it’s a feeling of unbearable loss and confusion….and….. We become sad, distressed, lonely, and often angry , And It’s all happend with me in this 5 years….My life is still at the place where it was 5 years ago… My heart is still not able to love anyone else except him….

Her thought gets disturb when Bhavya called her

B – Gauri….Humein aaj hi jaana hai , Ab bhi tu wahi hai Doctor banne ke baad bhi bilkul bhi nhi badli tu….Abhi tak ready nhi hui hai pta nhi mein Anika nhi ho tera kya hoga …. humein humare College ki Reunion party mein jaana hai na .

( Gauri…We have to go today , Even now you are the same even after becoming a doctor even if you did not change …  Not ready yet …. I do not know if Anika and me are not there , then what will happen to you …..We have to go to our college reunion party  )

G – Ok Ok .. I am Sorry … Wait for 2 minutes … Please Bhavya .

B – Ok Fine

And they both go to the party and Anika also comes there

A – Aa gyi tum dono…kitna late ho time dekho … I am sure jarur iss Miss Pathologist Gauri ki wajah se late hue ho na tum dono .

( You both came…How much you came late watch time now…I am sure both of you have come late because of this Miss Pathologist Gauri )

B – Yeah Anika … She will never change .

But Gauri did not have any interest with all these things, her eyes were looking for only one person

A – Waise maine suna hai ki wo MD Radiologist ban gya hai aur saath mein Artist bhi .. I think just for you .

( Well I have heard that he has become a MD Radiologist and And along with artist….i think just for you)

G – Kaun ?? Kiski baat kar rhi ho tum Anika .

( Who ?? Who are you talking about Anika? )

B – Wow…Wo MD Radiologist aur tum Pathologist … Bilkul rab ne bana di jodi types … Made for each other.

( Wow…He is MD Radiologist and you Pathologist….Like Rab ne bana di jodi types … Made for each other)

A – Hum tumhare Omkara ki baat kar rhe hai buddu !

( We are talking about your Omkara Stupid )

G – Ohh! Wo Use to mein kabka hi bhul gyi hun……………

( Ohh ! He ? I Forgot him…………..)

And She saw him coming with a girl … A smile appear on her face but next moment she make her face when she saw another girl with him but Omkara’s eyes is also finding someone

 A smile appear on her face but next moment she make her face when she saw another girl with him but Omkara's eyes is also finding someone

G – OMG … Kaun hai ye ladki ? ye ladka kabhi nhi sudhrega na humesha se college mein bhi sabki attention leta tha aur paint brush liye MBBS College mein ghoomta tha … pagal tha Seriously…abhi bhi waisa ka waisa hi hai ye .

( OMG….Who is this girl ? This boy will never change , He Always take the Attention of everyone in college .. And roaming in MBBS College with his paint brush…He was Seriously Crazy….And Still he is the same )

B – Par Gauri tujhe to koi farq nhi padta hai na .

( But Gauri It does not matter to you Right ! )

G – Ha…Nh…Haan nhi padta farq mein to bas bta rhi thi aur kuch nhi By the way who is this girl ?

( Yeah…N…Yeah I don’t care … i only asked and nothing more , By the way who is this girl? )

A – I don’t know yaar but she is too hot

G – No I don’t think she is hot .

B – Someone is jeolous …

On the other side

S – Hey Om…where is she yaar ?

O – I don’t know .. mujhe lagta hai ki wo nhi aayi hai abhi tak and I think aayegi bhi nhi .

( I think she is not coming yet and I think Will not even come ) 

S – Arre bhaai ruko ruko .. aise nhi bolte … agar pyaar saccha ho na to aapko pyaar milkar hi rehta hai .. agar abhi tak nhi aayi hai to aa jaegi..tab tak mujhe btao ki wo kaisi thi ?

( Hey Bro..Wait..wait…Don’t speak like this …  If love is true then love keeps you together  …. if she not came yet then come now …. By then tell me how was she?)

Om – Kya btaun Gauri ke baare mein…uska naam lete hi chehre par ek smile aa jaati hai …. uska meri life mein aate hi sab kuch acha hone lga tha … wo meri lucky charm thi…College ki topper thi wo ….uski smile itni cute thi ki…use jab dekhta to nazrein nhi hat paati …. uski smile se aisa lagta jaise ab sab kuch thik ho jaega …. uska wo innocent sa face …

( What to tell about gauri….There is a appears smile on the face as soon as I take her name……Everything came to be good as soon as she came into my life ….She was my lucky charm….She was College Toper always….Her Smile was very cute…..When I saw her I can’t move my eyes from her…….From her smile it feels as if everything will be fine now …Her innocent face …. ) 

S – Hey Is She Gauri?? ….

She turns his face towards Gauri , He sees her and she also sees him back and they have

  Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye
Tera Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara Maanu

Mujhko Banaya Tere Jaise Hi Kisi Ke Liye
Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye

Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye ….

Anivya and Swara Looking at them Lovingly

Swara – Om….Ab dekh kya rhe ho ?? Jao jakar baat kro usse … Go…Atleast ask her for dance.

( Om…. Now what are you looking for ?? Go and talk to her…Go….Atleast ask her for dance.)

Om – Nhi…Maine uska dil dukhaya hai … maine Rudra se bhi promise kiya tha …. ab mein wapas life mein peeche nhi ja sakta hun….mein to iss party mein use bas dekhne aaya tha , uski ek jhalak 5 saal baad mil gyi bas…ab mujhe aur kuch nhi chaiye … I am happy .

(  No… I hurt her heart……I also had a promotion from Rudra…… Now I can not go back in life…… I came to see such only her in this party ….A glimpse of her I got after 5 years It’s enough…. Now I do not want anything else…I am happy)

S – Seriously Happy….I don’t think…Aur ye kya 5 saal purani baat ko ab tak lekar baithe ho … Aur Rudra kahan hai iss party mein ab tak nhi aaya hai…He is just your friend …. itna bhaav mat do use .

( Seriously Happy….I don’t think… And what are these five years bad old memories  keep on your mind about till now …  And where is Rudra ? He has not come in this party till now …  He is just your friend….Don’t think about him )

O – But??

S – Go Now…..and she goes and push him towards Gauri

G – Mein tumhe maaf nhi kar sakti hun Om….Wo baat mein kabhi nhi bhul sakti hun … Kabhi nhi

( I can not forgive you  Omkara …. I can never forget that … never)

B – Gauri Go…He want to talk with you .

G – But I don’t .

They watch each other for almost 5 minutes

A – Bhavya … ye kuch bolenge bhi ya nhi .

( Bhavya..Whether they will say something or not)

B – Don’t know just wait and watch .

O – H..Hii..Gauriiii !

G – Hello … Omkara..

O – Wo..I….


Hii Guys .. How was it ? Tell me your reviews…..Take Care 

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