Tu Jaane Naa – PAST (Part 18)

Episode starts

Mishti and Abir are welcomed home. After the post wedding rituals they lead to their room

Preesha: Dont worry Rithu will be with me and Saaransh tonight. You both enjoy

Mishti and Abir enter their room and are surprised to see the decorations

Abir: Preesha has worked so hard

Mishti: Haan Abir

Abir pulls Mishti into a tight hug.

Abir: Sorry for so much delay my dear Mishti. This should have occurred in reverse

Mishti: Its all destiny Abir. Leave it. Please dont apologise

Abir: I wish I was there when you delivered Rithu. I wish I was there to hear her first word

Mishti: Dont worry you will have another baby to experience all this

Saying it Mishti winks at Abir and walks off breaking the hug. Abir then realises what she said and is overjoyed. He runs to her and lifts her in his arms and takes her to the bed. The lights go off and Mishbir get romantic,


Ritik and Rudra load the sd card in their mobile and look at the pictures in it

They see picture of Shivanya with Kajal and Varun and picture of Rudra and Shivanya with Varun

Meanwhile Varun starts to torture Shivanya.

Flashback rolls on

Shivanya and Kajal are great friends. They fall in love with Ritik and Varun who are in the army.

Kajal and Varun are known for pranks while Ritik Shivanya Rudra and Preesha always get into trouble because of the pranks.

One day

Ritik and Shivanya are out for a romantic dinner. They get on the dance floor

Lag ja gale ki phir
 Ye hasin raat ho na ho
 Shayad phir is janam mein
 Mulakat ho na ho
 Lag jaa gale se
 Hum ko mili hai aaj
 Ye ghadiya naseeb se
 Je bhar ke dekh leejiye
 Hamako kareeb se
 Phir apke naseeb mein
 Ye raat ho na ho
 Phir is janaam mein
 Mulakat ho na ho
 Lag ja gale ki phir
 Ye hasin raat ho na ho
 Pas aiye ki ham nahin
 Ayenge baar baar
 Bahen gale mein daal ke
 Ham ro le zaar-zaar
 Ankhoon se phir ye
 Pyaar ki barsaat ho na ho
 Shayad phir is janam mein
 Mulakat ho na ho
 Lag ja gale ki phir
 Ye hasin raat ho na ho
 Shayad phir is janam mein
 Mulakat ho na ho
 Lag jaa gale se

Ritik bends down to kiss Shivanya when his mobile rings. Its Varun

Varun: Captain…Ritik..I need the forces and you…Kajal has been kidnapped

Ritik: What..ok I will come

As Ritik disconnects the call

Shivanya: Ritik..this may be a prank. You know na how Kajal and Varun are. They very well know that we are alone after so long. You are back from your mission and I need you. Let their plan flop

Ritik too agrees and stays back with Shivanya.

The next morning

Kajal is found dead near the Nag Mandir where Ritik and Rudra searched for Shivanya. She was raped and brutally murdered by the local rogues.

Varun is enraged as he finds Ritik and Shivanya responsible for not being able to save Kajal.
Weeks later Varun gets all drunk and tries to molest Shivanya in rage. Shivanya tells this to Ritik and Varun is court martialed.

Varun: You guys killed my Kajal and also threw me out of army. Thats when I decided to torture you and then finally kill you both. Its time for your death

Varun grabs his alcohol bottle

Varun: From when the plan came to my mind I did not drink. Now Ill drink and then fulfill my revenge

When Varun’s attention is away Shivanya manages to remove the ropes and runs away from there. On the way back she feels tired and falls down unconscious.

Ritik and Rudra wander in the regions around the Nag Mandir and finally find an Unconscious Shivanya. Ritik runs to her and hugs her tight. Once she is into his arms he starts to weep

Precap: LEAP

  1. Nice one

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Jennifer

  2. Radhakrishn

    Mishbir scenes were romantic. Varun should understand that it is not Shivanya and Ritik’s fault.

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Radhakrishn. He will know soon

  3. Lovely update!!
    Pls upload the next two fast!!!
    Waiting for the next one

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      Hai Nithya Thank you so much

  4. Jasminerahul

    mishbir conversation was emotional.Surprised n happy to see SJ as Kajal.nice to see sj mouni pearl pic.rivanya dance was romantic.actually when varun sought their help they shudve atleast tried to confirm whether it was a prank or real b4 concluding that its a prank as they were friends.If they hadnt done that mayb kajal wudve been saved.But Varun is so cheap to blame rivanya 4 kajal’s death n try to molest Shivanya.cant believe that varun tried to molest shivanya.how can he do that if he really loved Kajal?but sad that kajal died.is rudra involved in it?Glad that though unconscious finally ritik reached shivanya.perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine Happy that you liked Mishbir conversation. Thats right dear . Rudra is not involved in it 🤗. Thank you so much

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