Tu Jaane Naa Leap (Part 19)

A year later

Ritik: Shivanya…Shivanya

Shivanya rushes inside and sees Ritik struggling with his dhoti

Ritik: Help me to wear this na

Shivanya: Of fo Ritik. Bache ho tum. By the way why are you adamant on wearing dhoti today?

Ritik: Shivanya we are in Chennai and its Mishti’s godh bharai function. I have to come like this

Shivanya: Then you must wear it

She is about to go. He stops her by holding her hands and they both slip and fall on the bed. They share an eyelock

Moments later Ritik’s phone buzzes. Its Rudra

Rudra: Sir we are ready to leave for the function. Are you joining us?

Ritik: We will come in 15 minutes Rudra

Shivanya gets up

Ritik: Help me na Shivanya. Please

Shivanya makes him wear the dhoti while Ritik plays with her.
Scene shifts to the function hall. Atlast Rudra Preesha and Ritik Shivanya reach there. Saransh runs to Rithu.

Shivanya: Come preesha lets bring Mishti down

Mishti is brought down. Abir is mesmerised by her.
Rudra: AM…Am..

Abir is brought to senses as Rudra shakes him

Abir: Huh…

Ritik: What happened?
Abir: Nothing sir

Arohi: Abir come here . Lets perform the rituals

The rituals are performed with Abir and Mishti

Abir gently holds Mishti’s hand

Abir in a whisper : Thank you for letting me live this moment. Sorry for last time

Mishti smiles as she rests her head on his head
Suddenly Varun enters the hall. Seeing him Shivanya gets afraid. Ritik holds her closer while Abir runs to Varun

Abir: Why are you here? You were in jail na…

Varun: I am out on bail

Rudra: How dare you come to our function?

Varun: Listen to me Rudra…please…Im sorry for all that happened. I am sorry for everything…please forgive me

Rudra and Abir slightly relax. Varun eyes Shivanya with lust in his eyes


  1. Hi Sai07 I am a silent Reader of your both FF of yrhpk. If you don’t mind can you upload this FF in alternate days.

  2. Thank you so much Sai for keeping up my request. And what ?Misthi Accident…..Pls post next asap…..Lots of Love

  3. Thank you so much Sai for keeping up my request.

  4. Jasminerahul

    Rivanya scene was romantic.Is Mishti a tamilian?Shivanya making him wear dhoti was cute.Godbharai mishbir scene was good.liked this dialogue-
    Abir in a whisper : Thank you for letting me live this moment. Sorry for last time
    I am shocked that varun came on bail n apologized to them.Its written that varun looked at shivanya with lust,so its obvious that he has not changed.Varun kidnapped shivanya n tortured her bcz his beloved Kajal died.Then why is he lusting Shivanya?I can’t understand.nice pics.

  5. Nice update☺
    Pls upload the next one soon😀😀
    How many more episodes are there?

  6. Nice update❤❤
    Mishti’s Accident?!?!
    Pls upload next one soon!!!!!!

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