Months passed away to twinj marriage 4 months later.
Kunj and twinkle go and bring whatever I said dadi said.
Wait dadi ja rahe hai na kunj said twinkle come down.
Finally, she is here Kunj said.
Sorry bas Woh dadi ka call aagya tha she said.
It’s okay now go dadi said they smiled and went outside and sits in the car and drove off for mall..

Twinkle today looking beautiful like as always he took her hand and kissing on her finger.
What happened aaj itna pyaar she said.
What do you mean by this Itna pyaar karne wala pati kahi nahi milega he said she giggles she rest her head on his shoulder and hold his hand.
Woh toh hai extra romantic kitna romance karte ho kunj I get tired but you never she said.

See boring wife he said and she giggling.
Soon they reached to shopping mall and come out of the car and went inside.

Dadi bhi na kabhi kya kabhi kunj murmured.
Acha hua na very first time you take me out probably for shopping she said.
Hehe, acha than you told me before only I bring you because I love shopping he said.

Great than chalo she said and held his hand and entangled Kunj sees this and feels something.

They went in a shop and buying whatever dadi demanded than Kunj went in Zara his favourite brand ?..
While twinkle seeing other things near another shop there Aleena was presented her eyes went on twinkle.

Heyy twinkle she said and went near her twinkle looking at her.
Me Aleena she said.
Pata hai hey she said.
Hi, how you she asked?
I’m good and aap? She said and asked back..

I’m too after that party you didn’t come to Zoe party she said.
Bas aise hi I don’t like this party and all’s twinkle added.
Hmm last time what you done with karan is totally awesome he deserved this I don’t like these guys she said.
Hmm, twinkle just hummed.

You come alone she asked?
Nahi with Kunj she replied.
Ho great twinkle i wanna say you something Aleena said.
Haan boliye Twinkle said.
See I really like you you are very innocent and I know you loved Kunj very much that I can see in your eyes Are you happy I mean how he is as a husband because I know him Aleena said twinkle smiled.

Well, Kunj is the very good and best husband for me I loved him lots even he loves me lots she stated Aleena smiled.

Great still jesa kunj dikhta hai na wese hai nahi Aleena said.
Means twinkle gets confused Aleena hold his hand.
I personally knew him that’s why saying you don’t come in his sugary talks though he may be keeping you happy his habits wasn’t good at all after having a wife like you this kind of man thinking they get the license and can do anything so I saying you little bit strict with him asking where he is and he is going and try to change him because he and his friends weren’t good totally spoiled brat faith aur trust ke layak nahi hai she said.

Why you saying this all to me I know my husband he will not do anything wrong which breaks my trust and my love he just loves she said.
I know you love him very much why I’m saying you because I was in his life we were in a relationship since college after seeing his habits and all’s I leave him twinkle Aleena said twinkle just listening.

Maybe in past not now twinkle said.
Hope I can say this I just saying you because I don’t want you heartbroken he doesn’t deserve freedom and all he will just misuse the way he using his father money and power she said. Kunj looking for twinkle he comes in the shop while finding her and found twinkle with Aleena her face expression is totally different. He went towards her.

Heyy twinkle tum yaha I’m finding you he said.
Woh bas she said.
Bas tere se baat kar rahi thi Aleena said.
Kya baat kunj said.
Kuch nahi bas aise hi bye twinkle Aleena said went from there.
What happened to you has she said anything Kunj asked her twinkle just looking at Kunj.
No bas aise hi she said. But Kunj not willing with her answer he knows Aleena very well..

Chal he said and hold her hand and went back in stop and Kunj buying many things for himself even for twinkle she get happy but Aleena words ringing in her mind. Then they went to the cafe.
What can I get for you Kunj asked twinkle?

Hmm, whatever you wanted she said.
Okay, meri maa always same answer he said and went and bring two coffee for them and come back.

You thinking something Kya Hua I m damn sure she said something for sure wait I’ll not leave her Kunj said.
Nahi kunj aisa kuch nahi tum bhi na me kuch nahi soch rahi hu she said.
Liar Kunj murmured enjoying their coffee after they come back home..

See dadi get everything whatever you wanted he said.
Thanks to my son she said.Twinkle went in the room and keep everything back in the room she gets freshen up thinking about Aleena word.
Aisa kuch nahi hai kunj humse bhut pyaar karta hai she convincing herself..

Twinkle went down and get busy in her dinner preparation Kunj was with his two mothers teasing them.

Kunj went in the kitchen find twinkle lost in her thoughts he went near her seeing her and he tickled her she comeback in sense.
Ahan kya she said.
Kaha kho gai hai twinkle kunj said.
Kahi nahi you need anything she asked.
Yeah, you he said and winked at her she blushed and slapped him playfully.
Very lame she said and pushed him..

After sometimes later they sit and having their dinner.
Now my son working good tej said.
See Kunj said lifting his collar ?proudly.
All get happy for him.

After dinner, Kunj went in the room and get freshen up twinkle too went and changed in a nighty for a change today kunj look at her.She laid down in sitting position.Kunj
Quickly sleep while twinkle looking at his face and remembering her all moments with him before marriage she was hell diffident but at their first night Kunj come and make her feel good and take their relationship ahead before she wasn’t ready but when he she can’t stop him. After single-day not passed away when Kunj didn’t make love and making her feel best she loving her husband there is just one thing is missing in their relationship conversations they never sit and talked about anything..

After fighting with her thoughts she too sleeps.
At the morning she wakes up and usually get freshen up and went down to make breakfast than ready Kunj things and wake up him.

Twinkle closing Kunj shirt buttons.
Kuch puch aap se she said.
Kyu nahi pucho he said.Twinkle look at him.
Kunj Aleena aur aap?? Relationship me the she asked him Kunj was very well knowing she must tell her something. Kunj looking at twinkle don’t know he will say if he denies than also not making any sense.

Haan, we are in a relationship I love her lots why you asking this she told you this he said.
Hmm, bas aise hi aap unse pyaar karte the shadi nahi ki twinkle said.
It’s not necessary hum jiss se pyaar kare use shadi bhi kare leave about this she was my girlfriend now nothing he said.
Why she leaves you kunj again twinkle said.
Mujhe kya pata she just controlling me nothing else good na Shadi nahi use you are best my mascot after you see my life he said twinkle having tears in her eyes Kunj can see this.

Kunj I don’t know anything aap hume kabhi chodege toh nahi na she asked.
Why you asking because of me and Aleena we are in past twinkle not now she already married and me also Kunj said.
I know still hum aap se bhut pyaar karte hai kunj she hugged him.I can’t live without you I will do anything but can’t share you with anyone she said and hugging him tightly Kunj just numb.
He breaks the hug and cupped her face and wiped her tears.

Aisa kuch nahi twinkle why will leave you haan he said and snogging her..
after now you get your answer he said she nodded in yes..
bye, now he said and went for office twinkle get happy.

After done with his meeting Kunj was thinking about Aleena.
That b*t*h must have said something about me huh what she thinking against Wife to me haan he murmured and yuvi come and Kunj hold him.

Why she does that haan you and she already is over na yuvi said.
Twinkle asking me why these girls are like this especially my girl for this silly thing since that moment she said her she was lost in this all things only we gave hardly shit.?kunj said.
Yeah man, you don’t know for a wife her husband is everything she can’t share him and she is too same what you said her yuvi asked.
Bas kuch nahi she asked me I will not leave her why I’ll her man Shadi hogi ab you anyhow have to spend my life with her only Kunj said.

That’s true ?achi hai par tere type ki nahi hai na yuvi said.
Pata nahi family ko achi lagi bas mera kya wese bhi koi pyaar toh hai nahi let her leave in her dream world and even I don’t have any problem with twinkle problem solve she is just my wife he said.
Or else your bedmate ??kunj yuvi said.
Very lame he said.

Since many days Twinkle was thinking about something she doesn’t know what to do this time she didn’t tell Kunj about this thing.

Twinkle Roaming in balcony Kunj didn’t come till now.he Comes after having a drink he just laid down on the bed on his tummy twinkle come and see him.
This boy never changed she murmured and off his shoes and covered him perfectly and they sleep. Days passing like this only.
Kunjj aaj nahi please twinkle said.
What happened men you not lettering me touch you everything is fine na he said.

Haan bas aise hi she said.
Aise toh nahi hai answer me he asked her.
Twinkle holds his hand tears rolling down from her eyes.
Kunjj woh hum… pregnant… hai she said.
Whattt you are pregnant ?he said in shock.
Haan kunj hum he bhi na pata tha I just feeling all symptoms so I went to dr and Conformed about my pregnancy and the result was positive Kunj I’m 1 month pregnant she said and give him a shock.

Whatt one pregnant and you don’t know man about this how can this possible he said.
Haan kunj last time I get to know but this time didn’t thought about it she said.
Ahah, twinkle how can you do this I told you to take precautions he said.
I take Kunj I even told you as you can as well but you never listening you just wanted every time this will happen na she said he hold his head.
Whatever is man now you take pills and end this he said and she was shocked she wasn’t expecting this she must be will be happy having a baby..
Kunjjj she said in a shocking way.
What Kunj twinkle don’t waste time take the pills and over simple next time be careful and please check on time he said she just blinking her eyes only.

She didn’t say anything and just sleep.
Whole night she was thinking about her unborn soul she doesn’t want this.Kunj was frustrated about this. Avantika gets to know about Twinkle pregnancy due to her reports and she told everyone. Each and everyone hell happy.
I’m hell happy May babaji bless you Tej and Avantika said.. Kunj comes and get confused after seeing them.
What happened everyone you all looking very happy tell me the cause of your happiness Kunj said.

Arey mere beta you are the cause tej said.
Whatt get confused.. he asked.
Thanks for this news we are going to become dadi and dadu soon twinkle
Is pregnant you both going to become parents tej said Kunj was shocked he looking at twinkle with anger eyes she knows this.
Acha kunj Said in cold voice Avantika feed him, sweets.
Best news ever get dadi said and blessing them..
after twinkle went in room Kunj went behind and closed the door holding her hand tightly.

What was that haan he shouted?
Kunjj she said.
Whattt Kunjj what have you done you told about your pregnancy haan I told you to take the pill and send this you didn’t take till now why you disclosed about this he again shouted.
Kunj I didn’t it just mummy ji see my reports and she gets to know I didn’t disclose about my pregnancy anyone just told you only she said.
Fine, you didn’t take na pills he said.
She nodded in eyes he again gets angry and went in side and bring the bottle of pills take this right now and end this nonsense he said twinkle stunned.

Kunj what are you saying I will not take she said.
Why he asked..
I wanted this baby she said.
You have gone mad he said.
Kunjjj yah Kya hai last time too you did same it’s really very painful not this time I’ll commit this crime to kill my baby nope she said and he was shocked hold her shoulder tightly.
Have you gone mad twinkle okay it’s painful let’s go to dr he said.

Why you just wanted to kill our baby Kunj don’t you want baby haan she said.
Haan I don’t want twinkle it’s very soon man just 6 months to our marriage we can have later not now he said.
Kunjj I know but what we can do itself babaji give na please don’t do this let me continue na see after having a baby we will be the happiest couple she said.
Nooo, i don’t want a baby he said.
Kunj sees everyone happiness our family is happy for them she said and cupped his face.

Now I get to know why you not allowing me because you know you are pregnant and hide everything from me haina you planned this he said.
No Kunj I don’t know before one week I get to know I told you immediately why I’ll do Kunj understand this she said.
I don’t know anything just do what I said you That’s it he said and she takes steps in backwards.

Noo Kunj, not this time I wanted this baby she said and keeping her hand on her belly yah humare bacha hai hUmhare pyaar ki nishani she said.
Acha than do whatever you wanted but don’t except anything from me samjiii he said and yelling at her lott she just listening.

Twinkle feeling this she is pregnant she didn’t allow Kunj to come near her after their wedding 2 months later she gets to know she is pregnant she told Kunj and he tells her to take pills and she does same which gives her pain lott physically and mentally as well she too thought it’s very soon. But this time she wanted the baby she thought after having baby maybe Kunj become responsible stop his things life and they will be happy as well.

At bar Kunj drinking In anger thinking about twinkle pregnancy.
What happened my boy yuvi and Armaan said who just come and order their drinks.
Kunj playing with glass.

Kya hua bata bhi aaj itna mood off kyu hai yuvi asked.
Kuch nahi twinkle is pregnant he said both split out.
Whattt ??Their reaction.
Pregnant really Kunj yuvi said.
Yeah, he said in a crying voice both can see his condition and laughing loudly.

Wow, Kunj damn amazing congratulations bother both said.
It’s not funny man Kunj said irritatedly.
Why you get irritated it’s happened because of you I told you to control but you were ??not us yah toh hona hi tha yuvi said.

Yah bhai saab lag hue the ?ab karo babysitting armaan said.
I’ll break your teeth’s rascals here I’m stuck man bacha nooo he said and closed his eyes.
Take chill pill take her na take medicine simple yuvi said.
You really think so I didn’t this time madam wanted baby zid pe aadi hai she wanted pata nahi kya kya bol rahi thi pyaar ki nishani my foot moreover my family get to know and they hell happy
Celebrating like they get Nobel prize man ahah Kunj added.

Hoo yah sab hogya poor boy armaan said Kunj looking at him.
Ab kya karega tu kunj matlab life ki oye my mata hogi yuvi said.

Haan now he will be handling baby doing all work no more this life armaan said.
Why would I do this all things she wanted baby na she will do everything now I don’t care I’ll live my life the way I’m living he said and gulps whole glass.

::Twinj room twinkle laid down on bed and talking with her baby.
Don’t worry baby once you come in this world see papa will be happy after seeing you I know right now he isn’t happy thoda bache hai tumhare papa abhi kunj responsible bhi hojayega she murmured.

Same Avantika and tej thinking.
I’m really for Kunj and twinkle this baby news was best see Avantika after having kid see our Kunj will change become responsible father leave his all bad habits and his life as well get involved in his new life with a twinkle and baby tej said.
Yeah, tej perfect thing she added and both smiling fully.

Kunj fully under hangover I have to do something kunj said.
Chal let’s go I have something for you ab twinkle no useful for you armaan said..
shut up armaan Kunj go home and try to talk with her that would be nice yuvi said.

No pagal ladki typical Indian girl she is he added and went from there. Whole night Kunj didn’t go home Twinkle was worried about him while waiting for him in sitting position only she slept.

At the morning.
Everyone had breakfast all pampering twinkle taking care of her each thing.
Where is kunj Usha asked twinkle looking here and there all understand.. didn’t ask more.
Have twinkle beta nicely it’s good for baby Avantika said and she smiled and having.

Kunj entered in the very messy condition he went upstairs.
Useless boy tej murmured.
Leave na he will improve maybe after his child come than Avantika said.

Twinkle looking at upstairs she get up.
What happened beta Usha asked.
Bas mera hogya me Kunj ko dekhti hu she said and get up and went in kitchen prepared lemonade for him and take breakfast and went in the room.

She entered the room and find Kunj who sitting on the bed while looking at his head and his condition wasn’t good. She went to him.
Lemonade she said he raised his eyes and see her.
Rakh do he said and went in washroom twinkle keep and take out his clothes after the bath he comes and she gives him his clothes and he gets ready and drinks lemonade.

Kaha the Kunj aap puri raat hum aapka wait kar rahe the she said.
Mene kaha tha nahi na why you waiting for me wese bhi tujhe Kaun sa meri parwa hai he said.

Yah aap kya bol rahe hai kunj she cupped his face.I’m not caring about you really I know you are angry but Kunj hUmhare bare me bhi socho na she said and he looked at her.

He takes his office bag and walked out from there leave twinkle said.

Whole day Kunj was busy in work now he takes little serious.Twinkle just thinking about him she doesn’t know what to do..
She went to gurudwara and praying for Kunj and their baby.

Leela call twinkle for somedays she went her home and staying with her family and enjoying every bit of it mahi and abeer teasing her lott while Kunj same loafing life.Twinkle calling him he just answer hello and hi that’s it.

Kunj doesn’t become Dev das see if you have a baby then it’s advantage na yuvi said.
Means?? Kunj asked.
See you can twinkle get busy in her life and baby than you can enjoy your life easy.?I’m thinking same why not to make busy avni as well then we can live our life out let them inside the house around baby changing their Nappies ?yuvi said.

Saala do smart bro he said and both laugh out and continued their hangout.

Weeks later twinkle come back home.
Abeer drops her at night everyone having dinner.
She comes all get happy after seeing her.
How’s you beta Avantika asked.
I’m good and aap sab she said.
Just missing you she said.

Come abeer beta have tej said.
Nahi uncle bas I’m going bye twinkle he said and went back.Twinkle sits with them and telling them after she went into her room.

See Kunj messed up the room fully she clean the messed.And get freshen up and laid down.Later Kunj comes and see her both share painful eye lock Kunj changed his clothes and laid his back facing To her. She having tears in her eyes.

What crime she has done for that he giving her this cold shoulder.Twinkle went in the balcony and sobbing very badly she is very sentimental after her dadi she gives Kunj everything he is everything for her her world she can’t bear his this behaviour.

Kunj listen and get Up didn’t find twinkle in the room he went in the balcony and see her she crying cuddling her knees.He about to go but his heartache he went near her.
Twinkle Kya Hua why you crying.?
She looks at him he cupped her face.
Kya hua everything is fine he asked she nodded in yes.
Come in the room he said and take her in the room and made her drink water she adores him. and hugged him.

Kunjj please do everything maar lo humhe but don’t do this I can’t bear your this cold shoulder behaviour it hurt me lott she said.
Mene kuch kaha he said.
Haan yah hi toh hai aap kuch keh hi toh nahi rahe hai kunj she said
Stop overthinking sleep you need rest he said and she laid down while looking at him don’t know when she dozed off and he too..

:: morning
Twinkle wake up she thought today is Sunday why not to make Kunj favourite breakfast she went into the kitchen and make his all favourite things for lunch he didn’t wake up later in the afternoon.
He comes down everyone come to lunch.
Come to Kunj today I made your favourite things twinkle said and hold his hand and bring him near the table pulled a chair for him he sits.

She severed him he having she just adores him.
See kitni pampered and pyaar karne wali biwi mili hai value her tej said.
Hmm, Kunj hummed.
Acha kunj take twinkle for her checkup Avantika said

Mein?? He said.
Haan, you only it’s your duty to take your wife tej said.
Hmm, he hummed.

After sometimes later Kunj get busy in Match. Twinkle comes after to get ready.
Chale kunj she said.
Kaha he said.
Woh hospital she said.
Ho but mera match chal raha hai he said.

Hoo acha koi na hum apne aap chale jayege aap match enjoy karo hum aate hai she said.Before Kunj said she went.

Arey man he said.

She went to the hospital and done with her checkup went to the park and seeing their babies with their parents Imagining herself and Kunj.

She didn’t come it’s late Kunj done with his match.
Yah ladki abhi tak aai kyu nahi man he murmured get worried about her.May he Denied as much as he can but somewhere deep inside he having lott feelings for her name don’t know ?..

He comes outside and about to bring his car just than twinkle come in an auto.
Thanks bhaiya she said and give him money.Kunj takes deep Breathe.

Twinkle he said and went near her.
Hugged her tightly.
Kaha thi itna late kese he said she hugged him back and get happy he is worried about her.They break the hug.
Woh bas hum park chale gaye the time spent karne ke liye she said.

Aap kahi ja rahe hai she asked.
Nahi woh bas and why you went into auto you can take car na he said.
Nahi humhe chal tha hai she said give him a smile.
Chale andar she said.
Hmm he hummed and they went inside.

She sits And drinks water in her room and resting while Kunj doing his work he feels bad itself he didn’t go with her still she is normal. Avantika comes with fruits and juice.
Twinkle beta what dr said she asked.
Nothing everything is normal mummy ji she replied.
Good, now you have this and rest she said she nodded in eyes and had and she sleep..

Twinkle didn’t wake up for dinner also everyone has done with dinner she still sleeping Kunj Laid down busy in-game she wake up and run in the washroom and throwing up After come.She wiped her face and looking so ill she sits and seeing Kunj.

She gets up and went downstairs had something and come then take her medicines.She takes a book and gets busy.

Kunj gets Zoe to call Hi bol Zoe he said.
Kunj we all planned to go goa Zoe added.
Great even I’m thinking let’s go for holiday life become boring than let’s plan everything he said.
Yup get ready she said and cut the call. Twinkle listen to everything but didn’t say anything.After sometimes later twinkle laid down Kunj looking at her he back hugged her.
Hmm, she hummed.
Kya Hua?? Acha sorry for today I didn’t go with you for your checkup he said.
It’s okay Kunj hume koi shikayat nahi hai aap se she said and give smiled.

Teri yah hi baat achi hai never get angry he said and both looking at each other’s Kunj kissed on her forehead.

Aap kahi ja rahe hai she asked finally.
Haan woh bas friends logo ne goa Jaane ka plan kiya hai he said.
Hoo good jaiye and enjoy as well she said.
Hmm woh toh hai.He caressed her hairs twinkle side her face Kunj held her chin and made her looked at him. He sealed her lips it was a slow and gentle kiss.After kiss Kunj coming upon her.

Kunjj please not now she said.
But why? He asked.
Dr ne mana kiya hai it’s not good for baby having this she said.Kunj closed his eyes.
Seriously man yah bhi he said.
Kunj koi baat nahi haina after months we can have to wait for na she said.

Let’s try kuch nahi hoga he again demanded.
Samjo kunj we can’t take risk please she said turned her face. Kunj laid down holding his head.
Yah nai aafat hai he get up and went in balcony and smoking..

Kab kunj aap samjoge she thinking and sleep.

Days passing very quickly twinkle was happy but deep inside wasn’t with Kunj he not showing any interest that she is pregnant he going to become father every time she neglected and he ignoring twinkle fully.Kunj went for a holiday with his gang enjoy fully he comeback Twinkle wasn’t well but didn’t say anything asked her once she was too normal she thinking he just angry once the baby comes he will be okay nothing she carries in her heart for Kunj just love and faith.

Kunj friends used to make fun of him and most twinkle about the baby he will be nanny after having a baby this and that no more freedom life gets busy in family-like other people which he doesn’t want he wanted to live his life.

Kunj entered in the room wasn’t in his sense after his noise twinkle wakes up and went near him.
Kunjj yah Kya haal hai kab tak aisa chalega she said.
Twinkle tu aww looking cute he said and pulled her in his embrace she side her face can’t tolerate alcohol smell.
Kunj leave me she said.
Not today yaar twinkle I want you don’t
Want me he said.
Kunjj Sojao come you aren’t in your sense she said.
I’m in my sense I can’t control anymore please not today he said and kissing on her neck.
Kunjj she shouted lightly twinkle try to stop him but he wasn’t in sense now it’s high time he can’t control on his desire.

He didn’t forcefully make it satisfying himself twinkle let him because she knows If she tries to do something that also he will not stop because he wasn’t in his sense let him.

At morning:
Twinkle wakes up and she went in washroom feeling and why Kunj doing this all. Then she thought men will be men leave it she get ready and went down and had breakfast with everyone after sometimes later Kunj wake up with heavy headache he shouting she entered in the room and give him a glass of lemonade.
He drank and closed his eyes and remembered what happened last and what he had done he was guilty but his need was higher than guilt he looking at twinkle.
Go and get ready she said he got up and went near her hold her hand.
Twinkle I don’t know woh kese kal raat I’m sorry wasn’t in my sense he said she turned and look at him. Painfully smile.

Aap hote hi kab hai sense me Kunj leave it aap ko kaam hoga she said.
Sorry he said and went in the washroom after get ready and have breakfast.

Twinkle beta where are you going? Avantika asked.
Woh mummy ji aaj Dr ka appointment hai she said.
You going alone she said before her Kunj said.
Why alone I’m going with her come wese bhi I have a meeting later I can give you accompany he said she surprised.

Good Avantika said.
Chale twinkle Kunj said.
She hummed and they went in whole way Twinkle wasn’t saying anything Kunj just looking at her.
Look at her kese muh balloon jesa kiya hai ek s*x hi toh kiya hai koi crime thodi hai after husband hu isska huh chalo going with her enough for my pleasure ??he thinks.

Soon they reached hospital and went in dr cabin.Dr examined twinkle.
Everything is normal dr said and they sit.
Take care of your wife mr sarna dr said.
Yeah dr he added after dr give her medicines they come outside.

You go office Kunj I can go by myself twinkle said.
Why in this condition he said.
Hmm bye she said and take auto and went.
Ahah pahle hi achi thi now she too started throwing tantrums like other girls small
Town girl he murmured and went to the office.

At evening Kunj comes back home with flowers he went into the room and find twinkle sitting. He went near her.
Flower for you he said she looking at him.
Humhare liye she said.
Yup after my lovely wifey he said and pecked at her lips she smiled and take.
Sorry, he said.

It’s okay she added.
Let’s have something Kunj said.
Hum laate hai she said.
Nahi servant bringing he said and all. Servant brings snacks for them both had again twinkle become normal and Kunj ji is best ??..

Months passing soon twinkle is 9 months pregnant who looking so cute with her baby bump.While Kunj didn’t give her smile just busy in his life. Sometimes for his needs {?selfish man?.. }

Twinkle sitting with avni today is her baby shower function was there avni come.
Kya hua twinkle you looking off? Avni asked.
Bas kuch nahi Avni kunj pata nahi kya hogya hai pahle itne ache se rahte the ab bas off baat tak nahi karne ka time hai
Pehle toh itna pyaar second ke Liye nahi pecha nahi chod the she said.

Hmm yah sab aise hi hai if your husband or mine.Shadi ke pahle yuvi is too same now look at him just his life. Pyaar kunj really? Twinkle they don’t know the meaning of love she said.
Matlab Avni twinkle asked.
Look I know you will feel bad you are very innocent you saying Kunj loving you hehe lame you answer does ever sit with you and talked about you both take you out and thinking he did for you she said twinkle looking at her she too thinking and nodding in no.

Whom you calling love it just lust and his desire twinkle avni said.
Kya bol rahi ho haan but it’s normal between husband and wife she said.
It’s normal I know but there is a difference between love and needs.You are just Kunj needs which satisfying him before marriage they getting outside after marriage gets in free and no risk typical Indian mans avni said twinkle shocked she don’t know what to say.

Matlab Avni kunj Aisa nahi hai woh hum se bhut pyaar karte hai twinkle said.
Do you know Aleena they both in relationship after seeing Kunj harkat the she leave him and marries with Aakash?
Girls for them is like tissue papers every day new bed and new girl for them just for their fun that’s it no feelings and no shame their life Roam around this only bar and this fornication avni added and twinkle stunned she just thinking.

If anyone thinking they improve nope they can’t shameless creatures I toh leave yuvi I know he will not improve why to waste my life for him she said.

Avnii she said.
Don’t be twinkle leave it I’m happy for you and your baby ❤️bas she said and avni tell her few more things she just shocked not expecting this from Kunj never ever.

She gets ready for the function looking extremely beautiful everyone come they planned in a very grand way.
Twinkle come down and who looking not less angel drooling everyone hearts.

She never failed man Armaan said.
Bas kar biwi hai meri kunj said.
Hi possessive father yuvi murmured.
Twinkle just thinking about avni words baby shower has done happily everyone enjoyed.

Twinkle didn’t say anything to Kunj
Just lost in her thoughts Kunj was hell shocked his project get cancelled. He comeback home twinkle see him and went near him.
Kunj I wanna talked to you she said.
Not right now I’m not in my zone he said about to go she held his hand.

Not today Kunj I wanted to know everything yah sab kya chal raha hai Zoe aur aap she said.
What Zoe and me he said she showed him their pics.
So what she is my friend he said very casually.
Really Kunj Yah sab kyu kar rahe ho aap haan pata hai this is the wrong kunj she said.

Don’t give me lectured already I’m angry now you making this haan he said.
Kunj leave this all things please she said.
What I’ll leave haan why I’ll he said twinkle tell him everything.
Ho so you taking my class now he said.
Aisa nahi hai kunj woh bas use ne kaha kunj hume she is your girlfriend aap ki shadi hogi hai still she said.

So what haan hogi hai toh I’ll do whatever I wanted you aren’t my mother he said.
Kunjj hum aapki biwi hai aap ka bacha aane wala iss duniya me she said.

Ho really bacha my foot aur don’t except anything from me yah bacha just yours life spoil kardi hai bacha bacha jisse dekho do you think I’ll do baby sitting of this baby nope I don’t care about I told you to remove it but you didn’t listen now I don’t care whether he lives or die he said twinkle stunned.

Kunj kya bol rahe ho aap yah aap ka apne Khoon hai aapko koi feeling nahi iss bache se she said to keep his hand on her belly.
Nahi haiii nonsense f**king baby he said.

Kunjjj she get angry she cupped his face Kya Hua hai aapko kunj naraz ho hume se dekhan jab humhara bacha aajayege na you will the one who is most happy she said
Me Aur happy really I don’t want this baby I told you that’s it he said.
Kunjj please don’t say Aur aap kesi aur ladki ke itne kareeb hum aap se bhut pyaar karte hai kunj hum aap ko kesi ke saath share nahi kar sakte you are my everything she hugged him and sobbing.

Held her shoulder you make me Force to do this you toh running didn’t let me touch you what I’ll do anywhere toh I have to fulfilled my desire na he said she blinking her eyes.
Kunj aap kese kar sakte hai aap hum se itna pyaar karte ho she said.
Hehe pyaar koi pyaar nahi karta me tum se he said.
Pyaar nahi karte toh yah sab kya yah bacha she said.
Bacha galti se aur you are just for my needs nothing else he added.

Kya kami hai hum me haan she said.
Kami look at yourself from head to toe down market small town gavar ladki tera koi class nahi hai mere saamne.You don’t know anything everytime I feel ashamed to take you out people laughs at me look at Kunj and his wife behanji type no dressing sense nothing and you know what my servant is better than you you don’t like smell of alcohol I don’t like you stinking behanji he said and giving her shock pe shock.

Kunj yah sab she said.
Sach hai yah look at your in mirror bas babaji ne face acha diya hai baki Ka kuch nahi mujhe tum koi interest aaj hai na hi kal koi match nahi hai humhara he added.

Than hum se Shadi kyu ki she said.
Eww karni kesh ko thi it just because of my parents stuck gavar ladki in my neck. If you thinking this all is love it’s your mistake tum village wale hote hi aise easy to make you guys fool.You just key of my desire which satisfied me in every manner Aur kuch nahi useless girl he said.
But hot chick he added and get slapped from twinkle hard.

I’m shocked aap Aise insaan ho hum kya
Kya nahi socha give myself to you and loving you and you doing this making fun of my feeling and my love even our baby as well she said he held her hair.
Heyy don’t speak too much Shadi Phass gaya hu me tere saath tujhe mere jese husband milta never aur I hate kid ahah inka rona dona it’s your mistake to opt child Kunj said.She pushed him.
Galti Humhari hai aap jese insaan se shadi ki aur pyaar bhi kyu ka rahe ho aisa haan kaun karta hai mana hum aap
Jese high society ki ladkiyon jese nahi hai phir bhi kya galti hai do whatever you wanted you to go out and do this is it good? Shadi pahle bhi yah sab chii she added
and crying fully she take breathe.

Haan mene kiya shadi ke pahle bhi if I wanted I will do now also it’s my life you made me do you didn’t allow me to touch yourself I told you not to have a baby but you wanted so I’ll go outside only he stated.

Hum ne soch sab humhare bare me yah sochte hai but aap toh nahi I’m totally wrong she said falls down on her knees and crying hard.Kunj went and leave the room.

Whole night twinkle was thinking about Kunj words she was regretting lott Aleena warn her but she didn’t understand blind in Kunj love which is not loved from his side just lust.She doesn’t know what to do.

Everyone having breakfast twinkle come down in one thing her condition changed heartbroken after all she is..
twinkle beta come have breakfast dadi she said.
Nahi she said and went in the garden.All get confused. After sometimes later she tells Avantika she wanted to go to her room. First, she denies than she gives her permission twinkle take her things and went to Taneja Mansion. There she just lost in herself crying on her fate just ??life always unfair with her.

Kunj doesn’t care about how she is what she felt after his words..
A week later twinkle give birth to a baby girl who is hell adorable everyone was happy kunj wasn’t out of India due to work twinkle feeling bad he didn’t care about his own blood didn’t call her once how she is and most about baby arrival..

After one week twinkle went back to Taneja mansion with the baby she need completely bed rest and Baby too was very weak..

To be continued..
Kunj huh Bichari twinkle ??..
Pagal ladka will regret later lott. Pathetic friends as well ?..
How’s it 3 shot?? ?..
acha nahi hoga boring but likh diya ?..

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  2. Vibhu

    Oh god… I hate this kunj so much.
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    It was not boring dear.

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  5. No its not boring at all?? …but i dont like twinkle’s character i mean how can ? someone behave so naive ? she doesn’t understand anything , kunj was constantly rude with her ( for me it is hell rude + annoying + want to use some abuses for him ) …nd don’t want to talk about kunjs character ??….. He sucks ?
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    Post soon waiting for the next part ?
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    so shocked already made her kill his child . bohot achi sabak milni chahiye sabko vo bhi twinkle se
    eagerly waiting for next.

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