Twinkle staying in her zone didn’t come down lots just staying off Kunj each word still killing her lott. She always crying while remembering about him what he has done with her break her small innocent heart.She is happy having a daughter who is extremely adorable and a carbon copy of Kunj. Everyone loved her just her own father who didn’t come to see her once.
Blaming herself she thought after having baby maybe Kunj leave his habits but she doesn’t know something else come out in front of her for him she is just a sex toy who fulfilled his desire that’s it no place she having in his heart. Everything was a lie.

Tej and Avantika kept twinkle and Kunj daughter name Samara.all welcome baby very grandly and bring for lots of toys and clothes everyone was hell twinkle just solemn. Everyone thought she must be tired.At her delivery time, she struggled a lot.

One month later::
Aur kunj kesa hai karan asked.
Good Kunj said all friends come for dinner.
How’s your daughter Zoe asked.
How he knows he didn’t meet with his own baby till now one day only went yuvi said.

Very bad Kunj now you are family man kiya said.
Guys, please stop talking about my life let’s have food he said.All hummed having dinner chit chatting randomly about here and there.

Kunj missing twinkle like hell she becomes an important part of his life he maybe doesn’t know but her absence making him think Lott how like a small baby she pampering him do his all things before his demands.

At Taneja mansion twinkle room.
She feeding baby and caressing her hairs.
Ek baar bhi call nahi kiya she murmured and crying after she sleeps along with her daughter.Kunj comes back home late get freshen up laid down and looking at twinkle place it’s empty.
Why I’m thinking about her I should be happy peaceful life he said but the heart wasn’t ready.

Twinkle didn’t come till now Sarna Mansion Avantika and tej tell Kunj to bring her to make excuses he is busy now Kunj Sarna ?for Change at least working with full hard off unless like other things heavy heart.

Tej and Avantika went and bring twinkle back with their little granddaughter today.

They decorate each and everything for them.Twinkle lost her all charm her bright smile everything lifeless body she is now.

Come beta Avantika said twinkle went and sit anjali and Meera too come after all their niece come.
Aww maa she getting adorable day by day I must become like Kunj only Anjali said.
Haan, after all, beti hai uski Avantika said twinkle look at her face tears comes in her eyes.

My baby see what dadi bring for you Avantika said and showing her toys and other things all playing Samara fully.
Twinkle seeing them not saying.

After sometimes later at night everyone had their dinner twinkle went in the room along with samara she looking at room and tears escaping from her eyes.
She places Samara in her baby cradle and bring a matrix place on the floor and set for herself to sleep. She brings samara and playing with her.

Kya hua looks at mamma she said samara looking at her and giving her same look Kunj giving.
Woh hum se koi pyaar nahi karte hai she said and cuddles her very tough for her.

After finishing his work Kunj come back home and went in his room directly and found twinkle and baby he didn’t say anything just changed his clothes she sitting on the floor.Twinkle turned her face laid down patting on baby.

Why she sleeping down? Kunj murmured when she come man he too avoids her and sleeps she scared of Kunj shuttering little bit in fear.

Ab yah naya drama hai when she comes
He murmured and sleep.

At late night samara started crying twinkle wake up.
Kya hua baby she said and feeding her but she still crying. Kunj making faces in sleep because due to her voice his sleep getting disturbed..
shh baby doesn’t cry she remembers what he said baby just noise pollution for him she gets up and went in the balcony..

Bas bas kya hua mere baby ko she talking with her and patting on her back..

Aha man Kunj get irritated in sleep..

While samara not taking name to stop twinkle was hell sleepy she sits in the balcony and patting on her back after later she sleeps. In sitting position twinkle sleep there resting her head against the couch backboard samara was on her lap.

At morning:
Kunj wakes up now he becomes early riser for a change ?.He gets up and yawned looking at matrix side didn’t found twinkle there thought she must be wake up.He gets up and went in the balcony and was surprised to see twinkle sleeping in the balcony in the sitting position along with the baby.He went near her
Looking at babyface who looking so cute in sleep.his heart skips after seeing his daughter he stirring twinkle she wakes up with jerked and see Kunj get scared. She immediately gets up and went from there.

Issko Kya hua why she scaring like I’m ghost man very confused girl she is he said and went in washroom get freshen up.
While twinkle again sleeps on her matrix only.Kunj gets ready for office. He went downstairs and sit for breakfast.

Where is twinkle Avantika asked..
Woh sleep again Kunj said.
Good, let her she need rest after all samara didn’t let her sleep in night Avantika said.kunj have his breakfast went in the room. Twinkle was in Washroom. Kunj takes his office bag and left. After sometimes later twinkle freshen up samara and feed her come down had a little bit something and sit with Kunj dadi..

At office;:
Kunj has done with the meeting he went in his cabin now yuvi and Kunj working together on one project both sat together having Coffee.
Twinkle is back Kunj said.
Whatt great man how she is and your baby yuvi asked.
She behaving very strange yuvi I mean like she is not looking like before twinkle about baby seeing her from far very small she is Kunj added.
Hmm why something happened between you too yuvi again asked him to tell him what happened that night.
Shit man now toh she must be angry with you kunj yuvi said.
Hmm yaar I was so angry and this all happened because of your wife she tells her each and everything she questing to me and I was angry already because of the project issues I speak whatever comes in my mouth leave it I don’t care let her stay wese bhi jayegi kaha he said.

Woh toh hai kunj koi this wife is like this only ?wese bhi you don’t love fine na yuvi said..

Kya hua samara ko twinkle asked who making faces.
Give my doll to me dadi will take her in garden Avantika said.
Sure mummy ji she added and give her. She take her in the garden while twinkle went in the room and arranged her and samara things in another wardrobe small leave each and everything of Kunj.If it’s in her hands she will change the room but what everyone will think.She doesn’t want to see his face.

Another day::
Samara was sleeping in a room in her cradle peacefully Kunj was in room busy in conference call twinkle with dadi.
Samara wakes up in raw sleep and started crying fully. Kunj see this he shouted twinkle name but she didn’t come.

I’ll talked to you later Mr Varma Kunj and ended the call and went towards cradle and sees samara crying. He doesn’t know what to do.
Heyy don’t cry he said and don’t know how to take her he forward his hand before twinkle entered in the room and immediately take the samara.
Mera baby she said Kunj looking at her.
Haan where are you leave her here alone and she crying and I’m giving you voice still not coming don’t leave her alone disturb my call he said and went in the balcony.

Shh Kya Hua mera Sami ko haan come maa is here na she said and sit on the couch feeding her after playing with samara.

Days passing twinkle is same to same she isn’t talking with Kunj not even single gaze while Kunj many times calling her for his work but she didn’t go.In night because of samara cry he gets irritated lott in sleep he shouted at twinkle she takes her in living room stay there sometimes sleep in the balcony. Everyone finding something fishy because twinkle is totally different more with Kunj she stay so solemn always not saying anything.

Today weather wasn’t good heavy wind outside twinkle went in the balcony with samara adjusting the matrix there and laid down playing with her baby Kunj entered in the room and see them balcony curtain was open he holds his head.
Now what she trying to do sleeping there she wanted I kneel down in front of her that not possible in this birth ?he said and went to sleep hell tired.

later at night rain started Kunj Wake up with jerk.
Shitt twinkle and baby he gets up and went in the balcony..
twinkleeee wake up he said and she wakes up.
Hmm, she hummed.
Rain comes in the room see samara he said she immediately get up and take samara they went in the room.

What you wanted haan in this weather you sleeping outside if you and she get ill than Kunj said.
None of your business she said and about to go Kunj held her hand.
Kya bola yah itna haan don’t forget I’m your husband samji Kya galt kaha mene wese bhi naa raat me Chen hai haan bimar ho jayegi na he said.
Leave me she said tears escaping from her eyes.
Kya hua hai kesh baat ka itna bura lag raha hai haan kya kiya hai mene jo itna attitude show kar rahi ho he added twinkle looking at him with anger eyes.

Peacefully sleep on bed don’t doing this drama which sympathy you wanted to get by this all Kunj states.

Mujhe tum se koi baat nahi karni hai samje tum she said Kunj held her jaw..
don’t ever try to talk to me in this tone samji if I’m not saying anything that doesn’t mean you will sit on my head meri beti ko bimar karna hai la do mujhe he said about to touch samara twinkle jerked his hand.

Away from my daughter Beti meri hai yah she said and cuddles her went to couch baby started sneezing badly. Kunj looking at twinkle with anger.
See hogi na cold issko he said.Twinkle not
Even giving shit.She changed samara clothes and give her medicine than hers as well she laid down on the couch with her daughter while Kunj seeing them was hell angry twinkle fully neglecting him which he doesn’t like that all.

He takes the cigarette and started smoking due to this smoke smell twinkle started coughing even samara as well.Kunj immediately throws in the ashtray.

Twinkle shivering in sleep and samara taking heavy breathe Kunj get up and clothes balcony door and windows take his blanket and covered them and then sleep.

At the morning.
Twinkle wake up feeling feverish she gets up and sees the blanket and than Kunj who not taking blanket her eyes become moist she gets up to take the blanket process towards him to cover him but before she remembers his words she is nothing to him his words bring her back she throws and went in washroom she gets freshen up take samara down place her in her cradle let her sleep in this.She helping servant in breakfast. She sits and having her tea and everyone come.
Kya hua twinkle beta Usha asked.
Kuch nahi choti maa she replied.
Tej something happened to see twinkle kesi hogi hai Avantika said.
Hmm let’s talk to her tej said.

My samara didn’t wake up today dadi asked.
Nahi dadi woh bas late soti hai so issliye twinkle said.

Avantika get up went in the room and see Kunj still sleeping.
Kunj wake up she said and went in the balcony and found matrix there was shocked and confused.
Yah matrix yaha kya kar raha hai haan Twinkle sleeping in balcony but why everything is fine between or not?? After baby Kunj not saying anything even twinkle as well Avantika thinking this and went from there in shock.

After Kunj wake up he went in washroom get freshen up take his clothes to remember how before she ready each and everything for him and gives him in his hands.He get ready and went downstairs.
Sharing eye-lock with twinkle.

Wake up kunj dadi said.
Hmm good-morning dadi he said and sits beside her.Samara again sneezing.
Hey babaji cold hogya meri bachi ko twinkle beta give her medicine dadi said.
I give dadi she said.She takes samara and went from there. Without having anything Kunj went office.

Tej and Avantika thinking about twinkle only twinkle were in her room with samara crying there tej and Avantika entered after seeing them she immediately wiped out her tears. They went towards her.
Hiding your tears with us they said.
Nahi nahi aap dono yah kuch kaam she said.
Kyu koi kaam ho toh hi tej said both sit opposite of her.

Kya hua hai twinkle beta humhe bhi batao tej said.
Kuch nahi hua hai papaji bas tabiyat achi nahi hai she said.
Hoo you know my daughter in law can’t speak lie you trying not good Avantika said and held her hand.
You Hiding we can see on your face you aren’t the same twinkle who always having her smile which making us happy beta your this sadness we can’t see it tell us you only said na we aren’t your in-laws but your parents now share with your parents Kunj ne kuch kiya hai we all seeing your behaviours and his as well she said.

After Kunj name numbers of tears rolling down from twinkle eyes they stunned to see her.
Twinkle beta Avantika cupped her face she immediately hugged her.
Mummy ji??she sobbing very badly Avantika caressing her back they get sure their son did something with her.

Bas bas aise rote nahi kya hua bato humhe she said.
Mummy ji papaji kunj ne mere dil tod diya ahah ???huuu unhone sab katam kar diya she said.
Whatt they said and cupped her face.
Roh mat tej said.
Nahi mummy ji woh hum done se hi pyaar nahi karte hai she tells them each and everything what he said they stunned their son can stoop this much low with his own wife and daughter.
He doesn’t like me and doesn’t want a baby as well we are just burden for him kyu kiya usne mere saath aisa ek bar bol dete hum haste haste chale jate humhe pata tha sab humhara mazak uda te hai unke friends bhi but I don’t care I care what my husband thinking but he too feeling shame with me because I’m village girl he said his servant is better than me humhe sab kiya unke liye socha tha bacha hojayega kunj matured hojayege but nahi unko toh apne bache se bhi matlab nahi hai woh bolte hai yah born hone se pahle hi mar kyu nahi gaya kesi aur ladkiyo ke saath ???she finished everything I was so happy to break down my heart I don’t want to live mummy ji papaji she said tej and Avantika hugged her and consoling her they can see twinkle how much Kunj breaks her heart out her each tears saying how much she loving him.
They get angry.

Shhh first stop crying for Kunj he is useless tej said and wiped her tears.
He said this all really I know he is a shameless creature but this much I don’t know see Avantika your son I will not leave him tej said.
Nahi papaji leaves please I don’t want he had problems with me and my daughter don’t worry I’ll go to my dadi will never comeback she said.
Whatt are you gone mad haan you will not go anywhere it’s your house and my samara yah sab samara ka hi hai kunj let him do whatever you wanted for us you are everything and most our great daughter if anyone had anything problem he will go not you both Samji we are sorry twinkle beta Pata tha humhare beta aisa nalayak hai socha tha shadi ke baat tum se he will improve but he break you heart I’m sorry tej said and fold his hand was ashamed for Kunj deeds having tears.
Papaji please don’t do this twinkle said and hold his hand.

Sorry, twinkle beta for each and everything ??Avantika said.They hugged her and cried.
Bas bhut hua we thought he will change but he can’t twinkle now you stop thinking about him and wasting your tears for Kunj.
You will our daughter just now his wife why you stop smiling when he is enjoying haan he will cry he didn’t understand the value of this gem which he having later he will regret it lott Avantika said.

Haan from onwards promise us you will not cry for him he wanna live his life let him leave we will our life bhut lad pyaar kar liya uska aur de hi kiya he don’t deserve it Tej said.

Papaji aap humhare saath twinkle said.
Kyu nahi tu shirf biwi kunj ki nahi ho beta bahu beti ho humhari humesha tumhare hi saath de hum aur rahenge tej said twinkle get so happy.

I always feeling bad I didn’t get parents love maa Aur papa ne Aur dadi ne bhut pyaar diya but after shadi humhe toh apna sab kuch kunj ko hi maan liya tha socha than when our baby will come he get happy our relationship become more strong but see my baby faith her own father don’t want her Ek baar dekha bhi na twinkle said.

It’s his mistake beta Aur samara will get each and everything all love humhe yaha kunj jese ki zaroorat nahi hai tej said and wiped her tears twinkle so good.After share each and everything twinkle with her in-laws, she gets normal and understands them.

At night Kunj comes back home after having massive hangover he comes in the room. He walking with very difficulties twinkle seeing him but not went near him he falls down and gets up her heart maybe winching when he doesn’t care about her and their small soul why would she will.

Kunj get up and laid down on the bed.
Kya hoga isska twinkle murmured and sleep.
In morning Kunj wakes up having headache he screaming twinkle twinkle my
lemonade. While twinkle didn’t come.He felt so bad before she before waking him ready with lemonade she knows he needs this he can’t bear this rudeness..

He get up and takes a shower and itself make lemonade and drink. While was hell angry on Kuch he can’t control himself he called him.
Yes papa he said.
What happened than he asked.
Nothing just headache he said.
Acha jab itna drink karoge tab yah hi hoga na tej said kunj not having an answer.

What have you done with twinkle haan he shouted everyone come.
Whatt Kunj speaks he get a tight slap from tej and everyone shocked.
Tejj dadi said.
Not today maa because of you all he become like this Kya nahi kiya iss ke liye sab se jada pyaar kiya shar pe hi rakha this happened because of our extra unwanted love you don’t deserve it how could you stoop so low haan he said held his collar.

Kiya kya hai tej dadi said.
Kya bolu me haan look at her what you call her haan she isn’t your type of girl really look at yourself you don’t deserve her she is better than you in every way look at yourself spoiled brat nothing else who just know how to destroyed his father money and heart his own wife. Har bar socha nadan hai time ke saath you will become matured Jane do Jane sab ne yah hi kaha always ignore your mistakes give you each and everything.What have you done haan kya kiya humne kya gunha twinkle ka hai naseeb wale jo tum jese ko aisi biwi mili hai acha kiya tha Aleena ne tumhare saath you are like this only shameless creature.

If you aren’t my son otherwise I’ll throw you out of this house and our life showing her aukaat you tell me what so great you have no talent nothing at all just showing this attitude on our money first go and earn than speak Kunj.Aur twinkle she is from the village it’s not the crime she having all values look at your self who grew up in London so you achieved Nobel prize haan people will be shamed on you.You feeling shame with twinkle we always feel with you same Kunj.Tej tell everything how he forcing her to abort the baby.

Even not think about samara Kya Kaha babysitting who needs you we don’t want you bad shadow falls down our baby she doesn’t need you and we all too you can live your life the way you wanted remember today you are nothing to us you break twinkle heart kitna pyaar kiya tumhe haan mark my words you having problems with them na you can leave this house anytime we are happy they will not go anywhere and jiss ke saath tumhe jo karna na hai karo iss ghar me koi ladki dusri Nahi aa sakti hai aur aayegi our one and only daughter in law this house of twinkle is that’s it do whatever you wanted outside of this house jaha muh maarna hai maro stay away from us hum humhare kuch nahi lagte hai and one more yah jo humhara bhram hai na yah sab tumhare hai haan.Each and everything of my I’m naming on my grand daughter and daughter in law name today tej said and finished everyone was hell shocked and angry as well what Kunj did he just looking at twinkle..

They all went from there Kunj went in room in anger he went near twinkle and pinned her against the wall.
Finally you get peace na kar diya na meri family ko meri hi against haan he said.
First stay away from me second I didn’t do anything samje she said and walked out from there Kunj was shocked..

After today everyone turned their face to Kunj all showing him cold shoulder no one talking with him he too showing them Tashan staying outside mostly.

My file where is man he shouted.
Twinkle where is my file he asked.
Don’t asked me I don’t know about your things she said.
You can find out man he added.
I’m not your servant samje she said and doing her work Kunj shocked she speaking this.He itself find and went office..

Finally my boy come Usha said and welcomed Siddharth who is her nephew come from London having some work in Amritsar.He hugged Usha (Siddharth Shukla)

How’s you bua he said.
I’m fine my son she hugged him back.
Come sit Usha said and he sits and she give him water Avantika and tej dadi everyone meets with him.

Who is this cutie pie she said after seeing samara.
She is Sami our grand daughter Avantika said.
Aww, very cute little girl he said and kissed on her cheeks.
Aur yah kunj ki wife I’m sure sid she said.
Haan she is twinkle our bahu Usha said.
Hi kese ho aap bhut suna hai aapke bare me bua se always chanting your name before you kunj he is everyone eyeball you will definitely he said.
Bas baate kar walo iss ladke se Usha said.

They all sit and chit chatting twinkle bring snacks and tea and give everything.
Amazing snacks you are great cook beauty with brain Kunj is damn lucky bua find a girl for me as well like your bahu sid said.
Hmm well it’s little difficult because our twinkle is single piece Usha said.
Hoo?he said all giggles..

Sid playing samara happily Twinkle smiling.They both talking normally first twinkle was nervous but he makes her feel comfortable.
Acha than you enjoy lots in the village you know I always have seen in movies wanted to live that life cities me Kya maza hai busy stressful life but village peace you can enjoy each and everything sid said. Twinkle amazed.

You really like this thing I mean you grown up in London still she said.
So what I’m true desi Indian man if I’m staying in London grown up there that doesn’t mean I don’t like my Indian things people like coffee and all’s and I just love masala chai he said.
What really even me too twinkle said they sharing their likes and dislikes mostly totally the same in very few minutes twinkle get to mingle with sid he too he finds her innocent girl and she finds him genuine guy.

Later at dinner everyone having this dinner twinkle made everything.
Great great food amazing cook twinkle I must say yaar sid said.
Thanks, she replied all smiled after long days finally twinkle smiling. Kunj come.
Heyy Kunj bro sid get up and went.

Sid tum when you come kunj asked him.
Today only in evening man he said and both hugged.
Come let’s have dinner waha yaar kya biwi mili hai super talented and amazing cook and congratulation become a father of a cutie pie sid added kunj hummed.

Come sid said.
No you all have I had outside no tired man he said and went upstairs all didn’t give him heed Kunj changed his clothes and laid down.

While twinkle finished her work samara was with tej and Avantika while twinkle and Sid sit together in poolside and she made tea for him and they having and chit chatting.Kunj comes down and sees them.
See how Twinkle smiling with him..

Kunj ignores and had something Than sleep later after twinkle went in the room and sleep on matrix only..

Usual [email protected]
At kitchen twinkle preparing for breakfast, sid was with her teasing her.They become Friendly in a very short time you can say twinkle get a friend in him.Kunj comes down and about to enter in kitchen.
Watching sid and twinkle he closed his fist.

You are the amazing man we both are equally same to same kash mujhe mili hoti tum he said.
Even I’m thinking she said and both giggles,
You go and sit I’ll bring breakfast hope you like it this my dadi used to make for me she said.
Hoo I’ll bring Sami Than we will have breakfast he said..
Kunj went from there huh my foot he murmured and without having anything went for office.

At dinning table everyone come and having breakfast praising lott tej and Avantika get happy after seeing twinkle at least she smiling because of sid.
Uncle and aunty your bahu is best wese where is kunj man he is damn lucky uske toh maze hai everyday getting this much delicious food sid added all looking at twinkle said she controlled on her tears everyone knows how much she loved to cook for him and feed with her hands pampering him more than samara..

It’s been 2 weeks sid.twinkle and he become very very good friends which Kunj not liking at all because every time she is with him.
In office Kunj was fuming on sid.
Saala biwi meri hai full on line maar raha hai kunj murmured yuvi entered with pizza.
Bro come let’s have he said.
Mood nahi hai abhi he said.
But why Kunj? Aajkal tere mood swing bhut hogya hai he said and giggles.

Kuch nahi woh sid every time clinging with twinkle and she too surprisingly giggling with them making food for him and me even not asked me whether I had something or not and whole family become my enemies he said.
Aww that’s why saying have this pizza he said and offer him he had for him.
Yuvi seeing something in his phone.

What you seeing man Kunj asked.
Arey bas yah baby ka video twinkle sending avni samara pictures and videos damn adorable he said.
Acha show me too Kunj asked and yuvi show him too. Kunj seeing without blinking his eyes samara cute smile her antics adoring Kunj heart.
Aww so cute my baby he said..
very very cute baby she is man you can toh play with him yuvi said.
Kaha yaar haath tak nahi lagne ko milta hai he said.
Acha wese bhi tujhe kaun se bache pasand hai noise pollution he said.
Hummed with heavy..
send me too please all videos Kunj said.
Sure he said and get busy in work later.

What happened between you and Kunj I mean.He is not looking same energetic Kunj sid said.Twinkle think lott finally she told him each and everything.

Shitt how can he do that man you are so good he should get happy having you in his life.But what to do his friends and lifestyle is like this only since start everyone give him so much love I know he is good but his friends just using him sid said.

I don’t know sid but he really used me lott ab koi farak bhi nahi pad tha hai use she said.
Chal koi na he will change one day he said.
Pata nahi his wish she said. Thah they went in park with samara and play there after twinkle take sid her home and they spend time with them Taneja’s don’t know anything about twinkle what’s going on in her life.
She doesn’t want anyone get to know specially her dadi she is not well if she get to know about her.She will stress out herself.

At [email protected]
Let’s do party yuvi and Armaan said.
Maan nahi you guys go Kunj said.
You become boring day by day yaar. I know what he missing yuvi said and take him in a lounge everyone dancing drinking.

Here is a girl look at how she looking hot yuvi said and went near bar.
3 drinks he oder and trio sitting while Kunj totally out of his mind.
Yuvi winked at girl both buddies get up and went in side a girl and give Kunj drink glass.
Heyy hottie how are you moving her finger on his face Kunj jerked her hand and went in side.

Kunjj Kya Hua man yuvi said.
I’m going he said.
Man look at her take her and hooked up you will feel better I can understand you yuvi said.
I don’t want anyone twinkle he said and went from there..

Kunj come home he was hungry went in the kitchen finding something to have both nothing is there he tries to make something but don’t know anything twinkle entered in the kitchen for water she looking at him.
Ouchh he burned his finger she closed her eyes.
Shit jal gaya ab me kya kahu he murmured dishearten went in the room and drink water and sleep.

Twinkle comes in the room and seeing his face his dry lips.she feeling bad but she doesn’t do anything later sleep. At late night due to hunger Kunj can’t sleep.

She changed fully aise toh bolti she loved me ek baar pucha bhi nahi mujhe ab toh khane ke liye bhi nahi puchti hai sab bhul gai her each rudeness affecting him lott he really missing that pampering and love which she giving him tears dropping from Kunj eyes..

Each and everything was same to same.
With Time samara getting more beautiful and adorable even taking the same features of her father Kunj looking like him exactly.
Sid always adoring twinkle and helping her she really like his company come out of that trauma kind of but still Kunj and his words she missing him she can’t see him but put a stone on her heart..

Twinkle kitni khush hai sid ke saath Usha said.
Haan Avantika nodded in yes they all thinking and looking at each other’s.

Avantika mere maan me ek baat hai tej said.
Kya she asked.
Kyu hum twinkle aur sid he said.
Whattt all said.
Look Avantika what Kunj did with her he just break twinkle heart nothing else jab se sid come I can see how much she is happy she smiling wese bhi kunj ka koi future nahi hai hum ne apne self me aake kesi ki beti ki zindagi ka dard bana diya hai now I wanted to correct it we will not let her go anywhere sid can stay with us what’s say tej said all don’t know what to say.
You are right Avantika said because both parents really very ashamed for their son deeds with twinkle..

In garden.
Arey twinkle give me samara sid said
Acha takes her she gives him both playing with her Kunj come there seeing them his heart and eyes boiling fully. Tej and Avantika first talk with sid he was surprised but he itself liking her she is gem who don’t want life partner like her.

But he wanted first twinkle answer.
Tej and Avantika disclose about to twinkle she was stunned don’t know what to say how can they think of it when she is their son daughter in law..
please for our happiness you and samara will be happy with sid I can see this tej said.

Papaji kunj yah sab kese I mean she said.
Leave about Kunj he cursing himself we wanted to freed him from each and everything he can live his life he said Twinkle was not willing she just love Kunj no matter but in force, she said yes because she respected her in Laws lott.
Tell everyone all get happy with heavy heart Kunj don’t know about this at all..

In the living room:
All sitting samara turned 8 months lott.
Say mumma sid said.
Haan even papa too Avantika said twinkle and sid share eyes lock.Kunj gets to know about this from Meera.He come there.
Say papa samara sid said Kunj closed his fist and went near him..

Snatch samara all get up.
Kunjj tej said.
Oyee what did you say papa haan how dare isska papa me hu samja tu nahi aur bane ki zaroorat bhi nahi hai kunj said.

Acha tej said.
Acha nahi sach hai yah she is my daughter what nonsense you all cooking haan and you sid you are guest of our live in your limits stay away from my daughter and wife Samja Kunj said take samara went from there..

Twinkle went in the room behind Kunj.
Kunjj gives me my daughter back she said and take samara.
Kunj held her hand. She is my daughter even samaji he said.
Hoo really very soon you get to know about this very lame she said he held her tightly.

Mat bhul you are my wife Biwi hai tu meri s
Jab dekho us sid ke saath itne jaldi pasand aagya haan he said.
Apne jesa samja hai kya she said having tears.
Good na stay away from him it’s my warning aur yah meri beti hai isska papa me she will call me papa not him he shouted.
Jo karna hai woh karo I don’t care she said and take her daughter and went.

Things going like this Kunj feeling cornered in his own house and family he can’t bear that sid coming closer to his wife and daughter most.that fatherly feeling started..

Kunj realised what he have done when armaan cheat with him in a project. Project was huge too much loss for company tej scold Kunj lott. All happy with their wife’s mostly his friends who always giving him wrong suggestions.He thought he will enjoy his life but nothing is like this he feeling empty missing everything regretted lott..

To be continued..
Oops mera kunj ??but kya kare he getting what he deserve ?.. kuch bhi bolo can’t see him in pain ??..
Read next me Kya hota hai ?
Bye bye..

  1. Waah kya twist hai great ….now he will realise her & baby value in his life….
    Pagal h pura ka pura kch bhi krta hai …..

  2. Vibhu

    Oh yes.. finally kunj got to taste his own medicine.
    Twinkle giving him cold look was what he actually deserved. ?
    Sid’s character is amazing.
    Ab maza aayega …. Jealous Kunj ❤️

  3. awsm
    atleast dekhne keliye bhi nahi gaya pagal
    acha kiya family walo ne samaj ayega usse

  4. Presha

    Amazing one!!!
    Loved it !!
    Too good !!
    Kunj ko aise dekh kr acha laga !!!
    Pr bura bhi uh know cant see him in pain!!
    Aur twinkle ka jawaab was savage !!
    Loved every bit of it !!

  5. Awesome epi

  6. Feeling better now ?
    Nd when kunj said sid bhut jaldi pasand aa gya nd twinkle replied – apne jesa samjaa h kya ?????..L?L
    Now he is understanding …
    By the way sid bhut achaa h ?

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