Tu hi yaar mera~ shot 1 twinj

A man sitting in a bar holding a liquor bottle in his hand and smoking..
You think I’m dumb yuvi haa Kunj said.
I know my dear friend you aren’t but still, that deal totally bullshit if tej uncle will get to know about you this then you know what will happen yuvi said..

Kuch nahi hoga take the glass sip of liquor and smoking fully. I’ll handle you don’t worry after all ek lota beta hu me unka and mere supportive kam nahi hai he said and give mocking smile.. While Armaan already passed out..
See this Hammered man yuvi murmured who too tipsy.Kunj laughing yuvi get avni call..

Hehe, avni uff man now what she wanted he murmured take her call.
Yes, darling what happens he asked.
Yuvi where are you it’s too late she said.
Hoo sorry, bas late little bit I’m coming you sleep okay he stated.
Hmm, she hummed.
Chalo me chala yuvi said.
saala dar gaya biwi se haan kunj said.
Nah arey otherwise drama karegi unnecessary wese bhi biwi hai meri I love her ? he said.
Haan that I know shadi ke baad life jhand banjati hai he said.
Acha you having so beautiful s*xy wife he said Kunj arching his eyebrow.
Hmm yeah, that’s true she is s*xy and beautiful but not my type of man he said..

Acha than whom you’re liking that Aleena ?kunj yuvi said.
She is perfect for me yaar but b*t*h she too didn’t marry to me but instead of with that Aakash.Yuvi laughs out fully
Woh toh hai yaar tera pahla pyaar but she is damn happy with Aakash you too leave about her concentrate on your marriage life yaar new new Shadi hui hai enjoy kar yaar yuvi said keeping his hands around his shoulders..
I hate mom and dad how can they take my life decision without even my will haan kar di us ladki se Shadi jiss ki mere se class match nahi hoti she doesn’t know anything every typical bahu same type my dadi and dadu Kunj stated.
Idol bahu she is your grandparents yuvi suggested..
Whatever she must be perfect for them but not for me Shadi mujhe se hui puri life I have to bear here not them ahah kesi life thi meri best life enjoying fully on my term and conditions this mom and dad played this time very smartly I can say this ?? Kunj said.

Kunjj yaar she is so nice genuine girl aaj ke time me kaha milegi tujhe teri kitni respect kar thi hai still you speaking about her this you are very lucky you got life partner like her what mores you wanted from her yuvi added.. kunj holds his head.

You can’t understand me and my problem we can’t be perfect for each other’s meri aur uski soch nahi milti hai see I’m late Lateef while she is early riser I love Morden ladki who likes me doing parties and all’s, but she hates even can’t bear alcohol smell which coming from me so think kaha match jaha I m always wasted ?you know what who called her husband Kunj jii eww totally bullshit she is same to same like small-town village girl iss se acha hota me Zoe se shadi kar leta kunj said.
Are you serious about Zoe yuvi asked?
Kaha yaar just time passing ab kaha toh mood set karna hi pad tha hai man ?ek ghar wali family ke liye and bhar wali apne liye he said and take his blazer and process towards his car.
While yuvi take armaan who is his cousin. Kunj sits in his car and drove off for home..
even Armaan and yuvi too..

At sarna Mansion::
Giggles and chitchatting voice echoing.
Yeah because cousins sitting happily..
Meera and Anjali sitting with their bhabhi.
Hehe after you we get best friend haina Meera Anjali said.Meera is Usha and Manohar sister while Anjali and Kunj are siblings real tej and Avantika kids..
Chalo let’s sleep it’s too late our princess didn’t come till now Meera said. Anjali looking at twinkle while twinkle looking at here and there.. Anjali sense.

You know him how he is bigdel bacha Anjali murmured.
Nahi aajayege koi na twinkle said..
hmm chalo we should sleep uska kya hai uski marzi se din aur raat chalti hai Anjali said they both goodnight to twinkle and went in their respective rooms while twinkle looking at the clock seeing the time she plays with her dupatta edges..

Where is kunj she said and went in the room.
And She just moving to and fro..

Kunj reached sarna mansion.he parked the car and went inside holding his blazer which falling down he humming the song fully shit faced.He Process towards his room.He opens the door blinking his eyes..
twinkle turned and see Kunj he holding the door and giggling itself she closed her eyes because it’s the daily routine of him..

Hiiii In a muzzy voice he speaks.he walk but about to falls Twinkle runs toward him and hold him on the time.
Kunjj she said.

I knew it you will come for me he said hugged her..she can’t tolerate that alcohol smell coming from him fully. She held him and take him towards near couch made him sits there.
Sit here she added and take his blazer put in side.

Arey, you didn’t sleep twinkle till now Kunj said.
Nahi waiting for you aap Abhi tak kaha se she said.
Ahah again aap mat he said.
Okay, tum Kaha te she asked.
Me meeee kaha tha he acts like thinking hehe he laughs Out I was with my friends that’s it he said..she went near him.

Kunj daily you drinking this much and come home late it’s not good for your health Kyu itna drink karte ho she said and cupping his face.
Because I love it ?I told you once you try after you too beer goggles?you will he said pulling her cheeks..

It’s harmful for your health and body you just playing with your health drinking too much did more harm than good she said.
Waha impressive kaha se learn kiya haan, by the way, leave about me he pulling her closer to himself. Moving his nose against her cheeks kissed on her cheeks twinkle closed her eyes she always feels unpleasant..

Kunj kya kar rahe ho go and get freshen up you aren’t in sense she said and get up. He too gets up.
I’m in always sense Pata hai na mera ek sense rahta hai aaj jada nahi pe just little bit he said..
okay now sleep she said moving well he pulled her in his embrace.

Kaha pati tera yaha hai tu kaha he said..
Kya hua kuch chahiye she asked.
Nah tu in a very cute voice he asked..
Kunj aaj nahi so jao she said.
Huh, he frowned..
Kal she said.
Paka he asked.Yup, both get happy..
She opening his shirt buttons and remove the shirt sleep she said.
Haan, I should take shower he said.
Awesome she said.he went in washroom she takes out his clothes..

( it’s been 2 months passed away to twinkle and marriage.Kunj living with his family London since before his birth.His lifestyle far different from twinkle and here.. after finishing his studies after lott struggles his parents were damn strict but always his choti maa and dadi save him anyhow spoilt because of their unconditional love but parents having red eyes towards him they love him but his friend zone wasn’t good all spoilt being in their company Kunj too fully deteriorated and foozled by them.party animal spending money like water fun drink pubs his life moving around this only.
Then his parents come to India but his useless gang here too with him..
Then after a lot thinking they thought after having a companion he will be improved leave his this kind of lifestyle and maybe his wife will improve him.he is a good kind boy but his one habit and wrong lifestyle were spoiling him fully.than they find a girl for him they wanted a matured girl more than him who can take their son not like him than both of them will be same all mess in life.. they meet with Taneja in the business party after meeting with them many times they get to know they having a daughter who lives in the village with her grandmother since childhood tej and Avantika initiated the conversation first they asked normally leela about twinkle leela told her she staying there very well mannered girl and understands everything.she finished her studies correspondence, cleaver girl. But shy didn’t live life nowadays girls very simple with kind heart bubbly making everyone smile happy to go, lucky girl.
They saw her photos she is so beautiful simple but elegant they like her asked them about her hand first they were surprised than Happy In very less they become familiar with Sarna’s.. they give approval and they called twinkle she was damn nervous everything was new for her she doesn’t know anything nothing was like this she knows everything though she doesn’t like to show this all personally very simple girl she is.they meet with twinkle and love her
Twinkle too feel comfortable with them.
She just saw Kunj photo and get so happy her life partner is damn handsome she always she will get simple boy, after all, she is simple but babaji give her handsome dashing boy.everyone was happy kunj was unaware about this all things they just put marriage proposal he was shocked and crying faking drama everyone knows but tej and Avantika was determined they will make him marry anyhow and settled him in his life.and twinkle is the perfect girl for him she will improve their spoilt son.. he do much drama using his mind but they didn’t listen to him once and tell him he will
Marry with twinkle by hook or by crook..
They all meet everyone like twinkle Kunj was shocked he first lost in her beautiful but when get to know about her he was crying his parents spoiled his whole life.
He is spoon-fed boy of sarna family.
They wanted he knows the value of everything but he born with s silver spoon.

Twinkle was happy kunj never try to talk to her he just fit one thing in his mind small-town girl will be his wife nooo?..But they marriage finally Everyone was happy twinkle welcomed by her in-laws grandly she was happy in her new happy when at the first night Kunj entered in the room he was angry his demons didn’t leave him first by irritating him with their taunts. He thought he will tell twinkle he doesn’t like this and that but when he saw her she was looking not less than any moon in his life he didn’t see beautiful girl than her till now he having many girls in his life friend girlfriend but they are nothing in front of twinkle he lost his sense and talked to her and she thought he is nice her dadi taught her to give respect and love to her husband.they consummated the marriage twinkle was happy. When Kunj wake up and realised he thought he can’t control Chalo acha hai she is his wife when he gets fine and pleasure without paying what more he wanted now she is his wife she will stay with him anyhow and he can’t do anything if he tries to do than his parents will not leave him It’s better let go the things and enjoy what he getting after all he doesn’t expect anything from twinkle she is his wife and just fulfil his desire that’s all what he wanted.?..

Sometimes she feels but she let go the things she is happy with everyone Kunj you hardly around at night only or else when he needed her for his desire she too pleasurable.

After marriage tej take Kunj office he should learn work after all he has to take their legacy ahead he is the one and only son.He has no mood to go because no interest his fun full life he likes more..
but tej anger is always scared Kunj he has to go office.Tej paying attention on him if he stays in front of his eyes more he can see and maybe changed his bad habits but he is Kunj sarna ?.after work he is same mostly he just playing games in phones during or else busy with his gang on FaceTime. Many times tej scold him but he is a very insolent person..

But tej his father fully lead one a pretty dance.After office, he runs away from the office and joins his gang their daily routine late-night parties part of their life. Twinkle used to lie because of him because she knows if she told he comes late and most probably come after drank she always saving him from her father in law and his father.he using twinkle for his benefits lott. And she thinking it’s her duty after her father he is just naughty little bit stubbornness but very nice man?Kunj is.
Twinkle thought it’s just he lived his life like this it takes time when responsibilities come on his shoulders he itself will leave and improve koi na.that’s why didn’t tell anyone about him because she is happy ab she is innocent she doesn’t know he just using for her for satisfied his desire ?just which she thinking his love for herself?..
In-laws and the whole family is very supportive towards twinkle she never felt she is a new member of this family Meera and Anjali both giving her all love elder sisters?..

While Taneja too having their daughter twinkle is happy in her marriage life..
they love Kunj they didn’t get time spend with him more usually he wasn’t presented in any family gatherings.Kunj was a person who loved his zone more and his demons normally get mingle but not very much. He finding twinkle behanji type who is not his types of girl who loving party and all’s totally opposite from him for this he every day he cursing his parents but somewhere get happy she is so shy and behaving like 90s girl who waiting for her husband and thinking and giving him respect like God.he laughing out on her this finding her not suitable for his class and In his company so he never takes her out with his friends doesn’t want they make a joke of him after all in his gang he is great Kunj Sarna for whom girls dying..
His spark was too high..)

Twinkle bedding Kunj comes out of the washroom wear his trouser wiping his wet hairs throw the towel in side..

Kyu towel throws karte ho she said.
Helpless he said.she moving her eyes and take out and keep it in side..
She went and changed her clothes while Kunj Laid down on the bed.using his cellphone.

Twinkle come out of the washroom in simple salwar kameez.She went towards bed and laid down on her side.
Now sleep Kunj at least she said.
Hmm he hummed and leave the phone she looking at him always get confused what his face saying and his action means so innocent face and eyes but the story is something else..
what why you staring at me kunj said.
Why any crime Stare husband she added.
Nah nah you can, after all, itna handsome hot pati have you got don’t ever feel Lucky he stated.
Hmm, yah sometimes ?she said and giggles..
Kunj went Near her hmm you started speaking lott now he said.
Acha is it good or bad she asked.
Well, bad na ?Kunj don’t like anyone equal to me he stated.
Aisa kyu she asked.
Kitna question karti ho tum twinkle he said.

Kyu nah kar na chahiye hai kya tum kaha mera kesi question ka javab dete ho kaha busy rahte ho itna she asked.
Hmm, ek din pura schedule duga happy he said.
Hmm, she said.. still, you smelling so bad ahah humhara alcohol itna ganda smell karta hai how can you drink she said and making faces.
Acha kaha smell kesi biwi mili hai mene socha tha aesi life partner dunduga who will give me company in drink he said.
Whatt really she laughs out on this but ab me toh aesi hu Mr sarna she added and pulled his cheeks..

( though how much he denying that he don’t like no class of her but he loved her Childishness and her talks unknowingly ?..

Kunj caressing her lips she turned her eyes.. Kunj captured her lips and kissing her she don’t liking because still smell coming from his mouth.. she tries to break the kiss but Kunj wasn’t ready to leave her she just let him kiss and not responding
He breaks the kiss.
Whatt he said.
I don’t like this smell you don’t drink I don’t like she said.
Kunj closed his mind impossible girl he said and turned and laid down on his back.
She patting on his back. Kunj suno na she calling him.
Goodnight koi baat nahi karni he said she get sad and closed her eyes and sleep took over them..

:: morning..
twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully twinkle wake up and smiled she get up and seeing Kunj who sleeping peacefully she smiled and went near him and caressing his hairs and kissed on his temple
Sadu she murmured and get up and tied up her hairs and seeing sunlight coming on his face..

She closed the window and curtains and take her clothes and went in the washroom to get freshen up.after she comes and getting ready she loves to stay simple but little traditional like her mangalsutra and sindoor topmost things. well, Kunj used to telling her to wear western clothes and stay like that way but she never says anything let him..
she getting ready and adoring her husband side by side who sleeping cutely shirtless..
he is right I’m Lucky got husband like him she murmured.. and get ready fully she went downstairs and seeing rest things than she went in the kitchen and sees chef making breakfast twinkle went and make masala tea which is her favourite..
she makes and takes for her grandmother in law whom she loved most and she is her favourite well she too..now she isn’t just Kunj dadi but twinkles too..

She went towards her who sitting on her chair and reading something wearing her s*xy specs she is an oldie but by look not at all well maintained and having charm on her face.down to earth after having so much a writer who loved to write books and many she already publicist her own novels.
Dadiii she said she knows who is. She smiled twinkle sat beside her she away the book and looking at her granddaughter.
Twinkle puttar she said.
Goodmorning s*xy dadii she said.
Hoo even you behaving like your husband she said.
Yah I have to, after all, pati hai mera some habits of him coming in me too she said give her teacup.
Hehe cool wese hai kaha woh nalayak she asked.
Sleeping your favourite pota she said.
Acha he must have come late dadi she said.
Haan dadi little bit she said.
Uska little bit pata hai mujhe kyu usko bachati hai she said.
Acha yah aap bol rahe ho?not fair twinkle added.

Mere baad ab tu hai uski supporter otherwise toh always get ready to smashed by tej hands dadi added.

Hmm, she said.
Pata nahi kya karta hai kab bada hoga yah ladka she said cupping twinkle face.
Are you happy ? She asked.
Why you asked me this everyday she asked her back.

Because you are very precious if my Kunj wasn’t good for you well we know how he is still do his marriage to settled down him if he hurting you then it’s wrong na tera khush hona important hai beta she said.
I love and luckily got family like you all he is stubborn dadi haa thoda ajeeb hai but acha hai I’m happy but because of him I have to lying just to save him she said and giggles.
Our condition is same she added back and their chit chat morning session be like this..

Avantika and tej come down they sit twinkle come there to give them her 440-volt smile which makes Their day more beautiful and joyful..
good morning mummy ji and daddy ji she wished.
Good morning beta they replied back..
I’ll bring your tea she said and run in the kitchen and bring their teas and they take a sip and take deep breaths.
You have magic in your hands after having your tea day become more relax and fresh tej said..
thanks, she said..
wese you are super talented wese woh nalayak kaha hai ghar bhi aaya hai yah nahi roaming out the only tej said.
Kya daddy ji aap bhi he comes sleeping she said.
Dekh rahi ho maa ke baad biwi ka bhi full support hai tej said to Avantika.
Haan dekh rahi hu na dekh she said.

Ab support toh karna hi padega aap jese couple jo banaa hai she said..
May god bless you both Avantika said.

You know what your son and husband did they blinking their eyes both of them get ready always because it’s like Kunj is a small kid who going his school everyday new complain is coming and they were ready ever like a mother ??..

We having so important meeting I give him work to check all details but your spoon-fed didn’t do when I asked him giving me looks Kya karu iss ladke ka pura business uske liye establish kiya hai but he is totally a spoiled brat tej said..

Kunjj bhi na karlege Avantika said.
Ab tej said.
Koi na papaji soon he will too he learning now twinkle said.
I’ll see breakfast she added and went.
Kitna pyaar aur support karne wali biwi mili hai hope he understands her value and makes her happy tej said.
Yah har din yah hi sochti hu kunj improve ho apni marriage life me dayan de but he is living his bachelor tej she said.

Thanks to babaji ladki itni achi aur matured mili hai hope she will improve him tej said and both hoping that their spoilt son improve..

Kunj still sleeping twinkle went in the room with lemonade people have bed tea yah coffee but he needed lemonade after waking up massive hangover.

Twinkle entered in the room and finds him still sleeping she went near him and keep the glass in side table and sit beside him.
Kunjj wake up baba she calling him In very
Cute voice. She caressing his nape hairs.

Kunj utho na she again gives him voice it’s so hard to wake up him.. after lots struggles while he moves slightly.
Haan, he said in sleepy tone..
wake up office jana hai na papaji waiting for you she said.
Hmm let me sleep I’m tired having headache he said and again closed his eyes.
Who tells you to drink lots haan sunte hi nahi ho chalo wake up she said.. Kunj making faces she went and open the curtains.
Ahaan twinkle closed the curtains I’m not going anywhere he said and covered his face with a blanket.

Get up fast she ordered. She pulling the blanket and after the full drama he gets up sits there only twinkle cupping his face.
Vanish your sleep she said and he hugged her she rubbing his back.
That’s why telling you to sleep early you will get up early will have peaceful sleep but you are impossible spent night out only she said.
Headache ho raha hai he said.
Hoga, you drink this will feel good she said and handover him the glass.

How you know already he said and blinking his eyes.
Bas pata hai after all biwi hu tumhari 60days has been passed away staying with you she said he making faces.
Though before she is very shy in front of Kunj he gets irritated by this lott slowly she gets normal to become comfortable after knowing him ?.. still she gets nervous and shy whenever he coming closer to her.

Yah papa bhi he about to speak but stop.
Get up she said and he drinks the lemonade and handover the glass to twinkle she gets up and forwarding her hand to him he gives her his hand and comes out of the bed.. rubbing his eyes she sends him in the washroom.
Bacha hai pura ka pura she murmured and Taking out his clothes.. and checking his office bag. After shower Kunj come out twinkle give him the clothes he wears still lazy she went near him and closing his buttons.
Lazy head Kunj you are she said.
Whatever he murmured and looking at her she always pampering him lott..

He wraps his hands around her arms tightly she looking at him.
Kya she said.
Kuch nahiiii today looking different he said.
Kyu achi nahi lag rahi hu she asked.
Nahi nahi looking good he said pulled her nose siyappa queen he murmured..

Stand properly Kunj you should help papaji in the office why you run always she said.
Ahah ab kya kiya mene again complain kardi simba ne he said.
She giggles yup morning me hi she said cupped his face.
He loves you very much samje she said.
Yah I know always behind me he said and went towards dressing table whistling and making his hair and use perfume looking hot he said.

Haan Hogaya chale breakfast ke liye she said.
Yah he about to go get a call from Zoe.
You go me aaya he said.
Okay, she said and went down Kunj take Zoe call.
Hello, Kunj good morning Zoe said.
Good morning he said.
Acha today let’s go for lunch she said.
Hmm, dekhte hai he said and hang up the call run downstairs..

At dining table area everyone already come down and having breakfast twinkle ready Kunj plate he went and wished them good-morning take his dadi blessings.
Latelateef Anjali and Meera murmured Kunj making faces.
Slowcoach, he murmured.

Twinkle served him breakfast and sit beside him having their breakfast.
Aaj office me kaam karna hai yah kal kiya woh hi tej said kunj closed his eyes.
Mene kal bhi kaam hi toh kiya than he said.
Acha pata hai kesa kaam kiya than today you going to stay with me in office tej said Kunj shocked.
Whatt but why papa I’m not a small baby he said.
Lo is not small baby saabzaade you are a grown-up boy but these people Make you small aur tum bache se kam nahi ho samje follow me and my rules stop staying with your useless nonsense friends he said.

They are my friend’s dad Kunj said.
Haan, even you are too same useless he said Kunj making faces Anjali and Meera giggling.
Kuch jada hassi nahi aarahi hai haan kunj said.
Haan humhari marzi hasna toh acha hai na Both said together.
acha dono ko parcel kardu duga patiyo ke pass hi samji kunj said.. all giggling ?.
Have your breakfast twinkle said Kunj making faces all adoring them?

Itna pampered mat karo twinkle otherwise he will dance on your head Meera said.
Acha di don’t spoil my wife Kunj said.
Koi who is the definition of spoilt telling us hehe very lame Meera said all giggles.

Dekh lunga me tum sab ko he said they finished their breakfast tej waiting for him Kunj went in his room..

Twinkle run behind him he calling him.
Haan bolo my bag he asked she handover him.
I kept your files in this and charged your laptop she said he amazed this girl becomes his power bank ?..
Kya hua aise kyu dekh raho she asked.
Aise hi you already have done everything why mera kaam hai na he said.
Haan ab me tumhari biwi hu it’s my duty na she said.
Strange in this era you are saying this jaha girls or wife’s not behaving like you twinkle it’s like apne apne kaam he said.
Haan I don’t know about them but me aisi hi hu she said.
Yah how can I forget this my unique wife traditional he said.
Kyu acha nahi hai kya she asked.
Nahi nahi mere liye toh meri power bank hai he said and she giving him confusing look he bends slightly held her chin and smooch her amorously..

Thanks, he said against her lips she hugged him Kunj blinking his eyes.
I love you kunj she said. He was shocked.
Kya kaha he said and break the hug.
Woh tum hi toh kehte ho mujhe me kuch bhi react nahi karti she said blushing.
You loving me he said she nodding in yes.
Itni jaldi kese he said.
Kese kya pati ho mere pyaar karna buri baat toh nahi hai na she said.
Hmm he hummed.
Bye he said and she bye him back he takes his bag and went down and along with tej and Manohar went office while twinkle was hell happy finally she said Kunj she loving him in the very short period she falls for him.. ??.

He is not bad but his habits and moreover the environment and people he having in his life making him more..

Sarna company..
Kunj went in tej cabin along with him with
Puppy faces.
Now sit here he said and forward him his chair.
It’s your chair he said.
Haan, it’s my but sit here and understand the value of this place he said Kunj rolling his eyes and sat down.
Now I’m the boss he said give a smile.
Yeah, you are the baby boss ?tej said.

Ahah papa don’t here haan he said.
Okay he said sit called his pa who bring all files..
Sit here is all old data of our company she said.
Hmm you go tej said.
What we will do of this Kunj said.
This is for you my son he said.
Means Kunj asked.
Wait tej went near him sit and started telling him each and every bit of it.. about their company what they did and what they got everything little bit passing from
Kunj head?..

He yawing Tej seeing him and smacked on his head..
Kuch samaj me bhi aaraha hai yah everything above he said.
Papa you are best why you spoiling my life in this all things Kunj said.
My son Abhi time hai sikho lo you are Lucky you have a father to teach you everything sees we didn’t have to learn
With time he said.

Hoo kya aap bhi sentimental ?acha I’ll learn now let me go on my cabin, after all, me hu next boss hu he said.

Haan you are only now also chalo you go but check everything tej said he nodded in yes..
Kunj takes the files with himself and went in cabin and sit and checking them after take his phone and scrolling down open their gang group and seeing their conversation and giggling meanwhile twinkle words ringing in his mind.

I love you really kaun pyaar karta hai ?..
whom I like she ditched me and my wife who in just 2 months loving me kaunsa reaction hai yah ?well Kuch bhi mujhe kya it’s her choice ?..

Zoe messages him about lunch Kunj deny today he is busy some other day.He changing girls everyday next steps not fix girl in his life? playboy. Girls know about him but they dying for money after all freaking rich he is..

Kunj was devoted in his mind there yuvi come who broke his chain of thoughts.
Heyy bro don’t tell me you are serious about work he said after seeing him.
Hatt you are here bol he asked yuvi sits.
I was getting bored I finished my meeting so thought let’s meet up with you he said.

Cool even I’m getting bored he said.
Dude you thinking something he asked.
Yah not probably yaar do you know today twinkle said me I love you he said.

Whattt aww innocent soul he said.
Shut up Arey yaar kese pyaar hota hai itne jaldi he said.
Ho jata hai yah ladkiya aesi hoti hai unke pati unke liye god hote hai yuvi said.
Pata nahi I’m confused I don’t having any feelings for her it just we get intimates just nothing else he said.

Such a despo philanderer man he said.
Mind biwi hai aur shadi ki hai kya galt hai hai aur koi forceful nahi hai yeh she getting pleasure so chill samja he said.

Tu and aur teri biwi pata nahi yuvi said.
You don’t need to think about my wife he said.
To be continued..
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So this for each and everyone specially sur you have requested and give me plot as well i write this for you personally hope you like.Whenever I get time I’ll surely write on your plot my promise Abhi busy.
After you all give me lott love ? itna I can do for you ?. Saumitra your ?comment ?lo appi ne deti story on this Eid eidi toh hai nahi so take it from me this ?.Than sidmin78 bhi aapka plot bhi soch ? dekhte hai pending me mind not working.
Lastly maddy and my ?darling Yashika di ?who always hungry ? many mores ?so that’s why I write together this story and finished so I can post together afterwards bhut ?rahta hai issliye.
It’s not very very good story just normal penned it down whatever comes in my mind please enjoy and do tell me 5 shot story ?❤️
Again Eid Mubarak.
Enjoy your Eid your family spread love ?.
And please no more request now it’s very difficult to write ??when you request me and I can’t fulfil I feels bad so please if I feel like I will give but don’t request hope you understand babies??..
bye love you all.

  1. Firstly eid mubarak to all….& specially you ….
    Huh i m angry on you …i think you understand why i m??
    Story is amazing ?concept is amazing…& i luved it….
    Perfect eid gift …..

  2. Vibhu

    Eid Mubarak my dear friend!
    Hope you and your family are doing well at home.
    May god bless all of us and free us from this COVID-19 soon.
    This story sounds amazing!
    Though, I felt really really bad for twinkle.
    Poor soul ?
    Kunj is using her for his pleasure.
    I’m atleast satisfied with the fact that kunj’s family is so good. And if Kunj will do something wrong to twinkle,they will support twinkle.

    I just hope he realises how precious his wife is! ?❤️
    Excited to read all the parts.
    This is the best Eid gift you have given us all.
    Take care.

  3. Presha

    Amazing one !!!
    Just loved it !!!
    Tera kunj har story mai aisa hi hota hai aur twinkle bholi thoda TWinkle ko tevar wali bana mazaa aayega !!
    Waise loved it!!!
    Amazing story!!!
    Different hai thank uh for posting!!!

  4. Awesome epi

  5. thanks for posting
    amazing shot , kunj is so self centered poor twinkle

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