At night.
Twinkle finding samara everywhere in the house she was nowhere she gets tensed asked everyone they said they don’t know she must be with her only.
Pata nahi kaha chali gai she itself can’t move she said and started crying all finding her nowhere she is all worried about samara..

Time passing tej complained about her Avantika and Usha handling twinkle who crying for her small daughter.

Kunj and yuvi sitting marine side Yuvi get call from avni she told them.
Whatt really when this happened yuvi said.
Kya hua yuvi kunj asked.
Woh samara missing hai he said.
Whattt meri beti kunj said and get up.
Kaha ja raha hai tu yuvi asked.
Pagal hai tu meri daughter missing hai where she is he said and went home he come and seeing everything was crying and worried about samara.

Bg song.

Roothe roothe se savere
Jaage jaage hain andhere
Roothe roothe se savere
Jaage jaage hain andhere

Leharon ko kinare
Mil jayenge saare
Paas hain jo lagta hai door

Ke maana dil da hi mera hai kasoor
Aise koyi vi na hove majboor
Maana dil da hi mera hai kasoor
Aise koyi vi na hove majboor

Kya hua where is samara Kunj asked..
Pata nahi dadi said twinkle went to Kunj.
You answer me kaha hai samara if you did anything with her Kunj I will not leave you she said.

Whatt twinkle me mujhe kese pata hoga me toh ghar me bhi nahi tha aur me kyu karunga apne hi beti ke saath aisa he said.

Acha tum you toh don’t wanted her you are wishing before her birth she dies in my womb ahah my samara she said.
Tears escaping from Kunj eyes.
Me aisa kabhi nahi karunga he said.

Sid come and consoling twinkle while all doing their best to find samara.. Kunj finding outside her everywhere but not getting any clue about his daughter.
Kaha gai my daughter babaji please save her he is praying..

Midnight Kunj come home helplessly no information about samara he went in his room found twinkle who crying very badly he went near her.
Twinkle don’t cry mil jayegi sam he said she jerked his hand.
Yah sab tum hare hi wajah se hua hai If something happened to my daughter I’ll kill myself she said he hugged her.
I’m sorry twinkle for each and everything me bhut bura hu papa is right I didn’t understand your value and Sam I’m really ashamed and guilty whatever i have done sorry please forgive me I really love you I understand in this time I can’t live without you and my daughter he said and crying fully in twinkle embrace.

Sid entered in room twinkle he said Kunj and twinkle separate.
Haan twinkle said.
Woh Sam mil gai he said as soon as Twinkle and Kunj listen this they both went to sid.
Kaha hai woh wese kunj asked.
She is in hospital I think someone kidnapped her from our house sid said.

Hospitallll twinkle said and about falls down Kunj held her shoulder.
Twinkle be strong let’s go he said she jerked his hand and went with sid each and everyone come hospital.

Dr my daughter twinkle said.
She is in icu dr said and went.
Your daughter kidnapped by some thief mr Kunj police said.
What but kese how they take inside the house Kunj said

Woh you guys knows police said and went.
I think maybe that maid who didn’t come back home usha said all got it praying for samara who attached with machines and having bandages. Twinkle lost her sense after see her daughter later dr come
We need blood dr said.
Take my blood Kunj said..
come dr said and went.
You will not go anywhere you are the reason today my daughter condition you just wanted this today you must be happy kunj you wanted this mar jaye woh dekho aaj usko haalt your wish come true she said.

Kya bol rahi hai twinkle please he said his condition wasn’t less than her..
Avantika and tej handle her Kunj went to give blood to sam. After blood all praying for Kunj.

Kunj standing in front of god.
Hey babaji please save my daughter aaj tak aap se kabhi kuch nahi maanga hai mene please today safe my daughters I will die I love her aaj pata chala uski value punishment me not my small doll please he is crying all seeing him surprised he is praying 


Khoya hai jo woh mil jayega
Toota hai jo woh jud jayega

Khoya hai jo woh mil jayega
Toota hai jo woh jud jayega
Tera mera yeh safar
Jaane le aaya kidhar
Khaab dekhe the jo
Ho gaye hain choor

Ke maana dil da hi mera hai kasoor
Aise koyi vi na hove majboor
Maana dil da hi mera hai kasoor
Aise koyi vi na hove majboor


Samara come out of the danger everyone gets relief.
Only parents can Stay here dr said.
Twinkle beta you go home me and Avantika will stay here tej said.

Nahi papaji I’ll not go anywhere I’ll stay here with my daughter she said all nodded in yes.

Uncle you all go me and twinkle stay here sid said.
Just than nurse come who is father of samara come and sign this paper nurse said all looking at each other’s face. With guilt and pain.
Me Kunj said and signed the papers.

Everyone went twinkle and sid sitting Kunj come with water for twinkle.
Twinkle you drink will feel good he said she jerked his hand.
Don’t show me this fake console samje aur why you stay here go from there she Said.

Woh samara me kese he said.
Acha samara aaj yaad hai tumhe she is your daughter what happened that day when you said those words for her haan kya kya nahi bola tum ne usko she said.

Aise mat bol twinkle mujhe bhi uski para waha hai I’m not happy after seeing her she is my own blood part of me he said.

You are very talented Kunj I don’t wanted your shadow falls down on my daughter go away from us she yelling.

Twinkle handle yourself please sid said.
Acha I’ll go Kunj said and went little far but not went from hospital.

After sometimes later sid and twinkle went in icu room and seeing samara twinkle crying after seeing her condition.
My baby she said and kissed on her forehead they sit beside her. Kunj seeing from window tears escaping from his eyes.

At morning.
Twinkle and sid went in canteen their eyes falls down on Kunj who sleeping in sitting position.
He is here only sid said. Twinkle ignore and they went and had something Kunj wake up and went in icu room no one was there he is seeing samara his heart aching.

My baby get well soon samara he said and kissed on her cheeks and forehead before twinkle see him he went from there and clear all bills and everything after dr give samara discharge Twinkle and sid take her she is fine but hell weak.twinkle taking care of her rest too..

At room.
Samara was on bed Kunj come and sit beside her he kissing on he forehead.
There twinkle come she gets angry after see Kunj.
I told you numbers of time stay away from us still you not get happy what you wanted haan she said.
Twinkle me toh bas check kar raha tha he said.
I don’t wanted you roam around my daughter samje she said.
Aisa mat bol twinkle I know I hurt you lott but don’t say this in extremely sorry for each and everything he hold her hands I really love you I realised each and everything my all mistakes I’m sorry please one and last time forgive me will never do anything I will do each and everything I changed life taught without you I’m nothing papa is right I didn’t understand your value whatever I said about baby even for that also please forgive don’t marry with sid I will die I can’t bear I’ll do each and everything what you wanted will leave my habits and even friends sab tu bolegi i will that only she said.

Acha suddenly you change Kunj she said.
Haan please forgive give me last chance he said.
Ab koi faith nahi hai mujhe tum pe phir se mera bharosa tod ne ka muka nahi dugi samje will not even come into your fake words she said and looking at him.

Aisa mat bol twinkle please forgive such me tere bhut pyaar karta hu I was idiot who didn’t understand whatever I said that day wasn’t in myself you know you toh understand me please last he said.
Sorry Kunj I’m not your wife you hurt me okay but you even not think about my baby she said and sit beside samara.

Kunj went down and sit in living room crying very badly. There tej come.
Papa he said hugged him.
Tell twinkle forgive me please I’m sorry for each and everything woh mujhe samara ko dekhne bhi nahi De rahi hai she is my daughter I’m sorry papa I hurt you all forgive he said.
Acha aaj sab samj me aagya hai tumhe he said and break the hug.
Sorry papa I was mad I don’t know what to do me twinkle se pyaar karta hu I can’t live without her he added.
Hoo even she said what did you said her back remember or not you break her heart play with her feelings you know kunj she is already bear lott she thinks you as her everything in return what have you done with her today realised everything good but it’s too late she lost her parents in very small age You say she was grown up in village what we get give you lavish lifestyle and
She must be living normally her life but she is having all values which you don’t have I feel ashamed to call you my son we didn’t teach you this haan when you learn to play with someone heart with your own baby today your daughter yes she is your what you have done for her you wanna end her before come in this world haan he said

She lost her parents but her parents he said.
They aren’t her real parents but her uncle and aunt kya maanga tha tumhe pyaar hi toh he said.Tears escaping from Kunj eyes fully he was extremely guilty.He doesn’t know about her parents remember her words how she say he is everything for her he didn’t do good with her..

With time samara gets well after everyone loved and care while Kunj was guilty he doesnt know what to do every single day he apologising twinkle and rest as well while sid take his own house and he told tej he and twinkle can’t be tog give time to twinkle and Kunj relationship because he knows how much Twinkle love Kunj.everyone leaves let the things go on the way it’s going with time.

Kunj leave each and everything alcohol smoking his bas life’s and friends just in contact nothing else and giving his best to get twinkle forgiveness and working hard as well.

1year later:
Twinkle and Kunj relationship is same to same. Samara become extremely cutie pie very small thin running in whole house everyone favourite she is spoon fed he is too.Little Kunj she is with looks talking so much in her breaking voice.

Her papa was her favourite though twinkle didn’t let her near go Kunj not even allowing him as well still whole day chanting papa tapa tapa..

Tej and Avantika along with Usha or Avantika went outside while twinkle too due to some work.And samara with dadi.

Kunj sitting in living room there yuvi along with avni and Armaan come with his wife.
Kunj kya hua hai yaar tu toh jese aata hi nahi hai armaan said.
Bas aise leave everything now he said just than there samara come wearing peace frock and her litte litte ponies and cherry on cake her dimple.

Pa…pa she said and went near him.
Heyy cutie pie avni said.


Day by day becoming more and more cute yuvi said. Kunj cupped her face and kissed on her cheeks.

Chocy she said.
Hmm chocy papa will give you wait he said and bring for her and feeding her with his hands and she having just than there twinkle and see everyone.

Samaraaa she shouted and jerked the chocolate pulled her near herself.

Twinkle woh main bas about to say Kunj cut off by twinkle.

What you trying to show in front of your friends haan mujhse toh sharam aati hai na now with my daughter as well.Leave us Kunj and stop giving her anything kya pata kuch bhi mila ke dedo tum toh chahte hi yah ho yah mar jaye she said Kunj was shocked she thinking about this much cheap about him that he will give something to his daughter.

Whattt twinkle me Kyu duga samara ko he said.
Kyu nahi jo insaan apne maa aur baap ka biwi ka Saga nahi hua woh humhare kya hoga she said went from there Kunj was shocked completely his mistakes made her do this all things otherwise she is the one who loves him lott..

Kunjj twinkle yuvi said Kunj show him his hands.
Leave please he said.they all nodded in yes and went.Kunj sit in side and tears escaping from his eyes.

Ahah pa pa samara screaming in room.
Shut up sam I told you na don’t go near him twinkle said.
Why?? She asked.
Bas aise hi she said.
Huh papa papa she humming and smiling Kunj can hear her voice coming till down he smiled.

Papa papa yah babaji pata nahi kaha se itna papa ka bukhar chada hai iss ladki pe twinkle murmured..

At night everyone sitting for dinner samara was playing with spoons.
Mera bacha didn’t have anything tej said.
Daduuu with pouty lips papaaa she said.
Isski train toh papa pe hi rukh thi hai Usha said..

Now eat fast you have to sleep as well Twinkle said and feeding her.they even don’t know when Kunj sit with them they all had food together his silliness destroyed everything.

After dinner samara playing in room.
Kunj sitting and doing his work she looking here and there from far giving Kunj flies kisses Kunj feeling so bad how can he speak those words about this soul who loving her papa lott why can’t he she is his baby.
Kunj smiled and giving her back..

Drama queen Kunj murmured after seeing her twinkle entered in room samara become good girl sit down.Kunj giggles on her cuteness.
Now come sleep she said.
Hmm she hummed twinkle take her on her lap and patting on her forehead soon within no time samara sleep.

Twinkle place her on another bed covered her with blanket she about to go in washroom Kunj held her hand and pulled her near himself.
Maaf karde twinkle please ek baar kab tak aise naraz rahegi I’m ready to do everything I really love you and Sam as well he added.

Huh do you know even meaning of love Kunj see leave everything I’m done with you she said.
Please last time what you wanted he said.
I just wanted you leave us and chale jao humhari life se bas she said Kunj leave her hands.

Okay teri khushi issi me hai toh I will never ever comeback my family don’t wanted me you also okay thanks but once again I’m really very sorry for each and everything he said and laid down again with empty stomach.She went in
washroom cried hard after come and see him and sleep while thinking about their life.


Kunj was busy in his work he thinking leave everything go away from everyone like his presence giving his family and wife pain.Kunj pa come with files both sit and completing all work. Armaan and yuvi come.
Kunj why you cancel the meeting yuvi said.
Because I’m not continuing this project anymore with you two he said.

But why they asked.
Why what do you mean you both just partner in profit and me and my company will face all losses haan he said..

Kunj when this happened yuvi said.
Asked your brother yuvi armaan what conspiracy he playing Kunj said.

Are you gone mad haan Kunj why we will we are your friends if you don’t wanted to continue our friendship that’s fine armaan said.

See bro I don’t have any issues we working on this project which going to finished soon that’s it bas hua wese bhi I’m leaving this company soon hope you both understand he said and walked out from there..

Yuvi looks at armaan he knows how he is yuvi said.
Hoo mr Kunj now using his mind good become smart ?not with armaan he said and went from there..

At [email protected]
Kunj about to leave for home just then he gets call from armaan.
Heyy Kunj chal sorry yaar we all friends waiting for you Hard Rock Cafe it’s been a long time we didn’t sit and hang out together Armaan said.
It’s okay Armaan but I leave drinking he said.
Acha koi just give us company we will feel good armaan said.
Okay for your happiness Kunj said and take his car key..

Soon Kunj reached the cafe he went inside finding his gang everywhere kaha hai sab he murmured.

Karan and Armaan standing in the side now Kunj get ready they murmured soon police car silencer sound hooting.All shocked Kunj about to go a girl bumped with him and keep something in his pocket.

Police kunj said went go outside before Kunj catching all girls and boys.
Yaha drugs le ja rahi hai police said.
And you hmm you are Kunj sarna na police said.
Hmm, Kunj said.
Take him too police said.
Sir what I have done I just come, my friends call me here Kunj said.
Where are your friends haan police said and started checking everyone getting drugs packed small in everyone pockets and even in Kunj he was shocked.

Dekha drugs take him police said.
Sir yah mera nahi hai mene nahi liya you can check Kunj said. All put blame on Kunj he throws this party police take everyone but strict with Kunj.

They take Kunj in lockup and asking him questions.
From where you get this drugs haan he asking him.

Sir, i don’t know about this drugs and all’s Woh party mere nahi throw ki hai I just reached there before you people only drugs I never take it in my life why I’ll use In party Kunj said but police not believing he leave Kunj in lockup.

Tej gets a call from the police he was shocked once again Kunj did the same thing.
Tej kya hua Avantika asked.
Police take your son in drugs matter he said all shocked.
Whattt Avantika said..

He can’t change Avantika can’t improve in his life now you know what police will do with him he said.
Tej aise nahi let’s go bring him back Avantika said.
Nahi he did he have to pay for It till when he didn’t get proper punishment he will not improve I’ll not go anywhere tej said and everyone gets sad..

Twinkle sit in her room and thinking about Kunj.
Again again lie you doing each and everything same to same you can’t change Kunj in this birth she said and dishearten.

Whole night Kunj stay in lockup rest girls and boys get bail and went While they not leaving Kunj.on a request, Kunj gets a chance to call his family.
Papa helps me please kunj said.
Acha why tej said.
Papa mene kuch nahi kiya hai iss time yah sab mujhe phasaa raha hai kunj said.

Hoo really what you doing in that drugs parties now you name coming you supplying drugs you can’t Change Kunj tej said.

Nahi it’s all wrong papa mene sach me kuch nahi kiya woh toh me waha issliye gaya tha kyu ki armaan ne call kiya tha bas he said.
Tu and your friends can’t change bear he said and cut the call everyone having tears.

Tej ek baar toh dadi said.
Nahi maa please tej said and went. Samara comes.
Mumma papa papa kaha hai she asked who looking for her father.
Gai nahi twinkle said and take her in the room.

2 and 3 days passing in lockup they all torturing Kunj with all possible things tej didn’t went for his bail not let others as well.

At night:
Twinkle getting bad vibes she holds her hands.
Kya ho raha hai kyu kiya kunj ne yah sab aaj nobody is ready to help him she murmured just than their wedding photographer falls down which giving her bad sign.
Babaji please help Kunj hope he is fine Ek maan kar raha hai he is innocent this time his voice still echoing in my ears twinkle last time mummy ji ka kitna bura hal hai I know she is not showing but I can feel when your child is in trouble what you feel she said and think Something she called sid and went to yuvi house.

Twinkle tum at this time yuvi said.
Haan yuvi I need your help she said.
Yup say he said.
Yuvi even you too in that party na in which Kunj went she asked.
Nope, I didn’t go because he toh stop coming in parties and all’s since a long time I even didn’t understand why Kunj give the party and there taking drugs he said.
If you aren’t there then why Kunj went he said armaan call him twinkle said.

Yah mujhe nahi pata hai yuvi said.
Yuvi at least you can give statement Kunj didn’t give that party they all putting allegations on him that he supplying drugs and all’s she said.
Look twinkle in this matter I can’t sorry wese bhi matter day by day Itna serious ho raha hai I can’t help you in this he said and she was shocked.

Yuvi he is your best friend he always helps you, people, today he needs you all not ready to help him haan twinkle said.
Me kya help karu I don’t know about anything you can asked Armaan he said.
Hmm she hummed and asked sanaya where is armaan she said her.Twinkle with sid went in the lounge and see armaan twinkle went near him.

Twinkle Tum?? He said.
Yes me armaan hum ne hi kunj ko call kiya tha party me aane ke liye she said.
Me Kyu karunga wese bhi toh khud hi party karta hai don’t you know ab drugs lega yah toh sab hona hi tha na armaan said.

You call him there he saying this only he is your best friend you saying this for him twinkle said.
So what hoga best friend armaan said.
Chii kese friends bana ke rakhe hai problem sab ne saath chod diya uska she said and feel so bad about Kunj..

Chalo sid we have to do something twinkle said they went but twinkle phone falls down she stop.

Acha hua kunj ke saath ab saale ko samj aayega aur iss twinkle ko bhi she slapped me in front of everyone that Kunj who too warned me now it’s my revenge time bichara apni biwi ke slap ka harjana khud ko dena padega kuch jada hi nahi samj dar hogya aaj kal now he understands the value of his father money karan said.

Yeah man even saying me he will break the deal with us we will not let his company face all losses idiot boy AajTak
We all just using him bada aaya great kunj sarna ab jail me sab nikal jayega I only call him to come in that party we all friends there only he toh don’t want but come bichara dost we already knew there people taking drugs and put all things on Kunj now his life spent in jail???they said and laughing loudly twinkle was stunned.

Tears escaping from her eyes she didn’t say anything.
Ab kya karege twinkle sid said.
I don’t know anything I wanted my husband back this all conspiring against Kunj she said.
Acha don’t cry let’s go there sid said and they went to the police station.

Police beating Kunj fully.
Answer me you using drugs or not police said.
Mene kaha mujhe nahi pata hai drugs yah sab me bare me he said.. twinkle went inside and went near the jail and see Kunj.

Kunjj she screamed leave my husband she said.tears escaping from her eyes while Kunj drenched in blood twinkle hold the lockup rod.
Kunjj unse kuch nahi kiya hai she shouting.
Kunj with blinking eyes looking at twinkle.
Bata aur kya kya kiya hai tune police asked.
Kuchh nahii kunj shouted and crying..

Le your wife is come you wanted to say her sorry na police man said twinkle stunned Sajna ve play??in bg..

Just than sid come with bail papers.
Police inspector comes out.
Yah rahe kunj ke bail papers sid said and inspector checking.
He hummed they went to the desk.
How can you hit him without any proofs sid said.
Everyone give statement he throw that party and using drugs even we get it from his pocket as well inspector said.
Aisa kuch nahi hai everything planned by his own friends they call him in that party twinkle said.
Madam kanoon saboot mangta hai inspector said.
Right now aap bail de sakte hai sid said.
Hmm he said gestured policeman to leave Kunj.Twinkle run inside the lockup Kunj falls down on his Knees twinkle cuddle him cupped his face.

Kunjjj don’t worry sab theek hojayega she said and crying after seeing his this condition no matter he hurt her but she can’t.

Why…. you come…. here he said and coughing.

Kese maar sakte hai aap kesi ko itna haan she shouting.sid come and they take Kunj outside Kunj get up and walking.

Kaha ka rahe ho kunj twinkle said.
T…u ja he said…
Ghar chalo tumhari haalt achi nahi hai she said.. Kunj looking at her he falls down and gets conscious.
Kunjj Kya Hua she patting on his cheeks.
Twinkle we have to take him to the hospital I think first take him to home I’ll bring car sid said.
Kunjj please tumhe kuch ho jayega hum kese jeeyege ???she said and kissing on his forehead.Sid and twinkle take him home.

late night.
They take him in the room and place him on the bed.
Don’t worry twinkle dr is coming in sometime sid said.
Hmm chii itne ghatiya dost jaan buj ke yah sab kiya papaji every one trusting him but he was innocent she said.
Woh toh hai sid said.soon dr comes and check Kunj and do his dressing completely injected him..

dr what happened to him I mean everything is fine na twinkle asked?

Yeah weak hai give him proper rest and I give this medicines he will be fine dr said.
Thanks, dr sid said and take him.Twinkle sit beside Kunj and seeing his face just tearing from her eyes.She caressed his hairs kissed on Kunj forehead.
Sorry because of me nobody believing on you sorry Kunj kitna rudely behave kiya mene she said.Sid comes back and sit in side.

Don’t worry he will be fine he said.
Hmm koi kese kar sakta hai kesi ke saath aisa kunj ne itna acha kiya apne dosto ke saath mere wajah se karan ne yaha ab kiya aur police kitna hurt kiya kunj ko she said.
Don’t worry twinkle now he will get to know his friend’s real face they just using him nothing else now I think you should forgive him I can see in your eyes how much you love him and he too ends everything everyone needs one chance sid said twinkle looking at him.

I never wanted to do this all things he did he break my heart whenever I rude with him for samara i feel so bad but kya karti me sid I can’t see him in this pain everyone went against him his own family who loved him like anything because of me they leave him I’m very bad ??I can’t live without him still kitna pyaar karti hu me kunj se she said.
I know us pyaar ke liye hi ek chance give him sid said.
Hmm she Hummed.
Ab me chal ta hu okay he said and went back.While twinkle whole night just sitting worried about Kunj..

At morning::
Samara was with Avantika she wake up in sleep and come in the room and crying mumma mumma because of her twinkle wake up.
Shh don’t cry she said and take in her arms and patting on her back.
Bhuki she said.
Okay twinkle said and went down and made milk for her and filled her in the feeder and give her she drinking and sleep back.

Everyone wake up and come down.
Twinkle beta where are you last night Avantika said.
Mummy ji woh she stop and tears escaping from her eyes.
Kya hua she asked.
Woh kunjjj she said.
Kunjj Kya Hua Kunj ko haan she asked. Twinkle tell them each and everything they shocked.

He was all innocent it was planned by his own friends armaan and karan everyone denies to help him anyhow we get bail she said.

Where he is?? Avantika asked in a broken voice.
Room me she said all went in the room and stunned to see Kunj in this condition bandages all around hands and forehead and neck. Tears escaping from tej and Avantika eyes and they went near him. And caressing his hairs and kissed on his head.

See tej I told you na he is innocent but yah ladka na she said and feeling so bad..
twinkle feel guilty this all happened because of her only.

They went downstairs and sit with a sad face.
Yah sab tumhe ne kiya beta Avantika said.
Hmm kese bina kesi gunha ke kunj ko saza milne deti she said.
He is really very lucky got wife like you thanks beta she said.
Thanks mat boliye mummy ji agar kunj aap ka beta hai woh mera bhi pati hai mana humhare beech me kuch bhi theek nahi hai issliye me ek faisala liya hai she said.

Whatt all asked.
Yah ki papaji because of me you all break all ties with Kunj I know you all love him can’t see in this condition so me and samara I mean I decided I will go to my dadi place and stay here I’m very guilty she said.
Nahi beta aisa kuch nahi aur tum kahi nahi jaogi jo kunj ke saath hua you are big responsible for this he is only now his eyes will open what his friends is really tej said.

Kunj wake up and looking here and there his body aching so badly twinkle entered in room and see him.
Arey you wake up good Kunj she said and went near him with breakfast like before.
Have something you have to take your medicine as well she added.
She helps him to sit.

Leave me he said.
Kyu breakfast nahi karna hai kya now open your mouth she said.Kunj just looking at her face.he open his mouth she feeding him both sharing painful eye lock.
After breakfast.
Lo medicine she said and give him medicine with her hands.
Now you rest okay if you need anything just give me voice she said and went Kunj just laid mind was just Freeze.

Everyone come and meet with him he didn’t say anything feeling so bad about everything his gang didn’t come and they did it what he did with them he gives his everything to their Friendship tears escaping from his eyes.

Twinkle prepare healthy lunch for Kunj she takes along with samara who bring a rose for Kunj they entered in room Kunj sitting cuddling his knees.

Pap…. samara speaks Kunj looking at her she went near him.
Roz( rose) for you she said Kunj blinked his eyes she gives him he takes.

Aap ko kya hua haan yah sab itni share chot kese lagi she asked.
Bas baad me baat karna abhi lunch karne do papa ko she said.Twinkle sit in front of Kunj.Lunch kar lo kunj.

Mujhe nahi karna hai he said.
Kyu but khana nahi khaoge kese chalega please have already dr said you already very weak she said.

Me kha lunga he added.
Papa me khilau samara said in her cute voice.Kunj looking at her give her a smile.
Luko (ruko) she said and sit in front of Kunj.

Samara baby aap bhi na papa ko theek hone do pahle twinkle said.
Nahiiiii she started yelling.
Acha okay twinkle said.she looking at Kunj.Samara takes the morsel she takes near his lips with her small hands teasing falling down from her eyes.
Ho papa open your mouth she said Kunj open his mouth and she feeds him and gets so happy.
Mumma mene Papa ko dikha liya I’m big baby she said.
Yup twinkle said.Slowly slowly she feeding Kunj.
Thak gi ?she said.
Acha ruko kunj said and feeding her with his hands.
Tasty she said twinkle adoring them.
Me aati hu pani leke twinkle said and went down.
Bas bas papa tummy full samara said and hold her tummy.Kunj nodded in yes twinkle bring water and give glass but samara take and drink Kunj with her hands and she too drinks and wiped Kunj face with her small tiny hands.And hugged him.

Papa where you went sam missing you she said.Twinkle wiped her tears.

Bas sami don’t teased papa rest karne do twinkle said..
mumma aap na boling ho( boring ?) hain papa twinkle and Kunj looking at each other’s because Kunj used to say this to twinkle lott.Avantika and tej entered in the room.

How are you feeling now Kunj Avantika asked.
Hmm he just hummed.
And what samara baby doing tej asked.
Kuch na bas my papa dekho dadu papa ko kya hua hai Hoo itna dard ho raha hai mere papa ko she said.

Acha papa ki deewani Avantika said.
Rest karo kunj tum Avantika said and they went down Kunj laid down just looking at the ceiling while samara keeps talking she rest her head on Kunj lap.Both sleep.

2 days passed away like this twinkle fully taking care of Kunj pampering him.Both of them not saying anything while samara Not leaving her papa.While tej file case against Karna and Armaan but no Proof.

Chalo kunj me tum he sponge bath she sits and giving him samara entered.
Hoo, me bhi she said and increasing twinkle work lott.Twinkle give him and help him to wear his clothes.After samara and Kunj went in the garden and sits there she playing with her toys Kunj lost in his thoughts.

Just than yuvi and Armaan and along with their wife’s come.
Heyy Kunj they said.
Kese ho yuvi asked.Kunj gets up after seeing them get angry.

Kesa hu yah dekhne aaye ho mara hu yah Zinda haan he said and grab armaan collar and you armaan I feel ashamed you guys are my friends kya kiya tha mene jo yah sab kiya tum sab mere saath my papa was right always Meri life sab badi mistakes ho tum sab haan kunj said push armaan.

Kunj yuvi said.
Get lost from there Kunj said everyone come there.
Kunj you taking me the wrong armaan said.
You believing twinkle yaar don’t know how he is armaan added get slap from Kunj.

Mind your own business biwi hai meri me pagal tha you all enjoying your life with your family just spoiling me only haan always I help you and what you all did nobody come to help me now I don’t want you all samje I’m breaking this friend from today you all nothing to me aaj ke baath koi rishta nahi hai tum logo ka mere se he said.

Kunj baat toh Sun yaar armaan is wrong yuvi said.
He is wrong and what do you did you come ek baar socha mere bare me me kese hu haan nahi na he called me there I just went and stuck in everything.Iss se acha hota kutta pal leta at least wafadar toh hota tum jese nahi if you thinking I’ll leave you all not at all don’t forget me kunj sarna hu you all have to pay for it out of my house before I will forget my manners he said they all looking here and there and went.

Tej and Avantika get happy finally the Vires of Kunj life went out.While playing samara falls down and scream.
Ahha mummaaa papa she shouted. Kunj run to her and lift her.
Kya hua he asked and see she get litte bit scratches.
Koi na don’t cry he said and she cuddles him.

They went inside twinkle bring ointment for samara who throwing drama extra ?.
Hooo she crying.
Bas bas kunj blowing twinkle give him he applied ointment.
Now fine Kunj asked.She nodded in yes.
Kunj kissed on her forehead.
Papa aap mujhe kitna pyaar karte ho she asked.
Kyu kunj said.
Bolo na she asked.
Bhut kunj said.
Itna shara she opens her arms me toh itna pyaar karti hu aap she said..again Kunj feeling so bad.He hugged her.
Im sorry even papa love you lott he said and kissed on her temple.
Kyu samara asked.
Bas aise hi kunj said samara kissed on Kunj cheeks and nose.
I’m coming my doll she said and went down.
Slow Kunjj said. Kunj gets up and looking at who looking at him too. Both of them having a lot things in their mind Kunj was shut because of his deeds and guilt while another one doesn’t know what to say.

She about to go Kunj held twinkle hand.
Twinkle….he spoke.
Hmm she hummed in heavy voice and look at him.
I’m sorry please mujhe maaf karde he said and fold his hand mene tere saath kitna bura kiya tujhe hurt kiya phir bhi tune mujhe sab se bachaya thanks for everything I know it’s very difficult for you forgive me it’s okay even you don’t wanted to see me around you and samara I’m an idiot just hurt everyone you and my family.
Don’t worry i itself will go from there bas mujhe maaf Kardena he said she was shocked where he is going.

Where are you going and why haan finally she spoke.
Bas pata nahi kaha he said.
What about us you are selfish always think about yourself in your madness look at yourself what you made yourself Kunj ab toh sambal jao yah tu soch kunj me ki khoya ke tu ki paya she said and hugged him tightly crying so badly Kunj huh her back.

I m wrong twinkle but I never thought my own friends will do this with me papa was saying right they just using aur me pagal tha kuch nahi samja aaj sab Kho chuka hu
Forgive me please he said..

Agar tumhe kuch hoja toh kunj me kese jee thi tumhare alawa kaun hai mere iss duniya me mere liye mere sab kuch tum hi ho me tumhe bhut pyaar karti hu she said he smiled.Both hugging tightly caressing each other’s bones..

They break the hug their face drenched in tears Kunj cupped her face.
Extremely sorry I don’t know kese i correct my mistakes you always with me and I did this all with you kasam twinkle yah first and last time hai after today I will never hurt you and I leave my all bad habits since one heard just wanted your forgiveness nothing else he said and wiped her tears she smiled..

She cupped his face.This all things weren’t easy for me Kunj har waqt aap ko miss kiya humne you are near me but itne dur the aap humse humne toh bas aap se pyaar hi kiya hai haan rude bhi hue kya kya nahi bola aapko even not let you touch samara sorry she said.

Sorry mat bolo you did perfectly correct I deserve this papa was right I didn’t understand your value jab samj me aai itne late hogya tha I’m lucky got wife and family like you all and most baby as well with her what I did shame on myself and she love me this much he said.

Haan woh toh aese toh pura din time humhare saath rahti hai phir bhi chanting your spell she said they giggles painfully.

Woh toh hai after all beti kesh ki hai my biggest mistake I hurt you two most again sorry mujhe please forgive me he said and held his earlobe.Twinkle can see genuine true love and guilt in his eyes.

I forgive you kunj but ek condition hai she said.
Kya bol I’m ready to leave everything and do as well he said.
Kuch leave nahi karna hai ek promise aap humse saccha pyaar karege humhare saath rahenge ek humhare chota tha sa Sapna humhari ek choti si family happy family ho bas aur kuch nahi faithful husband she said.
Kunj hold her hands tightly in his fist I’m promising you today I will keep you happy this tears will not come out again filled your life’s with happiness and joy love you unconditionally yeah our small family as well Tu Mujhe chod ke kahi mat jana when everyone thinking to do your marriage this sid and he become samara papa I realised what you mean to me he said.

Woh tumhe lagta tha hum sid se shadi kar lege pyaar ek baar hota hai woh hum he Shirf humhare pati se hua hai Aur till my last breath just love you kunj she said.
Even I too twinkle sorry he said.
Bas bhi karo she said he smiled and kissed on her forehead cuddles her tightly..

Samara entered in room with a puppy face.
Papa mumma she said. They break the hug she went towards them.
Kya kar rahe ho she asked.
Kitna bolti hai yah kunj murmured twinkle smack on his chest.
Huh wese bhi she is your daughter went on you only twinkle said Kunj lift samara in his arms.
Kya hua why this puppy faces Kunj asked.
Woh na humhari doll nahi mil rahi hai she said in very cute voice Kunj caress her
Papa apni baby ek liye new doll leke aayenge happy he said.
Sachiii papa she said.
Muchii my darling he said and kissed on her cheeks she cuddled Kunj.Twinkle smiled Kunj give her side hug she rest her head on his chest their happy family moment finally.

They went down Kunj even apologised his father and whole family they scold him but happy late better never than.And get happy for twinkle and samara.

Dadu you know my papa will bring doll for me samara said.
Acha Sami good tej said she get so happy kunj can see it his daughter just craving for her father love❤️.she sit on Kunj lap and blabbering this and that.

While twinkle gets busy in food after a long time she making for Kunj which she loved it.

At dinner everyone come having dinner today with full peace and love twinkle and Kunj feeding samara with their hands.
Have sam first Kunj said.
Ale papa my cartoon she said.
We will see later Kunj said and feeding her this seen my whole family he engrossed in his small daughter fully After dinner.They all chit-chatting while samara eating everyone heads but they enjoying.

After changing their clothes they come and laid down Kunj and samara watching cartoons happily while twinkle keeping clothes.Side by side she watching father and daughter who laughing like small babies on funny acts though she knows Kunj is a small baby still ?now daughter will give father full support and company.

Hehe papa dekho tom Jerry ko maar raha hai she said.
Haan he said giggles.. while laughing samara chocked.
Samm shh he rubbing her back and made her drink water which skips twinkle hearts.

Now sleep okay darling Kunj said she laid down on his lap and playing with Kunj face.Kunj ticking her twinkle come and join them.
Aap bhi Sojao papa she said both laid down samara cuddles Kunj and her legs on Kunj only.Twinkle caressing her hairs and laid down beside Kunj seeing her she give him smile both hold each other’s and
Closed their eyes don’t know when they dozed off with Sam chatter..

Now they extremely happy same twinkle comeback who used to run behind Kunj now she running behind two monsters one is Kunj and another one their baby Samara. Kunj giving his all time to his wife and daughter rectify his all mistakes which he has done in past.

Handling office work twinkle helping him
Their funny cute moments with their baby. Who becomes now more naughty after with her father..

Kunj decided to take his small family for a vacation they went to Disney land enjoy their very bit of it samara was hell happy.
They shop lott try new foods exploring a new place that void comes between twinkle and Kunj which also vanished now. After this Kunj take twinkle to his dadi place she was extremely happy..❤️they stayed there for one week and enjoy with dadi lott she is too happy.what more twinkle wanted now.
Avni and yuvi try to talk to kunj but he isn’t ready to break all contact with everyone..

Normal night::
Twinj room:
Samara sleeping peacefully she wakes up in her raw sleep started crying Kunj calling twinkle.
Twinkle she wakes up yaar he said twinkle come.
Arey Kya Hua samara baby mumma is here twinkle said and cuddles patting on her back. After lott struggles she sleeps again wake up ??..
sojao baby Kunj said she watching them.
Twinkle and Kunj looking at their faces ?.finally she sleeps covered her with a blanket.

Twinkle get up about to go Kunj held her hand and pulled her near himself.
Kya hai she asked.
Kaha haan apne pati ko bhi time he said in a cheesy tone he said.. she smiled.

Acha kya baat karni hai she said in the same way.
Yah bhi batana padega kunj said.
Sam kunj twinkle said Kunj kissing on her cheek.
She is sleeping now wese bi kaha she leave us He said.
Hmm Woh toh hai she said.
So don’t waste time he said.
Okay I’m coming you wait she said and went in the washroom while Kunj waiting for her.

She must be sleeping in washroom siyappa queen he murmured.Dim the lights just than washroom door opened twinkle come out of the washroom she shying Kunj eyes went on her stunned to see her..
She looks at him Kunj went near her.
He come in sense and went closer to her.
Tujhe yah sab karne ki koi zaroorat nahi you when you aren’t comfortable he said.

Kese ne kaha she said cuddles Kunj.
I can do this much seduce my own husband she said Kunj giggles both looking into each other’s eyes.
Acha seducing me if you know I’m already head over heels in love with you my jaan he said and pecked at her lips..

Twinkle sealed his lips Kunj stunned cupped each other’s face and both kissing each other’s after break the kiss Kunj side her hairs.
You looking breathe taking if today something happened to me blame goes to you he said she blushed more.He kissed on her shoulder she shivered.. they laid down on the couch there is only this place for them bed sam baby took?.

Kunj comes upon twinkle and kissing on her neck fully she moaning his name.Kunj gives her love bites while she is not less. Both giving each other’s sweet torture. They
Making love..
ahah Kunjj twinkle moaned.
Shh twinkle slow yaar sam will wake up he said she chuckled.After Showering on each other immense love Sam wake up again crying. Twinkle and Kunj shocked.

Kunjj Sam wakes up again she said.
Shitt ab kya kare he said.
I’m going you handle her she said and both run in washroom Kunj quickly come and handle samara.

Shh sleep baby Kunj said and patting on her back.
Kunj wiped her tears and on the lights.
Kya hua haan kunj asked her.
Bhuki lagi hai she said.
Ho meri doll ko buki lagi hai kya milk lau me Kunj said.
Nah maggi sam wanted she said.
Okay maggi papa will make for his jaan Kunj said and lift her and went in the kitchen.

Make her sit on the kitchen slab and making maggi for samara.
Twinkle comes out after getting freshen up she didn’t found them in the room and went down and goes in the kitchen voice come..

Kunj kya kar rahe ho she asked and went near him.
Meri baby ko bhuki lagi thi she wanted maggi so making for her Kunj said.
Hoo impressive lucky sam twinkle said and take her in her arms.Soon Kunj made and place in a bowl.
Chale darling Kunj said samara nodding eyes.they went in the room and sit on bed samara sit in the middle while Kunj and twinkle around.
Hehe maggi ??she said and giggling.
Me feed karu twinkle said.
Nah she shows her hands..

Acha okay have bhuki lagi hai na Kunj said tickles on her tummy..
she started having with pouty faces making voice. Falling down on the bed.

Sam me khilaoon she said samara nodding in no..
Let her na twinkle Kunj said..
Ek dam naughty ladki hai yah she murmured.

Papa aap khao samara said.
Okay Kunj opens his mouth she feed him more falling on his clothes but he doesn’t care twinkle making faces.She sit on his lap dirty her face fully hands.
Chill twinkle Kunj said after seeing her expression both father and daughter having fully in a very eww way but it was very cute.twinkle just adoring.

Samara rubbing her hands on Kunj cheeks.
Very tast (tasty) She said.Twinkle too join them.They giggling tej and Avantika was passing from their room and see them from the window and smiled like anything they wanted this only ?..

Hmm yummy Kunj twinkle said Kunj making pouty lips she blushed and pulled his cheeks..
mumma Aur papa why you hairs wet wet she said mujhe bhi bathy bathy lena hai she added Kunj and twinkle looking at each other’s.

Acha morning me Abhi nahi now come I’ll clean you she said.
You go I’ll see her Kunj said and lift aaja mera baby he said and take her in washroom clean her fully while twinkle went down and keep everything in kitchen and Kunj changing samara clothes she comes and clean bed they laid down samara was on Kunj fully while twinkle cuddling Kunj.
Now sleep baby Kunj said.
Hmm pls meri toys she said.
Haan kal toys bhi layenge he said and patting on her back she kissed on Kunj nose and eyes.
Bas itna pyaar papa ke liye hi what about mumma twinkle said and making faces samara giggles and kissed on twinkle cheeks.
Mera chota sa duck? she said.Kissing on her cheeks back.Samara sleep soon.

Kunj caressing samara hairs he kissed on her temple.
Love you kunj twinkle said and pecked at his lips.
Love you too he said and kissed on her back they cuddle and sleep happily?..

Time files very fast Kunj take the company ahead more and more getting all success in his life and happy with his family.

At beach everyone come today because samara demand how can ignore her wish.

Kunj and samara playing with sand making house both of them busy looking so cute.Twinkle adoring them clicking their photos tej and Avantika come stand beside.

What happened beta ? They asked.
Kuch nahi papaji just watching them see Ek dam se dono pure bache hai kunj toh pura hi Sam ek saath I’m so happy thanks to babaji give me everything my love ? she said.
Yeah beta this happened because of you Tej said.

Ale papa aise ne samara said and teaching Kunj while he teasing her she frowns and pulling his hairs Kunj laughing and they too as well while watching.

Ahah baby acha sorry Kunj said pulled her in a hug.
Huh she said.
Aw solly meri jaan kunj said and kissed on her cheeks she too.Twinkle join them Kunj apply sand on her cheeks samara clapping loudly.
Kya hua siyappa queen Kunj said.
Kuch nahi bas happy hu she said and kissed on his cheeks.
Woh toh hai he added and pecked her back both cuddles their doll and smiling fully with sunset ?.

Tej and Avantika too extremely happy for their son finally life is perfect and happy.

Finally last shot of the story hmm I’m done ?maza aaya likhne me finally twinj come together and Kunj realised twinkle value..
his idiot friends ??..
How’s it?? Hope you like the story and episode give your feedback’s ?..
waiting lastly again Eid Mubarak each and everyone..
bye love you all
Sign off..

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