Tej entered in Kunj cabin and found yuvi there and both busy in chit chat he went.

Hoo yuvi here what happened don’t you have work tej said Kunj rolling his eyes.

Nah, uncle, I finished my meeting so thought come here he said.

Great, you toh finished your work let him too learn from him Kunj tej said.

Okay, dad, he added…

What I give you done or not?? He asked..

Yeah, I checkout he said.

Good tej said and standing here only they both just looking at him why don’t he going they were like this.Tej looking at them suspiciously..

Kya papa you looking at us that we committed a crime Kunj said.
Not less you guys okay do your work he said and went from there.

Uff kunj your dad is too much yuvi said.

Yeah man first he entered That behanji type girl in my life now always behaving like Sherlock Ahah he murmured yuvi giggles.
Let’s have lunch what’s say he said.
Hmm yeah, even I’m hungry he said..

Kunj, why you get irritated, don’t you like twinkle he asked. Kunj rolling His eyes and went near the window.

Look yuvi I don’t have any issues with her she is the nice best part of my life and about her is she is not behaving like over melodramatic girls like we have to do each and everything sometimes I thought if she is my wife than good na not asking anything like a typical wife’s waiting for me giving respect and love listening to me as well he said.
Then what more you wanted to look at me I have to think twice before taking any steps Ahah avni he said.
Haan but I don’t want this I wanted a girl who can live life the way I’m living but she can’t become part of my life she is a totally different man I wanted to do something else and wanted a partner who likes me not like her he said.

Yah toh tej uncle ne tujhe punishment hi deti hai he said.
Haan maan toh karta hai chalo acha hai woh ghar me apni zindagi jeeyegi and me apni ?he said and smirked.Both giggles and went and have lunch and after the same thing roaming here and there end up the with a large liquor bottled ..

Twinkle making lunch she thinking about Kunj after lott practising and thinking
She told Kunj she loving him but not get an answer back from her.Anjali and Meera went their sasural’s back.She gets bored now fully her..

Today Kunj went office early tej take him they have an important meeting.
She making his favourite dishes which she learned from cooking videos and books..

Tej and Kunj come back from after tiring day.
My son in one day you deadbeat tej said.

Huh, he murmured tej giggles and pat on his cheeks and went upstairs while Kunj sat breathing.
Achi Kashi life thi meri kya banaya diya hai ?he murmured and get up and process towards the kitchen and saw twinkle who busy in cooking he tiptoed went ahead and give her back hugged cuddles her tightly she was busy in her thoughts.
Scared and gasping..
kaun she said.
Me he said snuggles her.
Kunj tum she said slightly turned her face. She looking at him who looking extremely knackered.
Tired she said.
Hell, he added. She smiled and caressing his face.
I’m famished he said..

Wait I’ll quickly bring lunch for you she said.
Do fast yaar he said nestled his face in her neck hook.
Kunjjj Kya kar rahe ho koi aa jayega she said try to moves..

So what pati hu tera samji he said and looking at her head to toe who looking cute like always.He tries his best never attract by her but her simplicity makes him more and always aroused him ..

Me Kya bol raha tha twinkle let’s go bonk he said she surprised.
Whattt Abhi she asked.
Haan kyu koi problem hai kya he said and pulled her.
Nahii nahi kunj iss time nahi she said and push him.
Kya tu bhi always mood ki eff off he said.. she wouldn’t understand.

Very bad she added.
Whatt i said he asked back.
Acha don’t you know she said.. he ruffles his hairs.
You got it he asked.
Kyu can’t I itni bhi pagal abhi hu she said and seeing her cooking.
Hoo really Than you knowing everything just pretending like a good girl?he said.

Pata hona aur bola is two different things my hubby she said surprising him..
Go and sit I’m bringing your food she said he nodded in yes and went towards the dining table and sits there while twinkle brings the food and place everything..

She serving Kunj he gets happy after seeing his favourite foods.
My favourite today why?? He asked she sits beside him.
Why today do need anything special for you haan you work lott today so I try to make your favourite dishes though I never made this time of dishes first time hope you will like it she said and folded her hands.

Acha looking tempting ?tu toh best hai he said and started having the food she just looking at him
Amazing you made best I never knew you can make Italian food as well he said.
You are happy I’m too happy she said.

Acha aisa kya he said and enjoying the food and she just adoring his smile and satisfying her ?..

At room:
Tej and Avantika sitting and chit-chatting about Kunj and work.
Now good you take him under your hands make him busy jitna apni awargi life se dur rahe ga soon get improve she said.

Hmm, that’s why I take him with me more yuvi Always come he toh finished his work didn’t let him and idiot can’t understand this they all just wasting his times nothing else Avantika tej said.
Kya tum bhi they are besties you know she added.
Hmm The hen sees the snake’s feet and the snake sees the hen’s boobs vest smart both of them never opening each other’s secrets tej said and Avantika giggles and both went down and sees twinkle and Kunj they having lunch together Usha long with dadi went to mandir.. they went near them and take the seats.

Having alone alone tej said.
Nahi papaji come have she said they smiled and she served them.
Hoo aaj kunj ka fav food great tej said.

Haan have papa Meri biwi aapki biwi se bhi talented and best cook hai he said and having like small babies. They both looking at Kunj than seeing Kunj get so happy and having a ray of hope.

Acha than let’s taste it Tej said and having.
Really amazing ? beta tej said.

Thanks papaji she gets so happy.
I don’t have anything for you to give tej said and looking here and there. Then he brings out money from his pocket gesture her she went near him.
Take this he said.
But why she asked.
It’s your reward for making this much delicious food he said and she takes it.

Kunj seeing it. Hoo papa you never give me like this haan always scolding me he said.

Acha you not getting haan you
Are the one who using money like water my son tej said.

Huh, he murmured and having his food than twinkle and Avantika too having they enjoyed the lunch thoroughly..

After all, my daughter in law learned whole week everything just specially for her husband but he doesn’t care about her Avantika said.

After filling full Kunj went in the room and laid down on the bed twinkle come behind him.

Aaj toh I eat too much babaji he said she giggles and sits beside him.

Kese ne kaha tha itna khane ke liye she said and bend down slightly.. He looking at her.
Woh very tasty food I have in my life of family eat all than kya karta issliye pahle full ?he said she giggles.. he pulled her closer to himself she landed on his chest he warped his one hand around her back and with another hand tucking her hairs..
He held her hand and kissed on her fingers she shivering to stimulate fully.. She looks here and there Kunj can see her nervous.
Kya hua why you always get nervous when I’m near you he said..
pata nahi she said..

He get up slightly and pecked at her cheeks and pulled her near she laid down on his hand..
How’s your day she asked.
Mat hi puch papa taking revenge from me he said she laughs out.
You laughing man he said.
Nahi bas don’t you like work she said.

Who loved he said and rolling his eyes.
Acha but I loved lott she said.
Acha ji than why don’t you join the office but you can’t he said.
Why I can’t I know each and everything she said.
Acha leave about this tonight let’s go for the party he said.
Ahah Kunj always party kabhi toh aise bolo no party haan sit with me lets spend time with me we should know about each other’s she said.

What you wanted to know about me he said.
It’s not like this she said.
Do you wanna write some book on me hai he said and giggles.
Tum se toh baat karna hi bekar hai tum bas apne friends ke saath hi khush ho she added.

Hmm, what about your friends twinkle?? You are so different from your sister and brother haan i mean living life like 80s he said.

Aisa kuch nahi hai na Bachpan se I lived with my dadi even i have friends bas tum logo aur bhai aur mahi jese nahi because me toh college gai nahi na ghar se apni graduation complete ki you know I’m very intelligent in studies my dadi always saying I should go aboard and study there she said.

Acha than why you didn’t went Kunj said.
Bas dar lagta tha aaj bhi logo ke saamne i get conscious even before our marriage with you also woh toh kitna socha than feel comfortable she said.
I know this sharmili queen Kunj said and pulled her cheeks.

Meri ek hi dost hai chinki she is not like me she always saying me twinkle do this and that but I love the way I’m living dil saaf aur neeyat sachi Honi chahiye jab tum se shadi hui tab bhi laga kese rahungi me tumhare saath we are two different opposite peoples our thinking never matched after seeing but I don’t know aap itne ache ho she said and looking at Kunj. He raised his eyes.

Me acha ?doubtfully he asked.
Yes aap hi toh thode childish ho stubborn ho but best ho kabhi trust break mat karna Kunj she said.
Hmm, he hummed.

Koi na ab tu mere saath meri jesi ban ja na rocking he said.
No need of this tum aur humhari life no baba she said.
Boring girl he murmured and she giggling Kunj pecked at her lips..
thanks for lunch he said.she blinked her eyes just..

They stayed like this after twinkle gets her dadi call Suhani.
Dadiii she said and get up take the call.
Kese ho dadi?? She asked and get hell happy.
I’m all good aap bolo bacha she said.
Even I’m too good she replied Kunj get up went in the balcony.
Aur kunj beta kesa hai she asked.
Kunj bhi ache hai dadi she added.
She telling her about here and there loving her new family.
Aur tu khush toh hai na kunj ke saath. Suhani just wanted to see twinkle happy( because at a very small age she lost her parents. Rt and leela wasn’t her real parents after rt younger brother and wife death in a car accident they adopted twinkle that time only giving her all love till she didn’t become 8 years old they living in the village only.After twinkle fond with her dadi lott and she too. They come to Amritsar because of work and twinkle stayed with her dadi and raised by her only.. people don’t know about this twinkle isn’t their own child she loved her and they too.. )

Haan dadii kunj bhut acha hai aur ghar wale bhi maa aur papa ne ek dam best ladka aur life partner choose kiya hai mere liye he loved me lott she said and blushing.

Acha?? what about you suhani teasing her.
Kya dadi aap bhi she said and giggling they talking..

Kunj was standing and wondering about his life this woman controlling his mind..
He takeout the cigarette and started smoking.

After dadi and poti talk session over she went in kitchen and bring coffee for Kunj and herself weather was good today little cloudy.. she went in balcony and stand beside Kunj and seeing him smoking his eyes went on immediately throw and pretended like anything.

Tummm baat hogi dadi se he said.
Haan ho toh gai what about you again you smoking I told you na it’s not good for health she said.
Kya twinkle I’m not good like you I’m good bad boy he said and pulled her in a hug.

Ahh she making faces. You know I don’t like two things about you kunj she said. 
Acha woh kya wese he said and caressing her hairs..

Smoking and drinking leave this two habits she said. 
Hehe ? acha okay dekhte hai abhi I’m feeling like eat you he said and moving closer to her she held his chin.
Away from me this smell killing me eww she said and handover him coffee mug and sit in the side he giggles to see her..

He gets angry on her but after seeing her face he always cold off before he never feels like this with any girl.

He taking a sip of coffee great coffee you are best in everything Kunj praised her..

Thanks, she said.. and looking here and there.
What your dadi saying? He asked.
Nothing bas asking about you and all’s she replied.
Did you love her lots? Kunj asked.
Haan, she is my favourite and my everything she said.
Hmm, dadi toh best hoti like my dadi who always save me from papa Kunj said and giggles..

After done with dinner and all Kunj was laid down in sitting posting and using iPad while twinkle just comes after a shower she looking stunning in wet hairs turning him on.

She went towards the dressing table and combing her hairs.she took the novel and went towards bed and laid down in sitting position. Kunj looking at her and making face.

Ahah kesi boring ladki hai man he murmured inside his heart.He gets his gang messages and gets busy with them twinkle leave the book and looking at him.

He just busy in himself and in his life she thinks.
Kunjj so jao office bhi hai kal she said and he looked at her.
Hmm he said and leave the phone.
Finally done with your novel kitna pad na acha lagta hai man he said.

Acha kya karu ab tumhare pass toh time nahi hai issliye books se hi kaam chala leti hu she added.

Ho really I don’t have time or else you don’t he said pulled her near himself.

Yeah, you don’t have she said.
Whatever me kya soch raha tha twinkle he said and making faces she getting his intentions.

Aaj nahi kunj I’m tired she said.
Huh always excuses kesi biwi di hai babaji he murmured.
Best she said and pecked at his lips.
Goodnight she said..
yeah, goodnight he stretched the word..

Laid down on his back shirtless like always twinkle smiled and rest her head on his shoulder.
Kunjjj she said.
Hmm, bolo ab Kya biwi he said.
Kuch nahi she said.
Confused lady he murmured and they closed the eyes and sleep..

:: days later Usual nothing has changed Kunj having just lust relationship with twinkle which she thinking love but it just fucked for him..

In Kunj relatives, there is a family function.
Kunj getting ready twinkle seeing him.
What happened wifey don’t you wanna go in the function he said.
Hmm nahi I will too na everyone is going when she said.
Yup even I don’t have mood to go but my all friends coming wese bhi whole week papa tortured me enough he said and ruffles his hairs and wear white kurta and get ready he went down twinkle confused to what to wear because she always gets conscious about this all she found herself different from everyone..

Avantika entered in room with an outfit.
Twinkle beta didn’t you get ready till now she said..
Woh mummy ji I’m going just confused what to wear she said.
Hehe that’s why I bring this lehanga for you she said and open and showing her she loved it. But the blouse was extremely short as compared than others even back just having to thin dori which supporting the blouse.
Mummy ji it’s too short I mean you know na she said.
So what aaj kal chalta hai when you wear this Increase the beauty of this dress she said and finally she get ready.. she went from there and twinkle gets ready and looking extremely beautiful even at the same time hot as well?..

Rest people went twinkle went along with her mother in law.
At the function, Kunj was busy with his friends Taneja’s too invited there.
Hi, brother in law abeer said.
Heyy abeer kunj said and hugged..

Where is my sister he asked?
Well, she is coming with my mum he replied.
Hoo, he said.Abeer and Meher meeting with Kunj friends.They went and leave alone.

Aleena and Aakash were there too kunj seeing them cursing ahah but leave it.
Hehe, Kunj your ex Armaan said.
Yeah looking hot yuvi compliment.
Shut up guys Kunj said..

Avantika and twinkle entered they meet with everyone.
Kunj eyes went on twinkle rest too they freeze to see her beauty she looking aww.
Kunj blinking her eyes too see her he was thinking she will make his reputation ki lassi will wear her boring clothes but she stunned him..

Aww, hottt armaan said.Kunj eyeing him yuvi laughs out.
Ab competition strong man Aleena twinkle Armaan said.
Huh really my wife is far better than her look at her god she looking damn he said and ruffling his hairs.
Kunj control doesn’t bonk here?yuvi said.

Heyy twinkle looking really beautiful avni said.

Thanks, she said and give her a smile.She feeling uncomfortable in this outfit
everyone looking at her mostly.She meets with her family they too Amazed but happy for her.Aleena looking at Kunj who Kunj giving least interest.

Avantika called Kunj he meets with his in-laws like a sanskari boy.

Huh, kesa hai drama man Aleena murmured after seeing Kunj and looking at twinkle.
So nice girl petty for her she said..

The function was in full swing Kunj wrapped his arms around twinkle waist.She looking at him and give smile.Twinkle was busy with her sisters-in-law. Aakash Come to Kunj.
Aur man what’s up he said.
Nothing tu bol he said.
All good bas how’s your marriage life is going on he said.
My all-good he replied.Aleena joins along with avni and rest armaan wife riddhima.
They busy in chit-chatting.
Why two ex’s so off Zoe said..

Who me toh nahi Aleena said.
Even me too Aur kaha ex’s ended long back Kunj said.
Yup by the way where is your wife haan shadi me toh invite kiya nahi Aleena said.

Acha mujhe laga it would be bad one ex come in her ex wedding I know Morden time but still he said and giggles.

Very lame Kunj improve kitni achi biwi mili hai stop this nonsense things Aleena said.
Yeah kab ka you don’t need to give me lecture samji what did she told me I will be roam alone hehe all farts no shit Aleena I have beautiful wife than you ?Kunj sarna ko ladkiyon ki kami nahi hai samji he said and walked out from there..

Impossible man Aleena murmured..
koi na they are happy avni said yuvi and Armaan gasping..

Heh ? really avni lust he just knows his satisfaction nothing else Aleena said.
Leave na it’s their life Aakash said.

Kunj very badly controlled twinkle each glimpse losing his sense..

after function gets over they come back to home.
Twinkle went in her room and went to dressing table removing her earrings Kunj entered in the room and closed immediately and went towards her and give her back hugged.
Hmmm, he nestled his face in her neck she comes in sense and looking him.
Kunjj she said.
Today you looking breathing taking man?he said and moving his finger on her belly.
Whatt she said.
What what hot man you surprised me you kill it twinkle he said and kissing on her neck she closed her eyes after all his touched blissful and very magical for her.
He kissing on her shoulder hardly any fabric covering her body..

She turned towards him Kunj full-on fire..
he removes his kurta and throw it in the side and pulled her sealed her lips and she was shocked but give up with him.Both kissing each other. She loved him but he doesn’t but extremely attracted with her and having a desire for her.. he taking her towards the bed and both falls down on the bed and didn’t break the kiss Kunj making the kiss deeper and deeper and passionated.Twinkle out of the breath she tries to break but Kunj wasn’t ready finally he leave her they take the breath.

Kunjj you are before she could say.
I know crazy but you making me gone crazy he said she blushed she taking his each words in loving or praising way.who knows it just his buttery words to fulfil his sexual desire.

He nuzzles his face in her neck and kissing her fully wildly giving her love bites she moaning his name and caressing his nape hairs.Within no time their clothes were thrown in corner Kunj looking at twinkle head to toe he admitted itself maybe she isn’t classy not type of those girls which he having in his life and around himself but she is something else than them attract him more than hers..
Twinkle get shy she turned her face.
Kunjj she groaned.
What happened it’s nothing new he said and adoring her beautify My girl is extremely beautiful he said and kissed on her body she shivered.he stroking her she screamed in pleasure night pass out in this.
Kunjj I’m tired she said..
Hmm, he said and still not ready to leave her.his chain entangled with her mangalsutra he kissing on her lips keeps..
She just smiling both of them sweating..
he leaves her laid down beside her..

You are the best twinkle he said and kissed on her cheeks she cuddles him and both sleep in each other embrace.. after getting this type of love from Kunj she is feeling great and touched wood..

Next morning.
Twinkle and Kunj sleeping twinkle wake up and seeing Kunj and smiled after remembering last night.. she kissed on Kunj forehead and went in washroom and get freshen up she come and clear all mess which they have created. She smiled each glimpse of last night making her blush.she get ready and went downstairs.

With a smiling face, she making the breakfast and then everyone come for morning aarti which performs by twinkle.
Aarti bhajan sound-making Kunj irritates and disturbing his sleep.
Ahah man kya hai yah daily Ka drama they can’t let me sleep peacefully he murmured and cursing lott and take another pillow and covered his face but no use..

After aarti everyone having tea Kunj get freshen up he comes downstairs with a gloomy face.
What happened my Chand Ka tukda his dadi asked him he went and rest his head
on her lap.

Bas aise hi he said..

You guys can’t do aarti later haan subh subh meri neend he said tej looking at him.
Kunj puttar you should use cotton Usha said.
Are you gone Usha Avantika said.
Everyone just spoiling him nothing else and you learn to get up early and attend aarti morning nasty man tej said.

Dekh lo dadi aaj kal papa kuch jada hi nahi bol rahe hai mujhe aur aap kuch bolte bhi nahi ho huh he said.
Acha me kya bolu teri biwi jo aagyi hai ab teri support ke liye she said and Kunj making faces.Than they all sit for breakfast..

After breakfast Kunj leave for office along with his father now he wouldn’t go take his son with him anyhow.After doing all work twinkle went in her room folding their clothes than she gets a call from her mother and takes permission from Avantika and went to her home. Half of the day she spent with her family.they can see how much she is happy.

While tej with all possibilities making Kunj busy in work and try away him from his nonsense habits mostly his friends..

Twinkle meet with chinki who come after knowing about her both besties sits and chit-chatting with each other..

Aur suna badi shining maar rahi hai chinki said in a teasing manner.
Kya tu bhi even you aren’t less she gives her back.
Acha bachu after shadi bolne lagi hai aur how’s your hot and handsome hubby she said and giggles twinkle smashed on her back.

My husband is good chinki Kunj bhut acha hai woh humse bhut pyaar karta hai every second he never leaves making me feel special just roaming around me haa thoda jada hi Extra romantic hai but best hai she said and her each words expressing how much she is happy.

I’m so happy Twinkle for you always thinking about you so different they are and most important Kunj how you will adjust with him she said.

Haan chinki initially I was too but slowly slowly getting comfortable and started knowing him childish hai but best humhe pyaar karta hai aur kya chahiye she said.

Good but biwi ki tarah thoda careful towards husband aajkal ke ladke aise hi hote hai samji she said.
Okay, maati ji she said and both laughs out..

Tej along with everyone was in a meeting and Kunj giving presentation he learning slowly tej getting happy even Manohar after all in between them he is the only one inheritor of their family who will take their legacy ahead..nicely Kunj give a presentation was little raw but enough for them all clapping for him he gets happy.

Tej hugged him. I’m proud of you my son tej said.
Thanks, papa he said..
Dekha bhai I told you he is our Kunj he will learn everything quickly Manohar said.
Yeah yeah, tej said.
Huh, ?he said and smiling.

What you wanted today? Tej said.
Really you asking me great let me leave my life yah business you guys handle Kunj said.

Huh never say something else for I will change my mind tej said.
Hmm okay woh papa I told you na I wanted to take the new car he said.

You already have na Manohar said.
Haan but old na new one I wanted Kunj said.
Okay tell the manager and get tej said and patting on his cheek.
Aww love you, papa, he said and hugged him and kissed on his cheeks and run from there.

Bacha hai pura both murmured.Kunj immediately went and take a new luxury car and was damn happy..

He messaged his gang he takes the new car and now it’s time for the party. They do party fully and enjoying very bit of it

Arey Kunj you should bring your wife karan said of their gang member.

Why Kunj said.
Arey yaar kya dikhti hai hot chick he said Kunj leave the beer glass and grab his collar.
Heyy mind your tongue Kya bola haa biwi hai samja meri he said and pushed him. They rest giggling.
Leave na Kunj tharki insaan yuvi said..

New car congratulation Zoe said and hugged him.
Thanks, Kunj said.
Yaar Zoe why you wasting your time he is marriage man find someone else armaan said.
Haan toh what we doing haan unlike you hooking up with Another woman we are just friends nothing else wese bhi kunj ke saath never acha buddy cool dost jese tu hai she said and kissed on his cheeks..

Shameless Kunj said.
Acha what about you armaan said.
Now I’m improving Kunj said.. ?
Acha saala your wife is very innocent bas that’s why bacha gya agar having like us every second calling you and taking your biodata Armaan said.

Now, what can I do my poor souls ?he added and giggling.

Tu aur innocent really yah toh twinkle hai otherwise aur koi ladki than pata Chal beta using her for your needs Armaan said.
Whatever biwi hai aur Haq bhi kunj said.

Acha tu toh pahle bas paper pe single than otherwise toh he said and winked at him.
BAs kar if I try to spill your beans than you kunj said..

After having dinner twinkle comeback her home. She was sitting with her family Kunj after-party improve his condition and come back home.

Finally, here tej said.
Hi, guys, he said.
Aur Kaha te tej asked.
Kahi nahi bas giving a party to my gang for my car he said..

What about family Avantika said.
Do you want the party he asked?
Nope party but we also need to treat baby she said.
Yeah, mom, he said..

Twinkle you didn’t see my new come I’ll show you he said and hold her hand and take her outside.
How’s it he asked.
Nice car she said..

Papa gifted me today I give presentation na he added.
Great Kunj do like this she said and hugged him..
Kuch khaya bhi yah bas drink hi she murmured.
Kya yaar you know still always asking me he said and resting his head against her shoulder.
Pagal now happy chalo kuch kha lo she said.
Yeah Chal Kunj said and they went inside..

Kunj takes twinkle for the drive-in your new car Usha said.
Okay choti maa he said and went in the room..

Kunj get freshen till Than twinkle brings food for him. He changed and come and sit on bed she comes with food and went towards her and sit beside him.

Have your food she said.
Thanks, he said and tell her to feed him she feeding him with her hands and he busy in Romancing more.
Kunjj she moaned..

Where are you?? He asked.
I went maa house today bas waha hi the she said.
Hoo kya kiya? He asked again.
Nothing bas spending time with them she said in a happy voice..
Great he said finished the food.She went and keep everything back in the kitchen and come and Changed her clothes.

Both laid down on the bed.They were talking randomly and Kunj doze off twinkle smiled and caressing his hairs..

Months later::
Kunj was doing his work on a laptop he went down maid bring coffee for him.She kept
The mug near to laptop because of mistake mug falls down on the laptop she was shocked meanwhile twinkle entered in the room she told her.
It’s okay you go twinkle said and she started cleaning Kunj entered.

Kya hua he asked?
Woh bas galti Coffee gir gai thi she said and I’m shivering voice.
What are you gone and you cleaning with water he said.
No bas she about to speak and Kunj take the laptop and see his file wasn’t because of maid hand deleted.
You are gone mad twinkle my file tujhe kuch samj me aata nahi hai kya haan laptop par Coffee kaun dal tha hai he said.

Nahii kunj baat toh suno she said.
Kya baat sunu haan itn mehant se i made
Report and your mistake don’t know anything gaanvti people he said.
Kunj I’ll do tell me she said.
Acha pata bhi hai kya tujhe kabhi college toh gai nahi office ka kaam karegi you don’t know anything pathetic girl

he said and scold her lott she didn’t say anything just crying after Kunj left for his office..
twinkle was crying she feels so bad she stayed sad after sometimes later she wiped the laptop and try to find Kunj file she restored it back and get normal..

Kunj who was extremely angry gritting his teeth at twinkle.pata nahi kaha se log aa jate hai ?he murmured and didn’t go office he roaming here and there.

After sometimes later.
Kunj come home having bandages on his forehead and hand Usha and Avantika see him and stunned they asked him.
Beta what happened they asked?
Nothing just a small accident he said.
Are you okay they asked?
Hmm, he hummed he sit with them..
After Kunj went in his room and laid down twinkle come in the room and see Kunj.

Kunjj yah Kya hua she asked and started crying And hugged him.
Yah sab she cupping his face.
Im fine he said.
Kunj I’m sorry because of me yah sab hua I’m extremely sorry humse galti hogi aap jo bolenge hum woh hi karege she said and hold his legs.
Whattt are you made get up he said and made her stand.
Look whatever happens to leave it he said.. and laid down twinkle wiped her tears and went down and bring turmeric milk for Kunj.

Kunj aap yah pe lo you will feel better she said.
Leave I don’t want he said.
Please she said in a very pleasing manner he feels bad and drinks..
I’m sorry humhari wajah se yah sab hua yah raha aapka laptop aur haan aapki file bhi yaha iss folder me hai she said and show him.

How you did he asked.
Bas aata hai issliye kar diya she said.
Thanks and haan sorry kuch jada hi bol diya mene he said.
It’s okay she said and went from there..

Tej scold Kunj he always did this always in rushes.Twinkle give him medicine and they had lunch and dinner together 2 and 3 days Kunj was at home only. Kunj doing his work with difficulties.
May I help you she said.
Tum aur meri he said with surprising way.
Haan kyu nahi she said..
okay he said just to see giggling. Twinkle take the laptop and asking him and typing.
Wrong Kunj aisa nahi hoga she said and improve him. He was amazed this girl knows everything ?it’s totally bad and nonsense to call her village girl..

Both enjoying this new way she used to help him in his office Kunj.Kunj getting appreciation from tej he was happy that twinkle really amazing he thought she doesn’t know anything just fit in house chores but she even knows how to do office work ?..
Give her his office work and tell her she did everything making a presentation and all reports and helping him fully..

Kunj getting ready today is karan bday so he throws a party in pub Avantika entered in room.
Where is my son going? Today she asked.
Karan ka bday hai mummy he said.
Hoo, great akele akele your all friends partners come na?? She said.
Yeah he said.
Then why you don’t take my bahu she said.
Twinkleeee he said.
Kyu nahi ja sakti hai kya she said.
Mummy ji leave I don’t want to go and you know I don’t like this noise she said.
You just shut up look your husband he enjoying outside and you just stay at home pay attention on him samji she said Kunj giving his mother look.

What do you mean by this he said.
I mean she should go with you after my son is so hot koi bhi she said they giggles.
Aap bhi mummy ji I trust my husband she said with all trust and faith Kunj and Avantika can see she cupped her face.

Kunj is really lucky who got a wife like you she said.
And I too she said?.
Now go and get ready you going with him enjoy with your husband know him and his friends as well she said.
She making faces even Avantika not less.
Twinkle get ready and she went to get ready.

Hoo, shit twinkle ?ahah man party waha meri izzat na nikal de he murmured who comes after getting ready in black saree looking sexy.
Twinkle we are going in a party pub not family function you wear this saree he said..
but Kunj I have this only she said.
You can wear a western dress he suggested.
Nahi kunj I don’t like I’m okay in this if you don’t wanted to leave it I’ll stay here mummy
Ji bhi na she said..

Chal koi na teri marzi he said and they went down.
Looking hot couple dadi said.
Acha sexy will see you later Kunj said and they process outside.Kunj brings his car twinkle to come and sit beside him who was nervous..

Soon they reached pub come out of the car twinkle get scared after seeing the people..
Kunjj yah kaha aaye hai hum she said.
Pub hai aur kaha aayege he said and went inside.
Kunj runs towards his gang they share a hug.
Wow, happy birthday my boy he said hugged karan..
hey twinkle avni and went near her.
All looking at twinkle she playing with her finger.
Twinkle all said.
Haan my mum Kunj murmured ?they laugh out.
Saree waha kunj what a wife you have got Zoe said.
Shut up now Kunj said..

You come amazing ? avni said.
Hmm she hummed and looking for Kunj who was nowhere busy in his friends they all taking shots twinkle was sitting in corner avni pulled her.
One drink for twinkle also yuvi said.
Nahi nahi hum nahi she said..
Woh drink nahi karti kunj said.
Really kaun se zamane se ho kiya said..?.

Twinkle looking here and there.One orange juice avni said and give twinkle she said and give a faint smile..

She is wearing different clothes rest girls wearing a short sexy dress but all guys eyes just gazing on the twinkle?in black simple saree seeing her curves beating all girls ?..

Ahah look at the girl so tacky a girl said.
Yeah, she is Kunj wifey really look at him a hot boy and having behanji wife ?..
Kunj and his gang engrossed in each other’s corner twinkle she standing in the corner. And crying inside her heart.
Babaji why I come here ?she murmured.

Kuch bhi yaar kunj teri wife tere toh mazak ban gaya hai Zoe said.
Bas kar yaar my mom send her let her wese bhi he said and busy in drinks..

Few boys went near twinkle
Heyy hot chick kesi ho by the way sab se different lag rahi ho but sexy at the same time boys passed the comment.
Twinkle feeling so disgusting she went from there and stand beside Kunj.

Kunj chalo na she said.
Twinkle Abhi toh aayege hai yaar enjoy kar tu bhi he said.Than it’s time for cake yuvi bring cake.
Karan cut the cake party crackers blast.
Aaj toh bday pe twinkle bhabhi hai very special so first bite only for her he said and went near her..
have twinkle karan said who looking at twinkle with lust eyes..
Cmon man have karan said she looking at Kunj who busy in his world.

She open her mouth and karan feed her with heavy heart twinkle feed him as well than they all had.Kunj friends making fun of her than they all dancing karan take twinkle and dancing with her forcefully try to touched her..

Leave me please she requesting him.
Kya yaar itni hot ho looking sexy in this saree Kunj is Lucky he got you use ke toh maze every nights kabhi hume bhi before he could say more twinkle slapped him hard all stunned and shocked and looking at them..
Youu karan said holding his cheek..
twinkle started crying and went outside.
Karan looking here and there..

Yah kya kiya kunj twinkle ne armaan said.
If you crossing your limits you will get this only avni and sanaya said.they run behind twinkle who crying. Kunj went near karan.
Tu pagal hai karan kunj said.
What I have done just dancing with her teri biwi gavar ladki karan said and went from there while Kunj run outside for twinkle.

Avni and sanaya try to stop her but she went from there.
Twinkle kaha hai kunj asked.
She went avni said.
Shit if she told anything to my family mar gaye he said and run for home.

Twinkle come home and went in room and crying while remembering everything Kunj come there and see her.
Twinkle he said..
Kunjj she said he went near her.
Are you okay why you come like this he asked.
Kunj woh I’m sorry she said and hugged him and crying fully.
Kya hua why you slapped karan haan he said she looking at him and told him everything what he said he closed his fist if he is here right now in front of Kunj he must be smashed his mouth.
Sorry for this Woh aisa hi hai kamina tu chod don’t cry okay he said and wiped her tears.

You go please I wouldn’t go ever because of me people making fun of you she said.
Aisa kuch nahi he said and Make drink water and she feels okay.

Who said you looking bad kamino ki aankhe toh tere pe thi he said and she giggles he smiled her smile giving him different peace which he don’t know.. he hold her hands and kissed on her hand she smile.He went Near Her face they laid down in each other’s embrace.Kunj caressing his hairs.
Don’t say anything about today please he said.
Yeah she said and come upon him slightly.
Kunj I don’t feel bad if people saying anything I just care about you and I know you love me lott she said he blinking his eyes not having any word to say.
She kissed on his lips He wrapped his hands around her back and deepening the kiss and both indulged with each other’s.

Next::At office.
Yuvi and Armaan come to Kunj office.
Due to work related they sitting and talking about last night.
Karan is angry armaan said.
Acha if he come in front of my eyes na I wouldn’t leave him Kunj said.
Why Armaan asked.
You know what he done he told him.Good she slapped him aarti nahi karegi uski kunj said and they agreed and giggles.

To be continued.
Hi kesa laga first shot ??..
hmm ab tak mature good Kunj hi dekha hai ab thoda bigada hua bhi dekh lo?.
Chalo read karo and comment karna samje ??..

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