Tu hi Nazar aata hai: Kaira fanfic by Jhanvi episode 15

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Episode 15
The engagement

The next morning arrived with more noise and chaos. Though the arrangements were more organized compared to yesterday, akshara would still not agree that everything was done.

Naksh and Naira were in the kitchen cooking breakfast for their ever working mother.
‘she’s doing so many things for her son’s wedding. I’m worried about the day it is your wedding. Mumma might explode! ‘ Naksh said.
They quickly prepared parathas for breakfast and forcibly made Akshara eat all of it. Later Naira went to the airport to pick up Kishen and Gayatri.
As if on cue, Karthik arrived there too.

‘ arey, just one day at home and you’re already fat again. Nice’ Karthik said

‘ I’m not fat! ‘ Naira said looking scandalized.
‘ aww. Cutie pie. ‘ Karthik said pinching her cheek.
‘ Karthik this is udaipur, not bangalore. People know us here. ‘ Naira said.

‘ so what? You’re still my best friend! ‘ Karthik said hanging one limp arm around Naira’s shoulder.

‘ so she’s coming? ‘ Naira asked.

‘ Aaradhya? Yeah.’ Karthik said.

‘how come she’s Aaradhya today and not aaru? ‘
‘ I don’t want to give her any false hope Naira. I can never give her what she wants. My heart is already taken and I can do nothing but sympathize with her. I know what it feels like to feel things for somebody who despite their best intentions don’t feel the same for you. ‘Karthik said.

‘ Karthik. I’ve to tell you something. ‘ Naira said.

But before she could say anything, the trio of gayu, Kishen and Aaradhya arrived.

Kishen went with Karthik in his car while gayu and Aaradhya were in Naira’s. They were dropped off to the hotel where all the guests for the wedding were staying.

Naira rushed back to singhaniya sadan immediately because she wasn’t ready to profess her love yet. For some reason, she was now shy of Karthik. She couldn’t look him in the eye. Even while she was in a hurry to rush back to her house, Karthik tried talking to her, but Naira just ran.

Back at home, Naira stood in front of the lehenga placed on her bed. It was a cream colored lehenga with heavy embroidery. There were rajasthani musician embroidered at the bottom. The rest of the lehenga had shining dots on it. The choli was off shoulder and of a velvety texture. She wore very light jewelery and draped the transparent shawl over her right shoulder. Her hair and make up was also done by one of the make up artists the Singhaniya’s had hired.
Akshara walked into the room, followed by a stunned naitik
‘Princess! ‘ naitik said.
‘ you look so gorgeous. ‘ Akshara said as she pressed her kajal laden finger behind Naira’s ear, so as to ward off bad sight.

Naira just blushed. Would Karthik also feel the same way? She looked at herself in the mirror. Was this too much? Was there too much make up on her face?

At that very moment, Naksh walked into the room. ‘mumma papa. Dadi is calling you.’
As Akshara and naitik left the room, Naksh entered and was stunned to see Naira.
‘meri behen aaj poori behen ban gayi’ he said as he pretended to wipe his tears.

Naksh was looking very handsome in his three piece suit.
‘Jokes aside bhai, you look handsome! Black suits you so well. ‘Naira said

‘ whatever I do I’ll look dull in front of Keerti. ‘ he said as he scratched the back of his ear.

Kishen, gayu and aaru arrived at the Singhaniya Sadan.
‘ oh my God! Where is Naira? ‘ Kishen asked looking at her.
‘ okay. I’ve had enough of these jokes from bhai. Now you guys don’t join. ‘ Naira said.

‘ Naira you look so beautiful! ‘ aaru said earnestly. There she was , looking all beautiful in her blue anarkali. She looked so much more beautiful with make up on. Would Karthik even look at Naira today?

As they got ready to leave for the goenka house where the engagement would take place, Kishen called Naira back.

‘need a favor bro. Oops, you’re the complete girl now. No longer my bro!’ he said, teasing her.

‘just get to the point Kishen ‘ Naira said visibly annoyed.

‘ can Karthik set me up with aaru? I think I have a tiny crush on her. ‘ Kishen said sheepishly.
‘ you’ll have to ask him about that! But seriously? Aaradhya? Why? ‘
‘ she’s so pretty! ‘ Kishen said looking at her in the way that bhai said was a sign of love.
‘ okay I’ll talk to Karthik. ‘ Naira said.

‘ You’re a doll! ‘ Kishen said.

They reached goenka villa in a few minutes.
The entire family stood at the door to welcome them. Expect him.
Naira stood at the back of the crowd so that nobody would notice her. She was extremely uncomfortable in this get up.

Until naitik called her to the front.
‘this is my daughter. Naira. ‘ she touched the feet of all elders as per tradition and entered the house.

Later as Kishen gayu Aaradhya and Naira stood together chatting, Naira couldn’t help but look around waiting for Karthik.
As if he heard her call him, he arrived. He was wearing a red nehru coat with a black Kurta underneath. It hug him in all the right places to show off his pecks that had grown courtesy his frequent visits to the gym.
His eyes met Aaru’s who pleasantly smiled at him.
There it was. Naira’s biggest fear. He had noticed Aaradhya but failed to look at her.
He walked towards them. She was kinda happy that Aaradhya was right in front of her blocking her from looking at Karthik directly.
Karthik shook hands with Kishen and hugged gayu. He smiled at aaru and just looked at Naira. He had a smile plastered on his face.
At that moment, Keerti arrived at the staircase ready to come down. Music Began to play. It was a grand entrance. Kishen gayu and Aaradhya went towards the main stage set up for the engagement.
As Naira began to follow them, Karthik held her by her left hand.
‘If you had to kill me with your looks, at least you’d have prepared me better. You look stunning. Who are you and what have you done to my Naira? ‘ Karthik asked.
He had noticed her!! All of Naira’s fears were put to rest. He was looking at Naira not Aaradhya. Because she was hiding behind aaru she felt as though Karthik was looking at aaru and not her.

———author’s notes——
Hey guys
so I’ve tried to post a long update here with some Kaira moments. The confession is coming soon. Also the truth about why Karthik leaves the goenka villa. Keep reading and commenting. Have a great day:)

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    Wow what an amazing chapter Karthiks comments were so cute lovely chapter eagerly waiting for next

  7. So sorry for not commenting…..the episode was fab and naira’s possessiveness was great…..want some kaira moments,and please update soon

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