Tu hi Nazar aata hai: Kaira fanfic by Jhanvi episode 14

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Episode 14
All not well?

Karthik returned home to find his grandmother waiting at the door with the Aarti plate ready to welcome him.
After an elaborate Aarti session, Karthik entered the door only to be engulfed in a bear hug by his grandmother.
‘Kittu, do you even know how much we’ve missed you? You didn’t even call us once. All you did was talk to luv kush and keerti! Didn’t you remember that you have an old grandmother waiting for you? ‘

‘ Dadi, it’s not like that. You know how studies gets. ‘ he said breaking free from her hug, only to be engulfed by his twin cousins luv kush. They were the apple of his eye. Especially after whatever happened to… He didn’t want to remember the past and sour these reunions. These eight year Olds didn’t deserve to face the brunt of something that happened two years before their birth.

‘ how are my champions? ‘ he asked.
The entire family broke into a smile looking at the brothers. Whatever said and done between the elders, the kids loved each other and were held together by an unbreakable bond.

‘we missed you bhaiyya!’ they sang in unison.
‘you know what I must do now? Give you chocolates! ‘ he said as he pulled out their favorite chocolate bar from his pockets.

Karthik went on to take the blessings of all his elders.
And then he stopped at one pair of feet. They belonged to Mr Manish Goenka. A respected businessman, the whole of rajasthan bowed before him. But his son, never looked him in the eye after that incident. That tragic incident that ruined his happy little family.

Karthik walked away from the living room straight into his room. He looked at the two photos nailed onto the wall. The photo of a beautiful looking woman, who had the exact same eyes as Karthik and of a little boy whose innocence was so profound that it was hard to imagine why such bad things would happen to him
He went up to the photos with tears in his eyes
‘I miss you ‘he said.

Back at the Singhaniya Sadan, Naira woke up to a noisy household. She heard her mother call out her name.
‘ Naira, this is the last time I’m calling you. Don’t you want to shop? ‘ Akshara yelled

Shopping. Clothes. Looking pretty. Karthik. Aaradhya.
It all came flashing back to Naira.

She quickly freshened up and ran to meet her mother downstairs, only to find Naksh waiting along with her.

‘ bhai? You’ll be coming to do some shopping in the women’s section too? ‘

‘ arey if my little brother is now living upto his actual role as my little sister, I must accompany too right? ‘he asked

‘ accha. Make fun of me! I’m not coming anywhere! ‘Naira said pouting.

‘ okay okay. Sorry. ‘ Naksh said

This was the first time Naira had done any shopping for this long, trying out so many different clothes, in so many different stores. She wanted to look the best at her brother’s waiting.

Naksh and Akshara were shocked to see this transformation in Naira. Naksh was getting suspicious by the second.

After they had finished shopping, they had enough To give Naira an entire makeover, a wardrobe shift.

When they were about to leave, naksh said ‘mumma, you go on. Naira and I will go out for a walk like the old days.’

Akshara obliged and rushed back home to finish the rest of the preparations for the engagement tomorrow.

‘so what’s the scene? ‘ naksh asked

‘ what’s the scene where? ‘ Naira asked.

‘ these clothes, the jewelry, that’s not you. So much of a change? What happened? ‘ naksh asked. He knew the answer but wanted it straight from the horse’s mouth.

‘ what do you mean? It is your wedding after all. I have to look nice. ‘Naira said.

‘ sure. I know you too well to believe that. Did somebody say something to you? Naira, you’re perfectly fine the way you are. ‘ naksh said.

‘ arey bhai. I know I’m awesome. But that Aaradhya will be there. She mustn’t look prettier than me. What if he thinks she’s prettier? ‘ Naira blurted out, and bit her tongue when she realized what she had done.

‘ who’s Aaradhya? Who will think she’s prettier? ‘

Naira kept mum. She didn’t like lying to her brother. But she wasn’t ready to tell him about Karthik yet. It would mean accepting her feelings or rather acknowledging them. Was she prepared for that?

‘ it’s Karthik, isn’t it? ‘ naksh asked.

‘ Huh? What are you talking about bhai? ‘

‘ you are in love with each other. And you’re jealous of this Aaradhya!’ naksh said looking incredibly shocked.

‘no Bhai. He’s just my best friend. Aaradhya Is his friend and she’s in love with him. I don’t really like her. I don’t think she’s right for him. He deserves someone better. ‘ Naira said.

‘ like you. Is that what you’re thinking? ‘ naksh asked.

‘ what??!! Nooooo’ Naira said, thinking ‘yes yes’ in her head.

‘who are you kidding Naira? I’ve seen it in his face. The way he looks at you. That’s how I look at his sister. That’s how you look at somebody you adore, somebody you love, somebody you worship. Now if it were any other guy I’d have broken his face then and there. To think of my sister like that! But what he feels, is pure. He worships you. He’d give his life at your feet, easily. And he comes from a good family. And you’re clearly not just friends with him. Personalities don’t change just because you want to look better compared to a friend’s friend. ‘
Naksh ended his tiny speech

‘ no bhai. I just…’ Naira tried to reply, but she was lost for words.

‘deny it all you want, but it’s true. ‘ naksh said

Precap: the engagement

—————authors notes – – – – – – – – – –
Hey guys
extremely sorry for the delay. Finally done with all my exams. So here is the episode for today. Hope you guys liked it. Please let me know in the comments your thoughts.
Have a nice day 🙂

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  1. Fenil

    Osam chppy
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    Missing your ff lot now u back .

  2. Vinni05

    Wow wow wow
    Amazing chapter just loved it
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  3. Vinni05

    Wow wow wow
    Amazing chapter just loved it
    Eagerly waiting for next one
    Pls upload asap

  4. Amazing.. And the way naksh understood.. loved it.. Hope to see naira’s confession soon..
    Can’t wait for the next chapters

  5. Really awesome!!
    Was waiting for your update since a long time…..
    I hope your exams went well …..
    This time, want a quick update!!

  6. Really awesome!!
    Was waiting for your update since a long time…..
    I hope your exams went well …..
    This time, want a quick update!!
    So please update asap!! If possible, please update today itself!!

  7. Vedanshidwivedi

    Wow naira is soo much jealous of aradya it was awesome

  8. Shivaya khanna

    Wow amazing chapter naksh is such a great brother missed a kaira scene eagerly waiting for next

  9. I loved naksh n naira’s bonding even in serial also….hope she realize her love soon n confess it to karthik…

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