Tu hi Nazar aata hai: Kaira fan fiction by Jhanvi Episode 19

Episode 19
The truth of the fall out

Karthik was still sitting on the wall as he revealed to Naira why he hated his so called parents that much.
Naira looked at him in a daze
‘she’s not your mother? Responsible for your mother’s death? Karthik, I… ‘Naira ran out of words.

Tears were now profusely flowing down his cheeks.
‘ we were one happy family Naira. We weren’t that stable financially when I was born. Yes our business was ancestral but we had to face certain losses. Keerti was just 2 and I, a newborn. Mr Goenka and chachu worked day and night, and made sure that our business would be back to normal.’
Naira wiped off the tears that were now wetting his clothes. Karthik dropped the bottle down and held her hand in both of his.
‘five years later, everything was back to normal. Mom was pregnant again. And that’s when she came into our lives. She was probably in dad’s, for longer. After all, she was his secretary. ‘ Karthik’ s grip on Naira’s hand was getting stronger.
She was slightly in pain, but didn’t object.
Karthik continued, ‘mom figured it out quite soon but did nothing about it, because she thought that her husband was too godlike to do anything of that sort. And then, Kairav was born.’
‘the little boy whose photo is up on your wall? ‘ Naira asked.

‘ yes. Kairav was such a tiny little boy. I loved him a lot. But then they started fighting more. Everyday Keerti and I would hear yelling coming from their room. This went on for far too long. A year passed and then another. Kairav was two years old now, and he had never seen his parents happy. Dadi knew that this was bound to have a bad influence on us and so she took us with her to my maternal grandparents house. A few days later….. ‘ Karthik was now unable to speak. He had cried so much that his nose was now all congested and he was clearing it to speak.
‘ Dadi had a phone call. We got to know that Kairav was serious and he was admitted in a hospital. We tried to get back home as soon as possible. What we didn’t know was that he had already died. That little boy had died, he hadn’t even learnt to talk properly. And he was gone, nobody told me why. And when we reached home, I saw two bodies. There she was, my mother, dead.’ he began to sob uncontrollably.

Naira hugged him sideways and kept rocking back and forth. So much of a tragedy had befallen this angel of man, at such a young age.
‘she had killed herself Naira, I overheard Mr Goenka talking to Dadi. For days I couldn’t figure out why she would do that to herself, why she would leave me, Keerti and Kairav And Mr Goenka like that. And then one day, when I was in her room, embracing her things because they smelled like her, I found her diary. She’d written everything in it Naira. Every single thing! How Mr Goenka and suwarna were having an affair and how he behaved when she confronted him. I was so shocked. She just wanted to get away from that man. And the next day, there he was at the doorstep, married to mrs Goenka . He hadn’t even waited for a year, Naira. He just snapped out of it. My mother died because of him and he didn’t even respect her enough to… To just… ‘
‘I’m so sorry Karthik. I’m so sorry’ she said as she came to stand in front of him. Karthik now hugged her tight and sobbed uncontrollably. Naira kept rubbing his back without uttering a word, because she knew nothing would console him. He had finally revealed his biggest secret to her and he deserved to be comforted right now.
She tried pulling him off the wall instead ended up pushing him further back unable to handle his weight. He almost fell off the wall,
‘Karthik!!!! ‘Naira yelled, her heart pacing. She was hyperventilating.

—————author’s notes – – – – –
Hey guys.
This is the episode for today. Stay tuned to know what’s gonna happen
Have a great day 🙂

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