Tu Hi Mera Shivika FF Part 20

OmRuDev and IshPriya very well knew what difficult work they are gonna do but they have to get succeed after all it is a matter of Love


Anika was fast asleep in her room afterall pyar mae neend zaida aati hai. The youngsters peeked in her room and seeing her sleep left at once

“How can Anika di slept so early?” Rudi thought as once remembering she’s a late sleeper
“Yah! According to the research by University of….”Samuya said but Ishu cut her off in between
“Sumo, it’s not the time to talk about the researches. Concentrate on the plan”She said and everyone nodded their head
They discussed something and hifived lightly and dispressed to their rooms.


Anika woke up at some 11:00 am. She wasn’t panicked or astonished as how come she woke up so late. She just smiled and stretched out herself and went to washroom to freshup.

“She woke up”Samuya said to someone on bluetooth and got a Okay from other side
“Haan hello O. Samuya informed me she woke up” Rudi said to Dev who was connected to him via bluetooth
“Hmm. Ishu has already there. Just ask Samuya to send her in the kitchen”Dev said and Rudi from the other side nodded his head and again started to talk with Samuya
“Hello Ishu u are pakka there na? See no garbar. Okay?”Dev asked Ishu in a lil panicked voice
“Dev u already ask this question 1000 times. Stop worrying and let me talk to Prinks”Ishu said rolling her eyes, although Dev can’t see but still she did

“Prinks? Listen u have to do your work so nicely. Just don’t let any elder talk with Anika or else they’ll give her some work and our plan will be chopat”Ishu said in one breath and listened giggles from the other side

“Bhabhz. Chill. Acha let me ask O bhaiya if he’s doing his work”Prinku said
“Haan O bhaiya, u ready to talk with Shivaay bhaiya?”Prinku asked
“Haan haan Prinku meri bhen”Om said smiling and she nodded her head on

Shivaay hadn’t gone to office today because he felt to stay at home (No particular reason to give why he hadn’t gone to office)

So the great plan of the youngsters was Teasing Shivaay & Anika. They were connected to each other confirming again & again

“She’s coming“Samuya said alerting everyone and prepared herself to do her work
“Good Morning Anika di”Saumya said acting as she was walking past her room
“Good Morning Darling”Anika said smiling brightly at her
“U wake up so late today? Why di?” She asked

“Tired. I was tired na so…”Anika replied at once as she had already prepared herself
“Oh. Aray haan di I remember that Ishu bhabhi had asked me to tell u that she wanted to talk with you” Samuya said normally so that she didn’t get caught
“Okay. Where is she?”Anika asked and Samuya told her she’s in kitchen. Anika nodded and went ahead to talk with Ishu
“My work done. Prinku u go”Samuya said and walked away and Prinku started following Anika
“Aray Anika? U wakes so late todays?”Pinky met her in between the way and Prinku slapped her forehead

“Wo Aunty…”Anika started to say but Pinky cut her off
“Leaves it. Listen I..”This time Pinky started to say but Prinku came and cut her in between
“Choti maa, Dadi is calling you”Prinku said
“Mes? Okay. Anika ko kaam…”She again started to say but Prinku asked her to go fast as their is some urgent work
“Prinku wo kaam”Anika said looking at the retreating figure of Pinky
“No prob Anika. I’ll ask her when she’ll be free. U were going somewhere, u go na”She said trying to act normal
“Haan woh Samuya told me that Ishu wants to talk…”Anika informed and Prinku nodded her head and Anika walked ahead.
After Anika left Prinku heaved a sigh

“O bhaiya your turn”She said and walked from her place

Om went in Shivaay’s room and prepared himself to say a lie.
“Shivaay”He tried to stay calm but still had some nervousness
“Hmm O?”Shivaay who was busy in his files didn’t look at him and so wasn’t able to see his nervous face
“Wo actually…”He tried to say but wasn’t able to when his sentence was completed by the person came from behind
“Woh bhaiyaa can u make a hot chocolate for me?”Rudi saved O saying a beautiful lie
“Right now?”Shivaay looked at him in astonishement and he nodded

“Please”Rudi made puppy eyes which made Shivaay roll his eyes at him
“Stop making this puppy eyes. I’ll go”He stood up and went and Rudi glared at O
“U had flopped our plan”Rudi said to Om
“Dev do your work now”Rudi said and Dev followed Shivaay till kitchen. Rudi and O then went out of the room
There in kitchen Anika came and saw Ishana drinking water

“Ishu. U wanted to talk to me?”Anika smiled and asked her and she nodded
“Haan didi” Ishana said and put the glass down on the slape but it fall down. Actually it was there plan to that. She did that intently.
“Aray Ishu. U didn’t get hurt na?”Anika asked panicking and Ishu nodded in no and bended down to pick up the glass pieces
“Ishanaaaa”They heard Om’s voice

“Umm…Di..will u?”Ishu acted like hesitating to ask her whether she’ll pick up the glass pieces or not
“No problem Ishu. U go and listen to O. I’ll pick up them”She said and looked at her
Ishu mumbled a thank you and ran from there. She stopped at a place and prayed that please the glass hurts Anika di.
Hopefully Shivaay went to kitchen without meeting anyone and all the youngsters met outside the kitchen praying that their plan gets successful

Anika who was picking up the glasses winced at once as a peice hurt her in her palm. Shivaay who had come their to made Hot Chocolate for Rudi looked at her and the floor where blood fall from her plam.
“Anikaaaa”Shivaay’s voice held concern for her and rushed to her side at once
“Um..Shivaay”She said still picking up the pieces without caring for her hand
“Leave them”He said and looked at her who tried to ignore him
“I said leave them”He again said and took her hand and jerked it making the glass pieces fall from her hand
“I’m okay Shivaay”She said looking at him
“No you are not”An instant reply came from his side and he pulled her took towards the tap

“PLAN SUCCESSFUL” The youngsters said slowly audible to them only and winked at eachother and walked towards the kitchen

After washing Anika’s hand Shivaay bought the medicine box and started applying antiseptic on it. Everytime he applied that Anika lightly winced in pain
“Doctors also feel pain?”He asked trying to divert her mind from that
“Kyn????Doctors doesn’t have feelings haan?”She asked complaining.
He looked at her and saw her eyes lightly welled up. She was blowing up her on wound
“Who asked you pick up the glass pieces?”He scolded her and picked up a piece of bandage from the box.
He started bandaging her hand with gentle hands trying not to hurt her

“I was just….”She said but didn’t find anything to say
“Hmm…say”He said and continued bandaging
She remained silent and looked at her injury
“Done”He said completing the bandage on her hand

She looked at her hand and tilt it upside and down and then from her left hand pressed her right hand lightly to see whether it hurts or not
Okay I agree she’s crazy and so am I
She winced in pain and Shivaay who was busy keeping the things back looked at her once and removed her hand and held it in his hand gently
“Are u crazy Anika?”He shouted “Tumhy pata bhi hai kitna dard hota hai jab….”He stopped and looked into her eyes

Her eyes shone because of little tears.

Her eyes are so captivating. Those brown orbs are so gorgeous

That’s what Shivaay was thinking and something smiliar was in Anika’s mind too

Hayee ye Kanji ankhen….

Umm…a little bit different thoughts

Their eyes got locked in eachother not even wondering what’s happening around them. Yeah! The youngsters were there getting immensly happy seeing their plan fulfilling more than 100 percent
And unko gaano se tease karna tha, how can they forgot this

Rudi took Saumya’s hand and without even clearing his throat he started
“Tumhy pata hai Saumya, jab bhi tumhy chot lagti hai tumhara har dard mai yahan” he pointed towards his heart “yahan mehsoos karta hoon…” He said alerting Shivika

They both came out of the trance and realized that others were there too. The both composed themselves but Shivaay still held Anika’s hand and Rudi didn’t finish yet.

“Kyn????”Samuya asked directly looking into his eyes
“Kyn ky pal pal dil ky paas tum rehte ho”He sang the song making Shivaay’s eyes widen
Shivaay relized that he wasn’t saying this to Saumya but was teasing him
Rudi looked at him and gave his million dollar smile but in return he got a glare and Shivaay left from there.
Anika looked at them with an angry expression plus making a pout. She then moved towards fridge and took out the Chocolate Cake and the pasta
“Di are u going to eat this all”Rudi asked looking at the Cake
“Maybe or Maybe not”Anika replied carelessly and turned to move outside the kitchen
“Why di?” Rudi asked shocked

“Did I ask you what you all did just now? Nahi na? Then please let me eat this or else I’ll die of hunger”She asked with a little angry tone and changed it into a pleasing one in the last
She ran from there and everyone looked at her in confusion
“Why had didi started eating so much?”Saumya asked still remembering how she took the cake
“Don’t know. Mera cake”Rudi mourn over the cake and then diverted his attention towards them
“Leave it. Did u see bhaiya? He was concerned for di so much. Kuch toh hai!”Ishu squealed on happily and hifived with Om
“Exactly Ishana”Dev said and Ishkara and DevPri got engulfed in a little chat
While they were chatting Saumya looked at Rudi who was listening to their talks
“Rudr????”She nearly whispered. He looked at her. She looked so serious that time

“Haan Saumya?”He asked in a low voice
“Rudr what u said, was just to tease bhaiya ya phir wo waqai sach tha?”She asked fearing what if his words were just to tease Shivaay, what if he doesn’t mean them
“Saumya what did u feel? Wo sach tha ya jhoot?”He asked loooking into her eyes.
She slightly nodded her head in a yes “I feel it ky wo sach tha”She said looking down
He held her hand and intertwined with his “Then it was the truth Saumya. Agar tumhay Kuch Kuch hua tou wo sach hi tha”He said making her blush and giggle at the same time
“Rudi….”She smacked him lightly on his shoulder and hugged him hiding her pinky cheeks. He reciprocated the hug making her feel secure and comfortable.

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I hope ky u had found this update khaas tor par Shivika and the Rumya scene in the end, I had always wanted some Rumya scenes but Alas! They just… so writing a few scenes I wanted for them. ?❤

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