Tu Hain Mere Jeene Ki Wajah…….(A SHIVIKA SS)

#One year later after Kalyani Mill Mystery Revelation:

Oberoi Mansion-Shivika’s room:

Shivaay and Anika are sleeping in their room,on the bed.Suddenly Shivaay opens his eyes and looks at the clock on the wall.It’s almost 12:00 a.m.He turns to Anika who is sleeping beside him peacefully.Without disturbing her sleep Shivaay gets close to her.Clock strikes 12:00 a.m.announcing another new day.Shivaay bends slightly and with a whispering voice Shivaay utters-“Happy”(kissing Anika’s forehead)-“Birth”(kissing the right cheek)-“Day”(kissing the left cheek)-“To”(kissing the upper lip)-“You”(kissing the lower lip)of Anika-Happy Birth Day To You Mrs.Anika Shivaay Sing Oberoi,he completes the sentence in a husky voice.Anika stirs a little and smiles like she is aware of what Shivaay is doing.She turns to Shivaay’s side,smiling.Shivaay starts saying in his mind-

“Anika,you came into my life being a pure bleesing.With you around my life kept changing for good,for better,for the best.You are that miracle which I never expected to happen to me!If I go for words to tell or explain the actual feelings of my heart having you in my life then words will fall short.Just want to say that,thank you,thank you so very much for coming into my life to make it sweet,sweeter and sweetest in your khidkitode khubsurat andaz.I love you Anika”.

Shivaay takes Anika’s hands into his hands and kisses them.Caressing her face he lies down next to Anika again.Keeping her hand on his chest where his heart is beating,for his Anika,Shivaay closes his eyes with a smile.Soon sleep graces his eyes bringing beautiful dreams.
Sun Is Up
Anika is seen sleeping and Shivaay is talking to someone over phone,by the pool side.Anika’s sleep gets broken and she extends her one hand to touch Shivaay but he is not on the bed.Anika opens her eyes and takes a look at the entire room and spots Shivaay near the pool.Shivaay enters into the room with a try in his hand and sits in front of Anika-

Shivaay:Good Morning.Here,your bed tea.
Anika is utterly surprised.She says-
Anika:Shivaay,what happened to you?You know I don’t take bed tea na?One second,you made tea,for me?

Shivaay:Why,can’t I?By the way,I have made tea for both of us.No espresso or americano.Two cups of deshi tea,as you like to drink.Anika’s eyes are wide open in disbelief.Putting her hands on Shivaay’s forehead she says-Are you okay?Or I am dreaming?
Shivaay:You are not sleeping Anika so obviously you are not dreaming.Anika goes to tell something but Shivaay stops her keeping his index finger in Anika’s lips-Ssshhh…No more words.Finish drinking tea and then freshen up.Join me later in the kitchen,okay?Smiling Shivaay leaves with his cup of tea.Anika is silent.She shakes her head to realize what just happened-
Anika:What has happened to Bagad Billa?Subha subha Sweet Singh Oberoi ban gaya?Jo bhi ho,pehli bar pati dev made tea for me.Have to to drink it.She takes the cup and sips.

Anika comes downstairs and goes to the kitchen.Shivaay is busy making breakfast.He notices Anika-
Shivaay:Come Anika.
Anika:Shivaay,what all these?So many items?Only you and me are in OM.Rest of our family has gone to world tour for two weeks.Who will eat all these items?Don’t know about you but I have only one mouth!
Shivaay:I know you have only one mouth but don’t worry.I know what I am doing.Today I am happy,happy to the power of infinity so I am expressing my happiness making food items.
Anika:Have you cracked any khidkitode deal or the matter is something else?And I am noticing you are smiling since morning.First bed tea and now breakfast.Chakkar kya hain zara batane ka kast karengy aap?Listen Shivaay,you are making me tense!

Coming near to Anika Shivaay says in his seductive husky voice-I make you tense?Really?Anika flushes a little watching her husband going into different angle.She looks down fidgeting with words,smiling.
Shivaay:What?What have I said that you are blushing like that huh?He touches Anika’s nose naughtily.Pushing aside Shivaay a little,Anika runs away!Shivaay smiles.

Few minutes later they both have seated to have breakfast.Anika is checking the items as well as counting!
Anika:I have understood Shivaay that you are happy.Not only happy but kidkitode happy!How we will finish eating all these?Agree that I love to eat but so much?You have made breakfast of an entire month to eat in one day!
Shivaay:I am here to help you,sit.He makes her sit down.Then takes a plate and stats keeping aloo-puri in it.Anika’s favourite.He passes the plate to Anika.Anika is about to take the plate from his hand but Shivaay says-One minute Anika.I will feed you today!
Anika:You will feed me?My fingers are all okay Shivaay moreover I have not applied hena that you will feed me.I…..Without letting Anika finish her sentence Shivaay puts one morsel of Aloo-Puri into Anika’s mouth!

Shivaay:Now tell,how I have made it?Good or bad?
Anika:Eating-I have to say,today’s Aloo-Puri is tasting really good and different.Very tasty Shivaay.Have you mixed any special spice?
Shivaay:Yeah,I have mixed my love in your favourite Aloo-Puri!Did you get that?
Anika:Kya,hua kya hain aaj aapko?Itni mithi bool?
Shivaay:Nothing.Finish eating breakfast.You have to eat every single item.
Anika:You are only feeding me.You too eat.Let me feed you.Anika also starts feeding Shivaay.Morning turns sweet,blissful with the love they are showering on each other.Anika is as usual bantering while feeding Shivaay and Shivaay is also answering her with a smiling face while eating from Anika’s hand………

Around 11:30,Anika comes to Shivaay with a mug of coffee in her hand.Shivaay is working on the laptop in their room.Anika gives him the mug and Shivaay thanks her.Sitting beside Shivaay she says-
Anika:You won’t go to office today Shivaay?
Shivaay:No.Shutting the laptop-Today I will give you my company and celebrate “WE” day.
Anika:That means you will stay whole day with me?No phone calls,meeting,khanna?
Shivaay:Putting his hand around her-Yes,absolutely.

Anika:I don’t know what is going on in your head but I am very happy seeing you happy Shivaay.
Shivaay takes Anika’s hand into his hands then kisses her forehead and hugs.Anika too hugs him back and smiles closing her eyes……

Anika shares her excitement of Shivaay’s actions with the family abroad,over video call.They all know Shivaay is planning to give her a surprise to make her birthday special but they choose to keep silent.They all share their own strange reason,deliberately to confuse Anika.When conversation was going on,Shivaay finished making lunch.Anika decides to test Shivaay as per Rudra’s advice and proposes Shivaay to have lunch watching movie,hindi movie!And to her surprise he agrees to that also!

Shivika are enjoying their lunch in their room and watching a movie of Anika’s favourite.The name of the movie is-“Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam”.Shivika argue over every smallest detail of the movie,trying to prove their own respective point.In other words,they were busy with each other rather than watching the movie!
At the late noon,Shivaay asks Anika to get ready as they will go for long drive.They come outside the house and Anika goes to sit in the car but Shivaay stops her.He says-
Shivaay:No,not in the car.We will go riding your red Champa!Anika’s jaw drops in surprise!She comes to Shivaay running-
Anika:Are you telling the truth Shivaay?You will go out in my Champa?Let me pinch myself!Champa is seen parked in front of them.
Shivaay:If you are done getting surprised then shall we?And one more thing,I will drive and you will sit next to me.
Anika:I will never forget this day Shivaay.You are scoring sixer after sixer!Mere Chapma aur aap?I can’t belive!Do you remember our jungle trip?You were embarrassed to sit on my Champa being the Shivaay Singh Oberoui!Anika starts laughing.
Shivaay:Hmmm….I can remember every single moment of our jungle journey.Let me tell you,you were not ready to leave the room where we got stuck calling it romantic.And….Anika stops Shivaay-

Anika:Okay,okay.Shall we?Otherwise we will keep arguing and night will come.
Shivaay:Let’s go then.After you.Anika sits in her Champa and Shivaay too.They head for outskirts of Mumbai.Champa moves on smoothly taking Anika and Shivaay with it.Shivika enjoys surrounding,local people and various daily activities on the road.After almost three hours they stop coming at a hill top to watch the sun-set.They gets down from the Champa sits side by side on the grassy ground.Holding each other in their arms,Shivika enjoys the beauty of sun-set.While watching the sun-set,Anika says in her mind with full admiration and love for Shivaay-

“I don’t know the reason of your happiness.But today’s day is something which I will never forget in my life,ever.There is no doubt that spending each day with you brings a lot of happiness in my life,in different way those I least expect still,today is indeed very special not because you gave me your entire day to me but for something else.You gave me surprise and made me khikitode happy and I would give you one surprise which I am sure would make you happy like anything.I am just waiting for the right moment to tell you about my surprise.You were right in saying that,today is our “WE” day and we both are going to remember this day,life long”…..Anika smiles and hugs Shivaay more closely who is watching the sun-set.

While returning home,Anika demands to eat street food and Shivaay obliges as usual.They both eat and enjoy different types of street food like-pani puri,chat,pav-bhaji,vhel-puri,gola etc.Surprisingly Shivaay does not fuss over the hygiene of street food and relishes those like people do.Anika is happy watching Shivaay enjoying their day out,in her style.Last item is ice-cream and buying it,they leaves for OM.Reaching home Shivaay tells to Anika before going to their room-
Shivaay:I hope you have enjoyed our outing.
Anika:Enjoyed?I just loved like anything.I can’t tell you how happy I am today Shivaay.She sounds excited like a little girl.
Shivaay:Listen to me Anika,I have kept something for you in our room.You go there then meet me in the terrace okay?
Anika:What is it Shivaay?

Shivaay:You will get to know.Now go,fast.He hurries up.Anika leaves so is Shivaay.Anika opens the door of their room and she gets surprised watching it decorated beautifully-with flower petals,roses,decorative lights and candles.There is a gift box lying on the bed,waiting for Anika.With a smiling face Anika goes near the bed and takes it in her hand.Opening it,she finds a saree,of her favourite colour and a note.She reads it-“For my life,For my love”.Tears well up in Anika’s eyes.No need to tell that those are tears of happiness.Anika kisses the note and hugs the gift box.She retires to get ready.There on the terrace Shivaay is waiting for Anika.Shivaay is looking at the moon but suddenly turns back-Anika is coming.She has worn the saree he gifted with matching sleeve less blouse.Her hairs are straight and flying due to air.Her face is glowing in happiness,pure happiness.Shivaay gets mesmerized seeing her.They both are looking at each other at a distance.O Jaana plays-

O Jaana
Khoya khoya rehta hain
Dil tadapke kehta hain
Tu hain meri jeene ki Wajah
O Jaana…….

Anika moves so is Shivaay.They are facing each other.Before Anika can tell anything Shivaay stops her and blindfold Anika’s eyes with her permission.Then he lifts her up in his arms and starts walking.Coming to a beautifully decorated area,he makes her stand on her feet and opens the blindfold.A very beautiful bower is decorated with different flowers around a decorated swing.Decorative lights are flashing from every corner.A cake is placed on a table in front of the decorated swing.In it written-“Happy Birthday Anika”.Anika looks at Shivaay.Tears are running down her cheeks.Shivaay nods his head and wipes them then kisses her forehead.He says-“Happy Bithday To You Anika”.Many many happy returns of the day.Did you like my surprise and arrangements?Anika hugs him with all the love of the world.
Anika:Hugging-How do you manage to do all these?I can’t believe my luck that I got you as my husband.I love you Shivaay.I love you soooooooo…very much.More than my life.
Shivaay:I love you too.Now let’s go and cut the cake.Everything is waiting for you.They go and sit in the flowery swing.Anika blows up the candle and cuts the cake with Shivaay.They feed each other.
Anika:So,all those since morning was for my birthday?Shivaay nods happily.
Anika:Where is my gift then?
Shivaay:One second.He leaves and returns with a box.He gives it to Anika and says to open.Anika opens it and finds a glass jar full of fire flies.They are glowing into the jar.
Shivaay:Did you like your gift?

Anika:Very,very much.Can I release them Shivaay?
Shivaay:Of course.Anika removes the lid of the jar and fire flies starts coming out.They are glowing and spread around Anika And Shivaay.They look on.Everything is looking so beautiful.Shivaay is about to tell something but Anika stops him-

Anika:Shivaay,I want to tell you something.You gave me happiness rather you are the reason of my happiness and for that I can’t thank you enough no matter what.Today’s day is very special and you have made it special like anything.I want to add to his happiness.Saying this Anika takes Shivaay’s hand in her hand and tells-

Anika:Shivaay….I,I have conceived.You are going to be Dad soon.We are going to be parents!She places Shivaay’s hand on her belly.
Shivaay goes silent then outbursts in utter happiness!He says-
Shivaay:What?It’s true?OMG!!!Oh Anika!He hugs her out of pure happiness-You don’t know,just don’t know how happy you have made me today.I decided to give you surprise but you gave me such surprise that I don’t need anything else after that,except you.I love you Anika,love you so much.Shivaay takes Anika’s hands in his hands-When did you get to know?Why you have not told me earlier?He touches Anika’s belly over her saree.

Anika:Reports came when we were leaving for our outing.I wanted to tell you but waited for a right moment.Now I get it.Are you happy Shivaay?
Shivaay:Can’t tell it in words,just can’t tell.He hugs are tightly.Anika hugs him back and both look at the moon above them.Pure smile of happiness are washing them with moon light and fire flies around.Life is really beautiful and reason is love,Shivika think.They sit there under the moon lit sky,busking in the glory of love…….The End.

Author’s Note:I have written this SS to celebrate a special day.Today is 27 October and it is very,very special for me.This above written SS is a personal gift for me,from me.I have enjoyed writing it,hope those who would read would enjoy too.Thanks.
#Happy Birth Day-Luthfa#

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