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(A/N-thanx for d beautiful n lovely cmnts…here u go..☺)



Twinkle n kunj were im d garden only..where kunj had took her in rage..as she was ignoring her..
“Wat the hell is wrong with u..??”he asked in angry pressing his teeth..n holdin her shoulder tightly
“Wat..? Nothing..”tw repied lowering her eyes as they had occupied tears till now..
“Den y r u behavin like dis..”he asked..
“Like what”
“Like a stranger??”
“I m not…just gettin used to it”
“No..nothing i mean i should get used to it na..! As..as…dis is only in my fate…n u would mke mistress too na..! No no..i m not at all feeling bad..u can have the how many u want…but i just wanna say sorry…i couldnt fulfil ur wish of getting baby..but trust me kunj..i m already finding a girl who will love u n can give u child too…”before she could say further…she felt something on her cheeks n that was a tight slap….
Yes,kunj had slapped her..
“What the hell is wrong with u…? How can u think like this..? U r thinking that i loved u for having a baby…seriously twinkle..? How can ur thinking b so cheap…????…”kunj was in rage after listening her talk…he was shocked…n was thinking how can tw think about like this…he had truly loved her..n deeply..but he thought she didnt..
“Ku..kunj…sorry but i thought u loved me for baby..n i m of no use after this…so i..i..”twinkle was now crying…vigorously…kunj took her n make her sit in the car..n drove off…

Scene-2 DEVAKSHI SCENE..(imp for twinj fans too)
Devakshi,who had listened this(twinj talk) was now sad…sonakshi was almost crying
“Dev,there is misunderstanding btwn them…”she said whike crying..
“Ya..i can see that they really love eo…n v should do smthng right..?”
“But what will v do..?”
“Nothing in particular now..but v can do smthng tomorrow…(he smirk) n fo now..i know wat i have to do”
He said n hold her hand…
They both walk hand in hand for a long walk..which was usual for both…they both walk upto marine drive…n sat on there daily visitin place..
Both chatted n laugh..both loved to talk with eo…they love eo company
Sonakshi had known that she is getting attracted towards dev…n may be falling for him..but she dont mind..as he was already his hubby..n little did she know dat he also liked her…
Both were talking random…wen dev asked her to go for a long walk…that was der daily routinue…almost…
Dey walkes till marine drives..n sat there..talking anything n evrything…wen some1 tapped sona’s shoulder she turned n dev notice a big smile on her face..before he could understand anything she hugged the man..
“Oh my god..! Jatin..u here…i misssed u sooooo much..how r u..??”she exclaimed happily…dev was now red n boiling in jealousy…
“Calm down baby.! N pls dont squeeze me this much…i m not able to breath….n i m here for a week “he said n she leave him…
Dev eyes was as big as watermellon after listening baby from his mouth…
Wen sona noticed him..
“Hey,wait lemme introduce u both…so dev,he is jatin my chuddy buddy i mean my childhood bestie…”she was interpreted by jatin..
“N his half boyfriend..!”he proudly said that to which sona n dev stand dumbstruck..but sona continued..after punching him in stomach..
“Shut up..idiot..!dev,its nothing like that he is just joking…n btw jatin meet my husband dev,dev dixit…”now she said proudly sidehugging dev..n dev smiled..
Boh shake der hand n den again sona n jatin continued there talk..dev was bored…
He pull sona towards himself as boh were talking standing closed…
“Sona..!i think v should leave..!”
“Ya..okay..bye jatin…btw where r u staying..”
“I m going to see sm hotel only to stay..”
“No need..coz u r cming with me…n now….”she commanded to which after a bit hesitation he complied….
Dev was now cmpltly angry but dint say anything..n they start to walk..all the way sona was talking to jatin..n dev was numb n jealous..he was not even realizing why he was….all he could accpt that he is very much protective n ove possesive for sona..n may be this was only the reason behind his this jealousy…
On reaching there place dmsona introduce evry1 to jatin…dev was long back left to their room…sona,after 1 hour of chatting n showing his room..went to her room….where dev was working…she could see him angry as she had ignored him…
She went to washroom to get freshen up…
Dev,who was now whole angry went to his side of bed n tried to sleep but to his badluck or can say habit of cuddling into sona dint helped him…
Yes,dey both sleep together…but they were not at all physically intimate…jz dey sleep hugging n cuddling eo…
Sona aftr cmin out tries to talk to him but of no use…so she slept at her side…
“Haww….! She is not habituated with hugging me..huh..! She slept n i m all awake…huh..”thought angry dev…nothing wasdifderent with sonakshi…she was thinking the same..
At 1 am..
Now it was enough for dev he thought n sonakshi same..
Both turn at d same time…

“U r awake…?”again both askes eo..
N then..
“Sorry..!”again together .(??)
“I m sorry dev..u dont need to…i ignored u…i m really sorry..n how can i sleep without hugging u”she said n blushed…
“Its ok…n i got over possesive n same here..with me…not able to sleep…”he said n then open his arm…n she hugged himm…
Both slept in eo’s embrace…

SCENE-3:TWINJ SCENE(also imp for devakshi fan…wanna know jatin’s notive to cm to mumbai..den read…!”

Kunj take her to there place…where before evry1 can ask y dey came early..kunj took her to d rooom…n locked it..
“Ku..kunj..wat happened…y r ..y r u angry….? I jz said wat was truth..i thought that u will bring new wife for…”she was cutted by kunj..he pinnes her to d wall..
“Not a single word more…just shut up…”he said …n then realize that he was gurting her…
“How can u jz even think like that..???????????????…i dint thought that ur thoughts r so cheap..i had not love this twinkle…whose thought r of a penny ….how can u think that i loved u becoz of getting kids…i loved u with my whole heart n u think like this..”saying this his eyes had started leaking….
“Den y were u ignoring me like dis…u dint pay attention to me…just work …workn work…all tym…so i thought…”
“BecoZ…i thoughy u r in depression after this accident n i was searching for best gumynaecologist for U….i always wanted to b happy..i dont wanna see a single tear in ur eyes..which i was seeing daily after that..i love my family too..i dont wanna let dem sad n point finger on U..so i find a doctor for ur treatment…n today i was going to introduce to one of them..n second would have reaches…1 is SONAKSHI DIXIT…to whose husband’s party v had gone…i took u so that i can make u meet hwr..n second is JATIN SHARMA…both r topp gynaecologist of india…i wanted u to meet any1 of them …so that u can cure..n this problem could b solved..but no…u wanna misunderstand..n u did…!???????”
He was whole angry n tears were cming of his eyes…
Tw could not take it anymore n
“????????????..i m soo…sooo sorr..sorry kunj…i dint think like dis i thought…i mreally very sorry…”she said n quickly hugges him..he was angry but his anger vanished wen her tears made him weak again …
Both hugged..
“Its okay..but pls stop crying…n dont even think of this type things again…i just love u…will love u…n always loved u…i had loved u truly,madly n unconditionally….dont think this again…i cant bear u broken again…????”
Tw smiled n wipe her tears..
“Thank u…i m really blessed to hav u in my life…”she said n pecked his lips…he was shocked first but before he could realize she went blushing to change..he smiled..
Tw came out in her nighty which was till knee only n netted shrug…he went crazy seeing him n she knew dis…n she would not resist him today as there had been long tym dey had spend sm tyn with eo..or anything like dat…
Kunj went towards her n hold her by waist..
“Looking s*xy..mrs.sarna..”to which she blushed n hugged him…kunj digged his face in his neck n stated to put wet kisses n hickeys there…tw dint realize dat she had been put on bed n her hubby was upon her…he slowly moved towards her lips n smashed it…it was a wild one n twinkle was a wild cat in this(today also??)
She bite n chewed his lips kunj was no less…he did same with full passion…
Both played with eo tongues n pull out for sm oxygen…
Kunj kissed her all over her face n took out her nighty…n soon kunj’s shirt was teared by twinkle…both were in there own world…so i think v should leave now…let them have some special moment with eo??(see guys..i m doing this after many months..i had given vdry much deep romance in previous os’s soo..ye to banta hai)
Inshort i can say they consummated there marriage again…

Both woke up n smiled n hav there daily routine..sonakshi went to her hospital droped by dev…where jatin also accompanied her(kabab me haddi?)
Dev dint pay much attention..kunj n twinkle reach there after meeting twinkle chose sonakshi to cure her..as she was feelin uneasy with male doctor so now jatin was free..(kuch kaam ka nahi hai..?)
Sona n twinkle talk woth eo…n soon realize that theyhad studied in same school..both talkwith eo…
N hav a good tym..n sonakshi told her to start the treatment from d next day…dev also accompanied them as he was free rest day..n he was deeling uneasy to put sona with jatin alone(ye jatin k saath sab hi uneasy feel kar rahe hai??)
Kunj n dev had a good tym…dey 5 had lunch together..(again kab me haddi j mean 2 couple me jatin tha na..!??isliye 5)
Dev n sona left for there place…
Wen jatin asked sona to make him see mumbai..sona complied n they went..
dev was furious..

Few day later..
Dev was shocked sad n jealous with sona n jatins bond.. he went to cafe…where kunj was there…(only
Kunj not twinkle)
They both sat together..n share thare life’s situation(not whole)
Dev told him about hus relation with sonakshi n him feeling uneasy n jelaous wen jatin is around her…
“Dude…u love her man..!”
“Yaa..man..u love her..hehe..haha..u r such a dumb..being a big business man u donno dat u love her…”kunj laughed…
“But how can this..sheis just..”kunj interpreted..
“Just frnd..but not now…u love her..”kunj said n laughed again..
“Achcha okah..no need to make fun dis much..but really i love her..”
“Beta..dis is wat d thing is..u dont underatand..”.after much teasing section..both leave..
Dev was shocked…he walked on the road thinking n finally concluded tht he love her.. He jump in excitement wen saw a truck approached n he realized he was on d middle of the road…n before he could do anything…some1 pushed him n both fall..
That was sonakshi..
“Dont u understand….u dumb..u idiot..wat if smtging happened to u…i would have die”she blurted…
“Go n be with ur jatin”he faked anger..
“Dev he us just my frnd “n she punch him on shoulder..
“Ah..!”he shouted as he had got sm injury..
“Lets go to hospital…”
“No,u go wid jatin..”
“Dev,he is jz my frnd…u r my husband my life n future…”
“Ur life..?”
“Um…mm..woh..actually..oaky..i ..i …shve u”
“What..?”dev asked
“I..woh..i i…love u..”she shouted..
He was overwhelmed n hugged her…
“Dev,u..u also.?i mean..”
“Yes..i love u tooo sonakshi…”
Both hugged again…
“It was good that tw/kunj made me realize…”both looked at twinj who was standing..
“So that was ur plan..?”they both asked..
“Hmm..u think only u both can make plan..?”twinj said n they smiled…
Sona n dev had made plan m sona had asked jatin to cure tw..as she can cure her..
“Lets go dev u need to get injured..”
“Nah..! Muje ni jaana..!”dev sat again on d road..
“To a Chahiye kya tumhe…??”asked and irritated sona..
“U know sona..this boys r very complicated…donno wat they want..?”tw said..
Dev pulled sona n she landed on his lap…n kunj pulls her througgh west..
“TU CHAHIYE..!”kunj/dev said at the same tym while both blushes…

1 yr later…dev n sona was blessed with a baby boy..named GOLU..n twinkle n kunj were blessed with a cute baby girl..name TANVI…

So how was it..?
I hope i satisfied both pairs fan that is devakshians n twinj fans…sorry for the delay…
My dad phone is broken so he is using mine so i had to giv..n sorry twinj n devakshians..
I will b late posting my respective ffs..
But in 2 days twinj fans will get my ff..as i had not posted it almost 2 weks..n aftr that devakshians too..
I will surely make it long..(may b as usual 3000 words..?)

N guys dis is also not short 2500 words…!
I had took my phone for 3 hour from dad to write …n it is already over..so without speaking much bahbye…
Love u all..
N m really very happy that both fans liked it..?
Hope dis was good too?
Love yaaa??

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  1. yrrr it was awesome…
    waese i m also a tu member but i havent logged in right now

    1. Aamu

      Haan..! I nnow u…
      V had talktooo through dm’s…
      If u remembr..
      N thanx for the cmnt….
      Glad uliked it…?

  2. Awesome episode dear

    1. Aamu

      Thanx princesss…?

  3. Akshita

    Wow that was lovely ??
    just perfect

    1. Aamu

      Thanx akshita…?

  4. SidMin23

    Loved it twinj become parent at last and each moment was beautiful written enjoys a lots keep covering on twinj

    1. Aamu

      Wo to hona hi tha..!☺☺
      N i m not going to mix both pairs again for sure..it was jz dat i wanna cekebrate my 3 yr with both pairs frnds..n i dint have tym to write two os at a tym sooooo…
      Well thank u sooo much di..

  5. awesome episode…just loved it….keep on writing such interesting ff’s….post next soon dear….

    1. Aamu

      Thanx ekani…
      n it was a one shot…n it ended..how can i post next …
      Calo i think tumhari mere jaisi problem ho gayi …
      Ffs par likhene ki wajah se habit…crrct..?
      Well again thanx

  6. Presha

    Hey aamu..
    Its awesome..
    Just loved it..
    Post soon..

    1. Aamu

      Thanx presha di..

  7. awesome try posting twinj ff

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      Thanx padu…

  8. Aamu it was awesome

  9. Aarti32

    Amazinggg OS..

  10. Vinya

    Nice one…keep writing and keep smiling

  11. Priya12

    Kya likhe yaat tune…
    Sachmee bohut accha hai..
    Awesomeee epi…
    I luved it aamu…
    Post ur ff asap..
    And do see my reply on the character sketch of this os..

  12. Baby

    oh god aamie……….♥
    loved it amazing fabulouisly cute…….☺
    adorable n beautiful…….☺
    love u lods………♥♥♥♥♥♥
    bt u ended it too soon…… 🙂
    cute n emotional……♥
    twinj romance was ohhh god hot….. ♥♥
    loved it……..♥

    1. Aamu

      Hey,dammu c’mon..
      It was a OS…ONE SHOT…
      I have to end..don worry i will write another wen i m free…
      N thanx for taaarif☺☺
      Love u??

      1. Baby

        ☺☺ cool I will wait…well plss sad mat hona agar cmnts naa mile pata nahi sab log kahan gayab hai aajkal noo posts no ffs no os….. 🙁 🙁

    2. Aamu

      Oh..! Kyu sab kaha gaye..
      Well me b on nahi rehti TU par…
      Boho busy hu vacation me b…so…?
      Dont worry mera ff post jldi ho jaega..?
      Love u

  13. Twinjfan.tamanna

    wowwww… meri aamu kya likh thi hai yaar tu! Amazingly Awesome! hame bhi koi tip diya kar yaar! but I just loved it! keep writing

    With love,
    Urs Tamanna

    1. Aamu

      Me kya tip du…tum khid hi achcha likh ti ho…i read onepart of ur ff..many daysago…n may b cmntd tooo…
      Welll thank u…

  14. Sameera

    Awwww meri jaan Kya os likha hai yaar the twinj pe upper to again fidaaa hogayi and devakshi pe bhi and ye jatin bechara ??????….kawab me haddi uske liye b heroine laa deti well all n all that’s was superbbb. Loved each n every bit ….
    And plzzz post ur ff waiting for it sorry yaar Tu par zyada nahi aa pa rahi Hu mere exams 20 may se hai n these preparations n all uwaaaa mujhe Rona aaraha hai so sorry could comment on this intro ??…
    Well meine pm me reply Kiya and it went on not responding so I couldn’t revert u back uske liye b sorry (haan para hai ab Tu meri jaan lene wali hai sorry kehne k liye par Kya Karu aadat se majboor see I have also became bak bak queen ) …
    Chal bye going Chota SA break liya tha again going back to write record ???…
    Bye bye ….
    Love u …..sooooooooooooooo (bolne k zarurat hai Kya,???)
    Plzzz ur ff soon ……

    1. Aamu

      Haaye meri shaammmmmmmuuuu…
      Well no worry..muje pata tha k tu busy hi hogi..warna tu reply deti..i m really not at alll angry..n waise sorry mat bola karo..pehle se elder ho mujse n den also sorry sorry..huh..
      Well thank u sooo much…for d cmnt…
      Inna busy schedule me se bhi kiya so soooo mug thank u my love..
      N koi nai…u know itni saari cmnts me bhi mene tumhari cmnt bohot miss kiya…
      My babydolllll…
      N haaa alll d very best for ur exams..ye exams bohot besharam hai..itna gussa karte hai fir bhi mu utha kar aa hi jaati hai????
      Welll me abhi mera ff hi likh rahi thi…i will posttoday only..sorry for the delay…i was sick n admitted in hospital soo…sorrry
      Love u meri jaaaannn???????
      N haa..! Jati mera dushman..hai serial me b bich me aa jata hai..isliye usko hawa me hi chod diya???
      Kabab me haddi…calo koi ni..
      Thank u again..
      N yaa ur voti sisssuuuu loves u alot????

  15. Mannat

    Awesome loved it ….. sorry for shortage of words to express … but done

    1. Aamu

      Mannat..??? Remember me..?
      U know i was so happy seeing ur name..!!.
      U r d one naa..! Writer of tashan e ashiqui…
      Well yaad hu na..;!
      N thanx for d cmnt…
      Love u yaar..n really missed u soooo much…
      I had missed ur ff..!
      Did u posted anything.?
      Sorry i had ledt for 3-4 months bcoz of exam….
      Well reply zarur karna read karo to .i’ll b glad…

      1. Mannat

        Hi aamu… I can’t forget you … my commentator of tashan e aashiqui ….. I also missed you all .. actually got busy somewhere … must say your os was amazing

    2. Aamu

      Sudhiksha…? Right..??

      1. Mannat

        Ya right … sorry but I forgot your real name … sorry … can you tell me

    3. Aamu

      Missed u toooo..welll my name is sana..n aamena too…
      I mean 2 names……well sana is my real n pet name too..most of reader(or can say evry1) know me through aamena only…
      N did u join TU again…or ..?

      1. Mannat

        I will call you aamu … As it is really cute name and I never left tu … I was just on break …

    4. Aamu

      I donqt mind u calling anything..
      N ohk…
      I was also on a break of few months..coz of boards pressure…
      Welll…r u writing any ff now..n wat bout tashan e aashiqui…coz i was om break n donno if u posted or cmpltd or watever

      1. Mannat

        Boards…. in which class you are . And ya I completed tashan e aashiqui long time back … nice to meet you

    5. Aamu

      I cmpltd 10 std…i mean gave 10 boards exam..n u ended..? Seriously..
      I dint read it..! I’ll surely read..i think 2-3 chapters r left of mine..i’ll cmnt through pm’s…?

  16. Aamu it’s amazing awesome
    Muujhe bohat acha laga
    I lived IT
    Each n everu scene is superb
    Love u keep smiling

    1. Aamu

      Thanx ramya…
      Glad u loved it..
      N love u toooo

  17. Hey aamu os was amazing…..
    Luvd it to the core…. Both the pairs were awesome …. Superb… U r amazing writer ??? do post ur twinj ff soon ….. Luv u ??…. Thnks for accepting my frnd request….. Byee…tc…

    1. Aamu

      Hey,thanks anayaali…
      M glad dat u liked it..
      N twinj wala ff is posted…hope u read dat…?
      Do giv ur views der too

  18. hey aamu…i was talking about the next os…to post next os soon…i am glad that u r back with a new ff story biwi ho toh aisi…not with an os….thanx for coming back….i really like u & ur stories…

    1. Aamu

      Oh yaa..! I got it now…
      N well thanx for ur support…
      N about biwi go toh aisi…its a some shots only…a smalll n funny one

  19. Sohi

    Nice os

    1. Aamu

      Thanx sohi

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