Tu Aashiqui 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: KK alerts Pankti about Rangoli

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The Episode starts with Rangoli gaining Ahaan’s sympathy. She says we permit people to hurt us, since we love them. Kaira says Poorva is with Monty, she is trying for few things, I called Monty, I heard he is with Poorva. She tells everything. She says she was playing a game and flirting with Vikram to get Monty’s attention. Richa gets angry and says Anita and her daughters ruined our family. Aparna asks her not to jump to any conclusion. Kaira gets angry and goes. Aparna says I just have hope from Pankti, just she can solve this.

Pankti comes to meet KK. He says thanks for believing me. She says I don’t believe you. He says Rangoli did everything, I gave her break, she can do anything, I know her well. Pankti asks do you know Vivek. He says they had an affair, she blamed him the same way, Vivek left the city, Pankti listen to me carefully, she is dangerous, she will be good to Ahaan till he agrees to her, once he refuses, she will put same blame on him. Pankti goes. She feels someone is following he and turns to see. Rangoli says I gave everything to music, but music snatched me from myself. Pankti asks who is following me. She sees a shadow.

Rangoli says this affected me, I told him that I can give life for love, so he is trying to take my life. Pankti’s phone goes off. Ahaan asks who is he Rangoli says Vicky. He says so much time passed. She says you didn’t rehearse. Ahaan says don’t worry, Pankti and I have good chemistry, I will call her. She hurts her back. He gets number switched off and calls Poorva. Poorva says she isn’t at home. Rangoli acts hurt. Ahaan cares for her. Richa says you were not playing with Poorva, she was playing with you, like a puppet, you and Monty had a fight because of her. Vikram gets angry.

Richa calls him a loser. He scolds her. Ahaan applies the ointment on Rangoli’s shoulder. She asks him to go to Pankti. Pankti comes there. Ahaan shows Rangoli’s back to Pankti and says KK has done this. Pankti gets shocked seeing the nail marks and recalls that Rangoli was fine when she hugged her to console. She recalls KK’s words. Ahaan says I should have beaten KK more. Rangoli says what would happen of me then, I mean of Pankti, go and rehearse now. Ahaan and Pankti leave. She sees someone hiding behind the car. She asks who is there. Ahaan asks what happened. Pankti says I feel someone is following me. He says why will anyone follow you, sit, maybe its Rangoli’s stalker. He runs to Rangoli and says your stalker is here. Rangoli says I know, don’t worry, he won’t do anything to me, I m his first love, first love has passion, I will handle, he always stays close, Pankti take Ahaan. Pankti says we can stay back if you say. Rangoli says no, I m fine. Ahaan says call me if there is anything. Rangoli thanks him. Ahaan and Pankti leave. Vikram gets drinking and thinks of Poorva. He calls her. He goes to meet her.

Monty comes to meet Poorva. He apologizes to her and says I have realized my mistake. She asks how, did you feel jealous, why didn’t you tell this to me before. He says I know that pic was fake, Vikram framed you. She says you didn’t believe me when I said. He says I spoke to that manager, he told me the truth. Anita comes and asks what’s happening here. Poorva says Monty forgot his way. She asks him to go to Kaira, you shouldn’t come to me. He asks her to ask Anita for her freedom price. Poorva says I will decide who buys me.

Vikram comes drunk and asks Poorva how dare you play such a big game with me. She says its good, you got to know what’s pain of losing love, what you did with me, I did the same with you. She tells everything. She says my revenge got fulfilled, I can’t do this more Vikram. She says Monty ji, I wish you realized truth before, its too late, I have hurt Richa a lot, I don’t want to hurt Kaira. He leaves. Vikram raises hand on Poorva. Pankti comes and shouts enough, Poorva isn’t Richa to tolerate this. Poorva says let him go, he has to live with humiliation now. Vikram leaves. Ahaan plays guitar. He thinks Rangoli would be worried. Pankti thinks why did Rangoli lie.

Ahaan apologizes to Pankti. She says we can rehearse any time. Pankti meets Vivek to know about Rangoli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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