Tu Aashiqui 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rangoli gets Ahaan arrested

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The Episode starts with Richa asking Vikram to focus on their relation. He says I m ready to do anything you want. She asks what do you want. He says a child. She says you had no interest in child before. He says I always had a interest, I want a child, can you give me this happiness of fatherhood. Rangoli comes to police station and reports against…. She cries. Anita blesses Pankti and Poorva, and hugs. Everyone smiles. The couples proceed for marriage. Ahaan asks Pankti to give his lucky charm. She smiles. Uday teases them. Pandit guides them for Varmala rasam. The couples Ahaan-Pankti, Monty-Poorva exchange garlands. Everyone claps. Pandit asks them to sit now. He asks Anita to fulfill Poorva’s kanyadaan first. Kaira says not everyone is so lucky.

Aparna asks Manav why is he crying. Manav says its tears of happiness, Ahaan and Pankti have tolerated a lot, look at them, they are so happy, they are finally uniting. Anita does the kanyadaan. Kaira and Richa go for ghatbandhan rituals. Pandit asks the couples to do the rituals. He chants the mantras. He says Poorva’s rounds and mangalsutra ritual will happen first, groom will walk ahead for four rounds and then bride will walk ahead for three rounds. Poorva and Monty take the wedding rounds. Everyone showers flowers. Monty makes Poova wear the mangalsutra. He fills sindoor in her maang. They smile. Pandit says your wedding got completed, you both are husband and wife now. Everyone claps. Pandit asks Ahaan and Pankti to take rounds now. Ahaan holds Pankti’s hand and takes the rounds. Everyone smiles and showers flowers. Ahaan promises to fulfill all her dreams. She promises to never withdraw support. Vikram sees Richa and smiles.

Ahaan says I promise I will always keep you happy. Pankti says I promise I will never let sorrow come in your life. They take further rounds. Pankti walks ahead. Pandit says 6 rounds completed, you are going to take 7th round now. Ahaan says I promise I will be a better husband than a good BF. She promises to become his strength and support. Police comes and stops the marriage. Inspector asks who is Ahaan here. Ahaan says its me, what happened. Inspector says you are under arrest. Manav asks what’s his crime. Inspector says his crime is rape attempt on Rangoli. They all get shocked.

Aparna says our son can’t do this, stop. Manav asks what’s the proof, Rangoli is falsely blaming. Inspector says FIR is lodged, its enough to arrest him. Ahaan says listen to me. Pankti says Ahaan can’t do this. Inspector asks him to come to police station and talk. Police drags Ahaan. The ghatbandhan breaks. Pankti cries. Rangoli laughs and says Pankti would be crying now. She recalls hurting herself and telling Mishka that these wounds are her trophies. She says its Pankti’s mistake, Ahaan is suffering because of her. Manav checks the FIR. Vikram asks how can you arrest Ahaan. Inspector scolds him. Monty asks when was Fir filed. Inspector says today evening when Rangoli came here to file FIR. Ahaan says I didn’t do anything. Manav says we all know it. Anita says he isn’t good, he is also JD’s blood. Pankti says don’t say this, I trust Ahaan. Anita says Poorva got a gold mangalsutra, you won’t listen to me, Ahaan isn’t the right guy for you. She scolds Pankti and threatens to sell her if Ahaan doesn’t get bailed. Pankti cries.

Rangoli says I told you I will get whatever I want, I can take case back if you leave Ahaan. Pankti says I will make you cry, I will get Ahaan freed from jail.

Update Credit to: Amena

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