Tu Aashiqui 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Pankti learns Randhir-Rangoli’s relation

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The Episode starts with Rangoli acting dizzy. She says I feel unwell, how will I manage you all, I will come later. Randhir and Pankti leave. Ahaan looks on. Randhir calls Rangoli. She doesn’t answer. He leaves to meet Rangoli. Pankti follows. Rangoli throws things in anger. Randhir comes there. She asks why did you go there, why did you buy Ahaan’s business and house. Pankti comes there and sees Gippy. Randhir says I m not your servant, I did business, I didn’t know its Ahaan’s business and house, its mine now, I don’t like anyone interfering in it. Pankti throws a stone at the car. Gippy goes to see. Pankti enters the house. Rangoli and Randhir argue. She holds his neck. He pushes her and holds her neck. Pankti comes there and gets shocked.

Randhir says I m your father, and father

is a father, understand. Rangoli says how did you take Pankti to Ahaan’s house without telling me, I asked you to make her your mistress. Pankti gets shocked. Randhir says stay in your limits, I will manage Ahaan. He leaves. Ahaan sees Pankti’s pic. He recalls her words and cries. He sees Poorva and Monty coming. He asks them to leave. Poorva says I can really see that she is hiding something, why can’t you see this, I know her since childhood, whenever she is in problem, she stays silent, so she is silent even today.

Aparna hears this. Pankti says congrats, I thought you have no one in your family, I m glad to know, you can wish him on father’s day, I got to know everything fine, thanks for bringing me back in Ahaan’s life and making love win, I can really see that Ahaan and I will unite, don’t take tension, I will get that video footage, I know your truth now, when Ahaan’s family learns this, then situation will get worse, you were winning till now, now I m back in the race, we shall see who wins. She throws flowers on Rangoli. She asks her to be ready to get ruined. She leaves. Rangoli gets angry on Randhir’s mistake. She drinks wine. She says there is one way, to create hatred in Ahaan and Dhanrajgir family’s heart, and make my place, then I will see Pankti’s challenge.

Randhir comes to Pankti and talks dirty. Gippy comes to take file. Randhir gives the file. He gets Rangoli’s call. He says I have to go for imp work, I will just come. He leaves. Anita counts the jewelry sets. Pankti calls Anita and tells her everything. She says Rangoli planned everything to keep me away from Ahaan, I was helpless to do this, as Rangoli blackmailed me. Anita asks didn’t you do this willingly. Pankti says why did you stoop so low. Anita doesn’t care. Pankti says you will never change, I will find truth about Rangoli and Randhir. Anita ends call and says thanks for telling this, it will be fun, Randhir has one thing, JMD and Pankti too.

Pankti gets tea for Gippy. She switches on the fan. The papers fly. She says sorry. She gets a call. Anita says it will be fun now, I will get double money. Poorva scolds her. She says it was my mistake to come here, money is with you, I won’t come again. Anita says even Ahaan and Pankti’s love is helpless, you are nothing in front of it, you will be helpless some day. Poorva asks who made Pankti helpless, tell me, I will tale all the money from you. Anita says Pankti should have not interfered in Ahaan’s case, Rangoli or anyone else, it doesn’t matter, Pankti failed. Poorva says I will get Pankti out of this hell. She goes. Anita smiles.

Rangoli scolds Vikram. Randhir says I have made Pankti the face of JMD. Rangoli insults her. Everyone questions Pankti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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