Tu Aashiqui 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Randhir angers Ahaan

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The Episode starts with Randhir making fun of Aparna and others. Vikram gets angry. Aparna stops him. Pankti thinks of Ahaan. Ahaan comes there and sees her. Poorva says I want to know what changed overnight, what would Aparna and everyone think about Pankti, please come. Monty stops her and says I want to tell you something, I have seen Anita with money and felt weird. Poorva says yes, I also felt strange. He says something has happened, and we aren’t told about it. She asks will Ahaan and Pankti never unite. Randhir says you are playing Aashiqui, do you miss your old lover, you like to stare like free fund, she is mine now, you don’t have money now. Ahaan says you stay happy with your thing, I have no interest. Randhir says I have to check if the deal is costly. He shuts the door.


tells Pankti that he has paid a lot and now its his right to act cheap. He taunts her about JD. He says I will dress like JD to set your mood. Ahaan hears them and gets angry. Randhir says we will set the mood. Pankti asks what are you doing, stop. Randhir says the wine didn’t get over my senses. Ahaan turns angry and goes to his room. Randhir pushes Pankti. Ahaan ruins his room in anger. Randhir falls asleep.

Its morning, Aparna cleans the temple. Pankti looks on. Ahaan sees Pankti. Pankti says I got a sleep of peace after many days. Aparna says till I m alive, the same thing will happen, its our house. She sees Pankti coming downstairs. Pankti argues with them. Aparna asks what happened to you, this is not you, please tell me if anything happened between you and Ahaan. Pankti says I don’t have time for all this, I just came to get tea. Aparna says I can’t believe this, you are following Anita’s path. Pankti says yes, why not, I m getting luxuries, I realized mum was right, mum isn’t liar like you, who are you to ask me, its my house, I can stay any way.

Aparna asks don’t you feel weird saying this. Randhir comes and asks her what problem she has with Pankti’s clothes. Ahaan asks how dare you talk to my mum like this. Randhir says I don’t talk to drunkards, I m the owner of this house, you all are unwanted guests, stay like that, don’t say anything to my baby doll. Ahaan asks Pankti not to say anything. Aparna scolds him for getting wine in puja. Randhir asks him to listen to his mum. Aparna says till we study documents, we will believe that there is no problem here, we have to together follow rules. She asks them to come and pray. Randhir and Pankti join them. Pankti cries seeing Ahaan. Everyone attends aarti. Rangoli calls Randhir. He doesn’t answer. Aparna gives prasad to everyone. She says breakfast is ready. He asks did you prepare food yourself. She goes. Randhir asks Pankti to come and have breakfast. They sit for breakfast. Randhir asks for chicken. He refuses to eat parathas. Aparna says we prepare just this on puja day, you have to eat this. Randhir argues.

Randhir asks Gippy to get some food. He asks everyone else to have food. Randhir gets chicken Tangdi and shows them. Pankti asks why are you all shocked, what’s wrong in it. Rangoli comes there. She pities Ahaan and family. Randhir looks on. Rangoli says you should have called me once Ahaan. She gets shocked seeing Randhir and Pankti there. She thinks Pankti and dad are here.

Pankti taunts Rangoli. She says I m back in the race, lets see who wins, get ready to get ruined. Rangoli gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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