Tu Aashiqui 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram upsets Richa

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The Episode starts with Pankti recalling Aparna’s words. Reyansh asks shall I drop you home. She says no, I want to go home and meet Aparna. He says that’s my home too, our ways are same and destination too. Richa scolds Vikram for cheating him. She says I trusted you, we are husband and wife, I didn’t know you will cheat me. He asks were you following me. She says I know you are doing the same cheap thing with Poorva, you would have liked her. He says just shut up and throws her bag. He says you won’t go, I will ruin those people who did this with mom, else I may vent anger on you, just do as I said. He pushes her and goes. She cries. Aparna waits for Ahaan. Kaira shows the decorations designs to her. Richa comes and hears them. She recalls Vikram’s words. Aparna asks Kaira did she make guest


Richa asks them to ask Monty his choice too. Kaira says our relation is special, he has okayed these designs, I have chosen his sherwani, he would be coming to try it. Kaira asks Aparna to suggest whom to invite. Ahaan is at the pub and drinks sadly. Monty comes home. Kaira asks Monty to just say yes for her choice. Richa goes to Monty. She sees Vikram and gets quiet. She doesn’t tell about Vikram. Aparna asks Kaira to take Monty for clothes trial. Vikram stares at Richa.

Reyansh and Pankti are on the way. He asks why do you hide things. She asks what did I hide. He says something big. He compliments her for the dance. He says you will become a super star now. She thinks why is he saying so, what’s his true face. Vikram asks Richa to get ice for his drink. Richa goes. He asks her to join and relax. She says you don’t drink this way, shall I get salad for you. He says yes please. Richa goes and switches off the lights. Everyone thinks what happened. Richa goes to Monty. Vikram stops her. She says you can’t do anything to me. He hurts his hand by the glass piece. He says you would be scared of my death, if you say anything, I will end my life. She gets shocked. Monty comes there and asks about the sound. They make excuse. Monty goes. Richa says you got saved Vikram as I love you, but your evil truth will come out one day. Aparna asks Kaira to call Pankti and ask about Ahaan.

Pankti comes and says I m here. Aparna asks how was your shoot, where is Ahaan. Pankti says he didn’t come for the shoot. Reyansh says he said he is on the way and didn’t turn up. Pankti says don’t worry, Uday will get him. Kaira calls them for dinner. Pankti thinks to check Reyansh’s room. She says I will go washroom and come. She recalls his words. Reyansh says I m going upstairs, I will send her. Pankti checks his room. She gets the gloves and hoodie. Reyansh comes and finds the door open. She says it means Reyansh was behind the attacks that happened in London. She thinks of him. He holds the door knob. She asks did you finish dinner so early. He sees her and says yes, no actually I came to find you, Aparna is asking about you. She says lets go. He gets thinking.

Ahaan gets drunk and sits over the bridge. Uday says we shall decode this message. He says one word is clear. He shows Reyansh. Pankti gets shocked. JD says I m failing as Reyansh too, there is one way, I have to take Pankti away from here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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