Tu Aashiqui 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rangoli tricks Ahaan

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The Episode starts with Pankti saying no, I have sent the stalker. Rangoli gets shocked. Pankti says you are doing this to win Ahaan’s attention right. Rangoli says no, I want Ahaan,  Ahaan catches Uday. Uday says stop, its me. Ahaan says how come you are here as stalker. Uday tells everything. Ahaan gets confused. Rangoli says I just wanted to separate you before, I realized Ahaan is your strength, by which you got my son, after spending time with him, I got to know he is so loving and caring. She recalls Ahaan and says he is so pure, he is made just for me, I know to which family you belong.

Pankti says Ahaan knows my family background, even then he accepted me, when he knows your truth, you know what will he do. Aparna looks for them. Ahaan says what happened to Pankti. Pankti says Ahaan won’t even see your face. Rangoli sees Aparna coming and falls unconscious. Aparna rushes to her. Ahaan comes. Mishka says madam fainted by shock. Ahaan says I know who did this. Mishka says I have medicine for madam. Aparna says fine, you would be knowing it. Mishka gets some medicines and feeds it to Rangoli.

Ahaan takes Pankti. Uday sees the medicine wrapper and takes it. Ahaan asks what did you do Pankti. Pankti says listen to me, Rangoli was asking Mishka about stalking, Mishka is the stalker, who is doing this on Rangoli’s drama, Rangoli said she likes you. Ahaan gets shocked. He says I have seen her fear, stress and attack, how shall I ignore it. Rangoli smiles and shakes hands with Mishka. Ahaan says you risked her life, she is our guest. Rangoli says smart thinking, you made me mental patient, no leave for one year. Ahaan says now tell me that medicine is also a lie, stop your games. Ahaan goes to Rangoli and apologizes on Pankti’s behalf. Rangoli asks why, I don’t remember anything. Mishka says you fainted down. Pankti says I collided with you, so you fainted, why to say sorry if Rangoli doesn’t remember anything, any ways if you are feeling better, get ready for engagement. Rangoli says yes, I have come here for that. She takes Ahaan’s support and smiles.

Vikram sees Anita and asks who invited them. Everyone says we didn’t invite them. Manav says anyways, just behave well with them, they are guests. Manav welcomes Anita and Poorva. Kaira says we needed Poorva’s blessing for this engagement. Ahaan and Rangoli come downstairs. Anita taunts them seeing this. She asks is Ahaan making his pairing with Rangoli. Uday shows medicine wrapper to Pankti. He says Mishka gave this to Rangoli. She says its medicine for acidity. He says exactly, don’t know what drama she will do now, I will tell Ahaan now. Pankti stops him and says we have no proof against Rangoli. Vikram comes to Poorva. She gets away. Richa looks on. Pankti and Uday come downstairs. Ahaan and Vikram take Kaira for a surprise. They make her sit on the swing. Everyone smiles.

Rangoli joins Ahaan and smiles. Pankti looks on. Ahaan hugs Kaira. Pankti comes to Rangoli and says tell me if you want acidity medicine even tomorrow. She shows the wrapper and taunts. Rangoli smiles. Pankti asks why are you doing this, they are good people, its a special moment, I don’t want to spoil it, I will tell everything to Ahaan after this engagement. Rangoli says we will see what happened after the engagement, I have a surprise for you. Manav says Monty isn’t answering my call, Kaira is so happy, if she learns this, this smile may vanish. Aparna says Pankti said Monty agreed. He says then where is he. Rangoli asks Anita did she do her work. Anita says yes. She recalls having a deal with Rangoli. She gives a pendrive. Rangoli gives her money. Anita goes. Rangoli thinks just wait and watch Pankti, how I make this engagement more special for you.

Richa humiliates Poorva. Monty defends Poorva and refuses to do the engagement. He says I love Poorva, not Kaira.

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