Truth, revenge, love and shivika — ‘i want my daughter’

shivay: but ragini, i can’t.
he was talking to ragini on the phone.
ragini: kyu shivay? kyu? all my life, i wanted to hear someone calling me ‘ma’. MA SHIVAY! MA! but that never happened. all because of you!
shivay: but what will happen to anika?
ragini: i don’t know but i just want my child. meri beti. the one who will call me ma.
shivay: how? how will she call you ma? for 14 years, she has been calling one person ma and that is anika!
ragini: and for 14 years, i have done nothing but beg. BEG FOR MY DAUGHTER! BEG FOR THE DAUGHTER WHICH HAS BEEN MADE WITH YOU!! 14 years ago, you took meri beti from me and declared to the entire world that her mother was anika!! have you thought that how i would feel? how?
shivay: rag…….

ragini interrupting: but now, my daughter will call me ma. and i’ll make sure! just remember one thing shivay singh oberoi, I WANT MY DAUGHTER!!
she cuts the phone.
both ragini-shivay threw their phones across the room.
ragini: i will get my daughter back shivay. she is my daughter only. not anika’s.
shivay: now what to do? anika will be heartbroken when she finds out. why did i got involve with ragini?
precap: meet aarti shivay singh oberoi
so how was this guys?

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