Truth? or Lie? – Ragsan – Part 7

Hi sissy’s…. here with next part. Now a days m getting less likes and comments 😞. Don’t know why. Ur support gives me strength to write. Ur views make me feel m giving good update. If there’s any suggestions, u can tell in comments. All views r welcome.
This is short part as next part wud b curious. Next part wud b let longer. Hope you like this..

Let’s start..

Sanskar shocked to see that person.

San: u? Here?

He was abt to say further but fell unconscious holding his head. That person ran away.


Next day

All gathered for bf. Sanskar talks nicely with all.

San: mom. Only this much u prepared? I wanted more. From many days I’ve not eaten property. It’s ok for now.

Then he turned to Kavita.

San: Kavita. U prepare lunch for me. Only cook my fav dishes.

All were looking at sanskar only.

San: wat happened? M telling to my wife. Any prob?

All nods in no. Kavita gets happy.

Kav: of course sanskar. Finally u remember everything. Lot of thanks for god to give my love back.

She hugs him. He too hugs her. He kissed her forehead.

San: prepare soon. I’ll b back.

He goes out. All looked at eachother.


At noon he comes and saw kavita smiling at him waiting for him for lunch. He gets fresh and goes to chair. she serves him. Sanskar completes lunch.

San: thanku Kavita for lunch. It’s really very tasty.

Kav: I prepare for u daily. I love you so much sanskar.

Sanskar smiles and hugs her and goes to his room. Kavita blushed.


Evng all were sitting in hall with tea and snacks.

Sahil entered. Sanskar happily welcomes him.

Sahil takes blessings from Sujata and ram.

Seeing kavita Sahil says

Sahil: how r u Bhabhi?

San: Sahil. Can’t u see how thin ur Bhabhi became that too coz of me. Rite Kavita? I really gave her tension. Sry kavita. Bring juice for Sahil, he doesn’t drink tea.

Kav: ok. I’ll bring.

Remaining all were seeing sanskar only. All faces were like confused.

San: uttara, laksh, u forgot Sahil?

San: uttara, laksh, u forgot Sahil?

Uttlak: no Bhai.

They both hug Sahil. Sanskar talks normally with Sahil. He was making jokes in between. After sometime Sahil was abt to go but sanskar stopped him.

San: stop for sometime more. After a long time we met.

Sahil stopped for him.

San: hey lets go for shopping. Wat say? Let’s spend some time together. Mom, uttlak. Shall we go?

Suj: u both go beta. U r newly wedded. U shud spend time together. After that accident u both din’t spend time together.

San: that’s also correct. Kavita, get ready. We will go. In middle we will drop Sahil.

Kavita goes to get ready.

Screen zoomed on sanskar’s face. He smirked.

Hope you liked it.

There’s no ragsan scenes in this part as next part wud b last. All ur confusion will b cleared in next part.

Drop ur views.

Love you all 😘😘😘😘

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  1. Interesting 😀

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Vini

  2. Amazinggggggggggg desperately waiting to know about ragini.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Ragsanian 🙂

  3. Priyankashaurya

    It’s nothing like u think… Actually my exam going on… So m not so much active… In Tu… Ur story is awesome… Really now waiting for next episode… What is in sanki mind…nd like u add pics in Tu here also u add pic with episodes… If u want just gave u suggestion…nd it was a mysterious epi post next part soon and a very longer one..

    1. Palchin

      Thanku so much Priyankashaurya 🙂. U can give suggestions. No probs. Abt pics, it takes much time to add. In watty it’s very easy. I’ll try to add. Next part wud b longer

  4. Awesome yaar please update soon. Want more Ragsan scenes in upcoming parts.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Aditi. Next part wud b longer.

  5. Gr8 suspense created….waiting for the next part…post soon

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Veera. After long time got ur comment. Thanku

  6. Is ragini real and alive?

    1. Palchin

      Next part it’ll b cleared

  7. Awesome. Don’t say we don’t like your stories. I always waiting for your updates. Please update constantly.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku so much Ragsan 😊. Got happy.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Ishu

  8. Awesome. Please don’t end soon. This is a exams time na that’s why you are getting low votes.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku PriyaS. This is abt mystery so unnecessary can’t drag. But if possible holding suspense then I can try

  9. Nooooooooooooo please at least write some more parts with Ragsan cute scenes. Please don’t end.

    1. Palchin

      This is abt mystery so unnecessary can’t drag. But if possible holding suspense then I can try. If possible I’ll try to make 2 parts

  10. Please don’t end this story soon. We want more ragsan scenes. Please try to continue this story. Amazing..

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Tanvi. I’ll try my best to do

  11. Awesome dear

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Rehna

  12. Superb dear

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Vani

  13. Awesomeeeee what he is up to??

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Keerthi. Next part dear 😊

  14. Nice. Waiting for next update.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Tara

  15. Can’t wait for long plsssssss update soon. Please divide into two parts.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku rikashini. I’ll try

  16. Superbbbbbbb very sad about your decision.

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