Trust is a promise (Swasan TS by snow white) – Shot 3

salam guyss soo here is the 3rd and last shot i hope u will like this and thank you soo much for the comments and sorry for not replying as was little bzy 🙂

Shot 3 :-

Swara was standing numb and tears were flowing from her eyes, she was looking towards sanskar eyes who was staring her with hopeful eyes.

Swara (in mind) while gazing sanskar: first time in my life someone talked to me like this not even baba talked to me like this as kalyani maa never gave him a chancee to talk to mee freely that’s why I never have anyone who will talk with me or to share with me something. But today my husband told me that he knows everything about me and he wants to heal me but am I ready to accept him? What about all those yrs when nobody gave me a sense of security how can I be able to trust him? But his eyes is saying something else should I give him a chance?

Her trance broke from sanskar’s voice

Sanskar: I know swara I never talked to u never said anything to u and may be today also I cant be able to say anything if mom didn’t make me realize about my mistake

Swara being confused: huh?

Sanskar sheepishly starts telling her everything.


After eating breakfast sanskar came inside the room and was roaming around the room in angry mood.

Sanskar: why cant she speak something? Why cant she come to me and say about her worries?

But a voice put full stop on his questions and he turn around and found his parents standing on the door and giving him impossible look while sujji was standing while putting hands on her waist. (That time swara was in the kitchen cleaning the mess)

Sujata to ram: ram ji I think I’ve eaten business files and tenders sheets while giving birth to his idiot

Ram while chuckling: even quotations sujata or may be whole accounting procedures

Sanskar being irritated: mom dad what r u saying? Plz don’t disturb mee im very tense about swara

Sujata while coming towards him and gave a light slap on his head

Sujata: betaa ji the way u r behaving naa then u will surely remain tense throughout your life

Sanskar while rubbing his head: mooommmm

Suji: what mom? U idiott u want swara to come to u to share her pain with u?

On which sanskar nodes in yess and again got a slap from suji on head

Suji: and why u thought she will come to u when u didn’t gave her any sign or never talked to her that u wants to share her pain? U wants to heal her pain? Is she any aantaryami? Who will understand all the things which is in your heart when that poor girl is not having anyone in her life from a tender age with whom she can share anything? Then how can u think that she will understand your pov when she don’t have her own pov about her life, about her miseries?

Sanskar was standing with confused expressions and later when he realized what sujata has said he literary wants to bang his head on his stupidity

Sanskar while patting his forehead: sorryy mommm I never thought about this I just want to share her pain but I never realized that my way to share her pain is wrong

Sujata: u should be sorryy I don’t know what business world association saw in u that they gave u best businessman award becoz in my views u r just a useless creature who can only easily trick ppl in business or professional life but in personal or normal life is just a dumb head

Sanskar with pout: mommm

Sujata: shut up doing mom mom now go and talk to her first u idiot dumbo tube light

Sanskar made an angry pout on listening his mom’s scolding while ram was giggling

Sanskar: dad don’t laugh han more than me u always get scolding from mom huh and he sat down on his bed after stomping his foot and ramta left from there.

Flashback ended…

Sanskar: swara I never gone through to such situations. I seriously wanted to heal your pain to make u happy but in that thingss I didn’t saw that my ways r wrong how can u come to know that I want u to share your pain when myself never said anything to u. Thank God mom make me realize otherwise till reception kiya for lifetime I will be waiting for u k u will come to me and tell me about everything. Im soo sorry for all the tensions u have to face due to my silence, but u can give me punishment on that if u want he said with such a puppy face k swara who was standing quietly starts laughing.

Swara: hahahaha sanskar what type of face u r making.

Sanskar become surprised on seeing her laughing and bright smile spread on his lips which was noticed by swara and she stop laughing.

Swara with sad smile: sanskar may be u r saying right or may be u really wants me to share my pain but it is very difficult for me to trust anyone.

Sanskar becomes sad on listening this which was noticed by swara.

Swara: I know u r feeling bad but trust me im not denying u, its just this all is really new for me within few weeks my life changed like this in which I got a ppl who really loves me but then also im having a fear of kalyani maa talks what if it becomes real?? What if this new life will be temporary for me??

Sanskar noticed fear in her eyes so he came near her and grabbed her hand and make her sit on the bed, he himself sat down on floor in front of her by grabbing her hand.

Sanskar: swara im not saying that u start trusting me all of a sudden because I know its not easy at all if I were be at your place I also doo the same or think the same, its just I want u to give me a chance soo that I can remove all your pains, I want u to trust on my trust which im having on myself k I will heal your pains, can u give me this promise?? Can u trust me on this?? Can u??

Swara was staring into his eyes which was lightening with some unknown spark and she don’t want to snatch that spark from his eyes.

Swara hesitantly: u will not break my heart na?? (she asked hopefully)

Sanskar with smile: neverrr

Swara: u will not leave me naa??

Sanskar with same smile: swear on my mother

Swara: u will always trust me naa??

Sanskar: more than myself??

Swara: u will not hate me naa like others?

Sanskar: that day will be my last day on this planet but after killing those who said that they hate u

Swara giggles on listening this: can I trust u??

Sasnkar while raising one hand: for sureeeee (dramatically)

Swara laughs out loud on seeing his antics: then Im ready to give u a chance

Sanskar happily: realllyyy??

Swara pressed his hand which is holding her and said: realllyyy..

Sanskar got up immediately and grabbed her by her arms and embrace her in a tight hug on which she become startled first but shyly she also reciprocate.

Sanskar after breaking the hug while holding her shoulders: I want one promise from u also

Swara being confused: what??

Sanskar: stop thinking about kalyani aunty’s talks and from today u will not pay any heed on her talks and if she will say something to u on phone or from any other way then u have to tell me all these things because I know she is the sole reason behind your this condition soo I don’t want her to instigate or brain wash u again regarding anything.

Swara with slight smile: I promise I will not pay any heed on her talks from today and will surely tell u everything but u plz don’t break my trust.

Sanskar can easily feel that she is having doubt due to her past issues but he promise himself in his mind that he will clear her all doubts.

Sanskar while giving kiss on her forehead: my mom dad is my everything swara im swearing on them that I will not break your trust ever and u know if I ever done this naa then before u, my mom will surely dig my grave on hurting her daughter

Swara surprised: daughter??

Sanskar with smile: yess daughterrrrr, mom always wanted a daughter but cant have soo when dad talked about u and our proposal she started planning to how to spend days with her daughter as me and dad due to business cant be able to give her proper time. I know she never complaint but we also know that she feels lonely

Swara: u asked me to give u chance then today im also giving u a promise that from today I will always be there for u, for mom dad. If u r trying hard for mee then I can also do this thing naa??

Sanskar: absolutelyyyy.. soo shall we move down stairs?? Mom will surely getting impatient

Swara: lets go.


In hall:

Ram was sitting on sofa and seeing his wife who was roaming around the hall in tension while biting her nails and murmuring something.

Sujji: ram ji im telling u if your dumb head son didn’t make swara to accept him then I will kick him out from this house. Arrey after many yrs I got a daughter and due to your stupid tube light son what if I lose her?? She asked to ram who was smiling at her

Suuji: arrey why r u smiling like a fool??

Ram: u r an exceptional piece sujata who is worrying about her daughter in law more than her son

Sujjata while putting hands on her waist: first of all she is my daughter not dil and second now I have become bore with u two bore ppl who don’t know anything except board meetings or project meetings huhhh she stomp her foot and turn around and found swasan standing.

Sanskar was smilling while swara was having tears in her eyes which was noticed by sujata and she became worried and go towards her

Sujata while cupping swara’s face worriedly: arrey swara beta what happened why r u crying?? Did my this idiot son did something?? U naa just tell today tou I will surely break my rolling pin while beating him

Swara nodes in no and just hugged her tightly and starts crying bitterly on which ram also becomes worried and came towards them.

Ram: arrey sanskar why swara is crying?? Did u doo something??

Sanskar with o face: areyy u r my parents or her??

Ramta: herrr now tell us what u have done

Sanskar: chaloo arrey I didn’t doo anything why don’t u ask your water tank daughter said while making faces. On listening this swara broke the hug and glare sanskar

Swara: what did u just said??

Sanskar gulped on getting glare from trio: no..o..thingg

Swara to sujata: nothing mom its just today I got the real love of a mother that’s why I cant be able to handle my emotions

Sujata while slapping her forehead: u bhi nnaaa swara u literary stopped my breath when I saw u crying bitterly

Ram: ur mom is saying right beta

Swara while grabbing her ears cutely: sorryyy

All which trio laughs and all shared a group hug.


Ppl says life is not at all easy to live, same thing happens with swara she first lost her mother and then she get mother but who with full concentration proved the thing about step mothers that they don’t love their step children.

Her father cant be able to handle everything properly as no person is expert in handling all the situations. Swara spent her life’s many yrs in getting pain and hate from ppl due to not having someone at her back.

She stops thinking about a happy life but then sanskar and ramta came in her life which gave her a reason to smile again to enjoy her life again.

Sanskar done all the tasks in that 1 month which can give swara a sense of security, sense of being loved by everyone.

Sanskar gave her little little gifts every day, like roses, chocolates, teddies, dresses, late night outings, cooking for her etc. Sujata taking her to shopping, asking her suggestions in works regarding home etc, doing gossips about the society show off ladies, watching serials, etc. Ram pulling sanskar’s leg with swara and sujata. But these r not the only things due to which swara’s doubt got cleared there r many things happened due to which swara’s trust on sanskar become strong.


Swasan were going for a long drive..

Sanskar: soo madam ji tell where u wants to go??

Swara: ummm I just want a long drive then road side pani purii

Sanskar: as u say madam and on whish swara giggled.

Both came towards one pani puri stall and there one small child around 10 yrs old working and also studying, swara was watching that kid when sanskar goes towards the kid

Sanskar: what is your name beta??

Kid: Rahul

Sanskar: why r u working and studying at a same time??

Kid: because tomorrow Im having a ppr and im working becoz I have to earn money for today so that I can buy food for my mother and sister

Sanskar felt bad and he tried to give him a money but child denied by saying that he don’t want money without doing hard work

Sanskar with proud feeling: if u want this then I will surely give u a work but when u becomes a big boy, soo from today I will take care of u and your family and don’t worry u can payback me after becoming a big person okay??

Kid nodes happily and hugged sanskar tightly and from the very next day sanskar did all the arrangements regarding kid and his family.

Swara thought that if he can do this much for an unknown then why cant he be true towards his own wife?? From that day swara starts trusting sanskar but not fully but more than before.

Like this one more incidents happened.

In which sanskar saved a man’s life who was blind and trying to cross the road but going to hit by a car and sanskar saved that man.

He also gave funds to one ngo and even bought that land on swara’s name as some local goons claiming that land as their and threatening the ngo owner on which sanskar bought that land as that ngo is working for providing justice to needy ppl.

Not only sanskar won trust of swara in fact swara also won the trust of sanskar which he was having on her that she will not breakdown again on kalyani’s talks.

It was a day when reception will be going to held after 3 days.

Kalyani came with suresh to meet swara. On seeing kalyani swara becomes scared but on getting sanskar’s comforting sight she felt relaxed and took the blessings from suresh and kalyani and left to make some snacks for them.

She was in the kitchen when kalyani came.

Kalyani with evil smirk: soo u r enjoying here?? But sorry to say this is just temporary becoz soon u r going to come back to our house becoz u r born for that thing only. (she said all these things as she thought that today also swara will become scared from her talks)

Sanskar was standing outside the kitchen and listening all these things. He was fuming in anger but today he wants swara to reply her back.

Swara turn towards kalyani she was getting nervous but then she thought about sanskar and his trust on her soo she took a deep breath and goes towards kalyani.

Swara gave her a tight slap on which kalyani becomes shocked while sanskar being excited going to hoot but surpass that feeling and starts watching all the things.

Kalyani with anger: u cheap girl how dare u to raise your hand on me?? And she tried to slap swara but swara holds her hand and jerked harshly

Swara loudly: enoughhh.. enough kalyanii I have tolerated your enough non sense, enough torture these many years but not today..

What do u think of yourself?? Why this much hate for me?? Just becoz im your husband’s 1st wife daughter?? From the age of 4 u r torturing me, abusing me I never said anything becoz u just put negative things in my mind regarding my image in eyes of others k I also starts thinking all these things as real.

But not today becoz today Im having a husband like sanskar who told mee that all those things were fake, the reality is im not a burden on anyone, nobody hates me, im not ugly, im not a curse. It was only u who put those things in my mind. It was u who killed my confidence, it was u destroyed my personality why u done all that things why???

Kalyani: becoz u were more pretty than me

On listening this swara becomes shocked not only she even sanskar and trio parents who came after listening swara’s loud voice

Swara being shocked: just becoz u thought that im more pretty than u.. u destroyed my whole life??

Is it my fault that God make me beautiful?? Dose my beauty irritates u dat much k u done all those things with me?? Answer mee??

Kalyani with hatred: yessss it was only becoz of your beauty I’ve done all those things, as before marriage all says that im very beautiful but when I married to your father all starts comparing me with u and look she is soo pretty, she is soo cute.

Swara with hatred: u r just a self-obsessed woman for who beauty is everything

Kalyani: shut up how dare u to raise your voice in front of me?? Forget all the beatings which u got from me?? And by saying that she raised her hand to slap swara on which swara hides her face behind her hands to save herself but didn’t got anything. She looked upward and found sujata standing holding kalyani’s hand

Sujata while jerking her hand gave her a tight slap on each cheek: u filthy woman how dare u to raise your hand on my daughter?? And by saying that sujata gave her more slaps.

Swara was crying while hugging sanskar. Later suresh broke his relation with kalyani and said her to get out from their lives. But kalyani starts behaving like a mad person she even tried to attack swara on which sanskar called the police and make her arrest.

And later it was revealed that kalyani is mentally sick and then she was admitted in the mental asylum.

Flashback ends.

Today was reception day and today both decided to confess their love towards each other in front of the whole world but both didn’t know each other’s plan. Finally the nyt came when sanskar was going to announce swara as his wife in front of the whole world.

Both came together at a party hand in hand on which sujata trying to whistle but she cant be able to do that thing as ram always holds her hand.

Sujata with pout: ram plz naa one whistle

Ram: no sujata all are present here what they will think??

Sujata: arrey go to hell with these ppl look naa how cool my children r looking plzz one whistle

Ram sternly: noo

Sujata: huhhh

but when ram left her hand she blow a big whistle and gave ram a winning smile on which he nodes his head in disbelief

sanskar came on a stage with swara

sanskar while holding a mike: ladies and gentleman the lady which u r watching standing with me is my wife my better half my everything but today I want to confess something more to her soo shall i??

on which all said: yesss..

sanskar while bending on his knees toward’s swara: swara u know first time when I saw u in that messy look I fell for u that time only. That day I decided that I will give u all the happiness of your life which u didn’t get. I decided and promised to myself that I will make u the original u. and when u said that day that u trust me then tou I was flying in air. Yeah yeah I know k I was little late that time but due to my mom I came on an original track but I think im not that much late na??

on which swara nodes in no with a teary eyes

sanskar: u starts trusting me, u gave me a chance to fill your life with clr soo can u plz give me a chance to fill your life with love also?? Can u plz accept my love for life time??
Will u be my soul mate for all the births??

Swara was having a surprised expressions but she said: before answering u I want to say something

Sanskar nodes

Swara: u gave me everything which I don’t have in my life. u came in my life when I was sure that my life will remain like that only. U gave me mom dad who loves me more than u said with a wink on which sanskar pouts but later smiles.

Swara: I want u for my whole life. I want u to be there for me for supporting me in every phase of my life, I want your love for life time, will u give me that thing also?? Like u give me your trust?? Will u accept me as your lover?? As your soul mate??

Sanskar got up from his knees and took her in a tight embrace

Sanskar loudly: I loveee u swaraa

Swara: I luv u tooo sanskar

And whole hall filled my loud claps and sujata’s unending whistles which ram also didn’t stopped as he was buzy in clapping for their children.

Today sanskar’s trust won and swara got her all happiness with a love of her life. Today sanskar fulfilled his promise towards his love by getting her trust.


In life it is not necessary that if u r getting pain then u will get those pain all your life, there are many ppl who r there for u to make u happy, to make your life with full of happiness, just have a little trust on your fate k one day u will surely get what u deserve. I know many r there who cant be able to get happiness throughout their lives but that is also a part of their destinies, nobody can say or challenge God’s decision which he have planned for us. Its just always hope for a best and don’t lose your hope ever just trust yourself. Little positivity in your mind makes many thing better just give a little try 

The end.

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