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hey guy’s today my happiness has no limit.. there r 2 reasons behind it first of all my today’s exam was toooo good. I just rocked it & second reason is no doubt ur response for my ff. now i am on cloud 9 dancing like mad…

i’ll not bore u with my chanting bcoz i know u all r eager to know the suspense…
i’ll just start it………….


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3




shivay was going toward the lawn for securing annika, just then in his way something diverted his mind. and he went in that direction.. hence he missed ACP. in lawn ACP gets some work related call hence he left the place by saying annika to take care of herself.while leaving he handed her one chit. after the exit of ACP just then shivay enters the lawn but he didn’t notices ACP. shivay confronts annika in reply annika gets angry on him & talk with him in rude but seems to be polite way…

shivay hold her close but she doesn’t get affected and call him MR. OBEROI each time which hurts shivay. she just get out of his grip any how & leaves inside. while leaving she firmly determines that she will not interfere in shivay’s marriage & will let him marry tia, bcoz of his POV.
here shivay is all confused bcoz of behavioral changes of annika & it made his heart sink. he feels some pain but don’t understand it.just then he remembers something and rushes hurriedly inside..

both shivika r at the door and looking inside at the scene being confused


both shivika looks toward each other and has a short eye lock which is interrupted by the sound…..
someone is crying like a baby & sumo+om r busy in consoling that person…

just then shivay goes toward him and starts..
Shivay: hey what happened ? why r u crying like a small kid. i asked u the same some time before but u didn’t told me the reason & still u r crying..!!!!!
(just then the crying person notices annika and rushes to her side & her tightly and cries like a cry baby)
Annika: hey rudra what happened ? did u broke up with another GF…..
(yeah guys that guys is our cry baby & he is not telling the reason of crying hence everyone is confused.., even somu also tried to console him but he didn’t stopped…)
Rudra: didi !! where have u been i was searching for u ? (and cries more hugging her tight)
Annika: (now annika understands the situation and starts to console her little bro who is innocent like kid. she knows very well how to console him) rudra, be clam. what happened will u not tell ur annika didi ? just tell me….. u always say na I am ur super girl annika didi
Rudra: (rudra feels little calm) annika didi i love u a lot…. i don’t want to loose u.
Annika: but who said u that u will loose me ?? (annika gives a glance to every one for ans, but everyone just shook their head and & give the expression like we didn’t…)
Rudra: that’s not the imp. important is that ur life is in danger someone attacked u and i don’t know anything ? u know na annika didi how imp u r to me.
Annika: (she is totally overwhelmed by rudy’s this act. she becomes emotional seeing his care & concern. she is on verge of crying ) yes rudra, i know this… but see I am standing here in front of u fit & fine…then why r u worried.
Rudra: but why didn’t u tell me anything…. i would have protected u…??
(then annika winks her eye towards shivomso (shivay+om+somu),… om and somu understands her sign but shiv gets confused again)

[somu+om+ani start executing their drama]

Somu: protected and u ? (laughs to make him angry) see bade baal wale bhaiya, someone who is a cry baby going to protect annika didi…
Om: yeah somu u r right some one is crying like a baby from past half hour. how can protect annika..
( now our drama queen starts her drama)
Annika: haa , even i was thinking the same… hence i didn’t tell him anything
[ now they all start to pull his legs….., stupid singh oberoi(SSO) now understands their plan and gives nothing can happen of these guys types look ]
Rudra: oyee sumo, u fat, u r saying that i am cry baby i’ll not be able to save my annika didi ? (and wipes his tears away and gets ready to fight in his attitude)

[this is what anniomso wanted ]

Om: yeah, i think somu is right…
Annika: yaa, me too….
Rudra: what annika di u also joined them…..
Somu: yeah u r strong by body but dumb by brain (& gestures her finger toward her head showing the sign of total gone case)
Rudra: sumo……, i’ll just kill u. stop doing like that & (turns towars annika again) didi plz tell her to shut her mouth up & don’t call me cry baby…
Annika: okay she will not, but on one condition…
Rudra: what ? i am ready to accept any condition, i trust u !!
Annika: then promise me that u won’t cry again like this. until ur super girl is here then why any fear…(and blinks lovingly).
Rudra: but if anything happens to u then, what will i do (he gets emotional again)
(now a voice comes from his behind)
Shivay: Don’t worry ur super man is still here, i’ll protect my super girl…(just then he realizes what he spoke) i mean ur super girl…
[omrusomu sees him with naughty look and anni with angry look] okay now. stop it guys, grow up & stop this melodrama…(and runs from their in haste toward his room to avoid their teasing..)

after shivay left rudra agains hugs annika in happiness and says now i don’t have to worry my super man will protect my super girl.
Somu: and what will this cry baby do (points towards rudra)
Rudra: motiii…., i will not leave u. u wait i’ll tell u what i can do…
don’t under estimate the power of rudra singh oberoi( And shows some attitude and runs after somu to catch her)

[they both start their tom and jerry fight and runs toward theirs room while chasing each other. anni & om stands their smiling looking at the game]
Om: annika…
Annika: yes..
Om: nothing just keep smiling like this, it suits u. annika i know there r lot of problems in ur life but just keep smiling it will only give u strength to fight with them.
Hansi aap ki koyi chura na paye,
Aap ko kabhi koi rula na paye,
Khushiyo ka deep aise jale apki zindgi me
Ki koyi tufaan bhi use bhujha na paye..!! ( by saying this shayari he leaves toward his art room for completing one order.)

[everyone goes towards their work & annika is alone she stands there thinking]


om is saying right. i should be strong and keep smiling always…
and just then she remembers that how rudra reacted after knowing the truth..she thinks how innocent he is ? he was crying like a baby by just thought of loosing me.
but after billu ji’s marriage i’ll leave all of them.just then her mind confronts her u will leave them annika have u lost it. u will let billu ji marry tia
annika’s brain says yes i’ll. & i have decided that i’ll not interfere in between tia and billu ji…… how can u do like that annika her mind again speaks don’t think about billu ji, think about om he is so simple & a good soul, think about rudra he is so innocent, think about dadi how good people r they think about it annika if tia marries billu ji then these people will also have to suffer with billu ji. u very well know that how cheap is that tia…
now annika gets into deep thinking and after a while says u r right. i have to stop this marriage not for billu ji but for omru, dadi & this family….
but one thing is confirm that after stopping billu ji marrying tia. i’ll leave oberoi mansion for forever…..
(& goes to do her work)

shivay was sitting beside pool and was totally lost……


rudra is just impossible i can’t believe it he was crying this much just for this…. but stops thinking… and again thinks that actually loosing her just this thought fears a lot i can understand his concern.. & she is so caring…. & in the way she consoled rudra is just amazing even badi maa also can’t do this. yeah that’s why she is special… & i have to protect my super girl….. just then he realizes what he is thinking.
what the f**k !! my super girl how can i think like this. i don’t know sometimes what happens to me, control shivay!!!! he scolds himself…..
but i have to find out what happened to her. why her behavior changed & dam why she is calling me Mr. oberoi…?

[he decides to confront annika again & leaves to hall to meet her]

he came to the hall and searches for her but she is no where to be seen. just then he notices the small chit lying on the floor. he bends and picks it up. suddenly annika comes out of kitchen and sees him opening the chit for reading. & says phail gaya raitaaa !!! she panics and looks tensed bcoz this is the same chit which ACP gave her. it must have fallen there while consoling rudra….
she thinks plz god, plzzzzzzzzzzzz save me. billu ji should not read this chit bcoz it is given by ACP and still i also don’t know whats there in the chit i just hope it should not create a big problem…
plzzz god stop him….

epi ends on curious face of shivay and tensed annika.



will shivay read the chit or god will help annika…
what should be there in the chit…..
will shivay find out that why annika is calling is Mr. Oberoi instead of billu ji

keep reading next part for further updates…..

in today’s part i tried something different plz guys hope u will like it..
and as i always say just give me ur valuable suggestions & lovely comments……
sorry for mistakes

today i have tried to type the longer on epi hope u find it longer & if u feel it shorter then again sorry my friends for that
i tried my best
fingers crossed……

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  1. wow mrunal so much suspense waiting for nxt

    1. Mrunal

      Thank u sadia…???

    1. Mrunal

      Thank u anah ?
      I’ll post soon….
      & about ur ff now i am little busy bcoz of my exams but I’ll surely read it dear…

  2. Wowwwwe awsome episode I love Rudhra a lot in this part…and also our ‘super girl’…oops not our shivay’s super girl

    1. Mrunal

      Thanks dear for this lovely comment..??

  3. Nansshivika

    Rudra scenes are so shayari superb.Shivay saying my super girl awesome.I loved it a lotttttttt

    1. Mrunal

      Hey nansshivika… I am so glad that u loved this part…???

  4. Anjaly

    amazing episode pls post soon

    1. Mrunal

      Hey anjali thank u dear…
      And of course I’ll post next part asap.??

  5. Ananya7044

    Itna suspense..kyaa hai us chit mei… glad u did ur exams well…all the best..even i did my exam well..same pinch

    1. Mrunal

      Same pinch???
      We did our exam well but i hope we’ll get our marks also well…lol??

      Suspense mai hi toh asali maja hai…
      Thanks for commenting dear?

  6. Jayashree

    Incredible dear.

    Rudy and anika scene was osum
    .. waiting for next part

    1. Mrunal

      Thanks dea..☺☺☺

  7. Priyali

    Awww rudy is shoo cute… I’ll protect my super girl !!! Shivaay muahhh!! Cuddles to u mrunal!! Such a cute wala epi…

    1. Mrunal

      Thank u for such cute comment??
      A tight hug from my side for this sweet comment..& support…??

  8. Mukta


    1. Mrunal

      Thank u….. Dear?

  9. Shivika

    Wow……dear u rocked…..anika and rudra bond8ng is just amazing ….beautiful……wat is in that chit…..ques are many for that….so post nxt episode asap…..and congrats for ur exam….as u rocked even in it too.

    1. Mrunal

      Thank u shivika ur comment just made me feel awesome…. Dear ?

      And i am trying to post daily bcoz i am writing the epi short..
      Hence I’ll post the next epi tomorrow definitely…???

      1. Shivika

        So sweet of u dear

  10. Pinkyyy

    Wow dear
    Awesome update ???
    Shivaay will protect her super girl aww ..
    Continue soon please

    1. Mrunal

      Yes dear i am gonna continue it for such cute and sweet readers like u?
      Thank for the comments…

  11. Jazz1

    Lovely ? episode awww rudy crying ? for anika. Again suspense omg ? plz post the next episode soon

    1. Mrunal

      Thanks jazz
      And yeah Again suspense but don’t worry it’s gonna get revealed in next epi….???

  12. Cuteprincess

    nice one…
    waiting for the next part..

    1. Mrunal

      Hey cuteprincess thanks dear…?

  13. Awesome ff …Again a mystery . Eagerly waiting for next part.

  14. Lovely …Aww again a suspense… Waiting for next part.

    1. Mrunal

      Hey dear the mystery is gonna solve in next epi…??

      Thank u for commenting…?

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