Trust : base of luv (kanchi) FS by Sanju shot 2

Hey guys sorry for being late actually my submiting time is 3pm to 5pm
But today i slept at day time
Even in my whole life i never slept at day time but today i was so tired so jzt slept by mistake
Plz forgive me for that
So lets move to the story

They reached at xyz place .the place was fully decorated with red (heart shaped) balloon
And started raining of rose petals on them

A wide smile apeared on his face to see sanchi this much happy

Sanchi : what a warm welcome kabir she hugs him tightly

They goes towards table

Sanchi sits there and kabir said

Kabir : sanchi may i dance with my fiancé??
Sanchi : yes my hotttie

They danced on Mahi bolna (my fvrt song)

After that kanchi were lost in eachothers eyes
Kabir lean on sanchi for kiss he placed his lips on her and they had a passionate kiss

After sometime they had dinner
After dinner

Sanchi : Kabir i wanna tell u something
Kabir : ya sachi go ahead
Sanchi : Kabir a relation is based on trust and i dont wanna start a relation with secrets
I wanna tell u my secret
U trust me naa…!!!

Kabir : Ya sanchi even is it a question..!!!
Sanchi : I m not who u think. I am not sanchi agrwal
Ya im sanchi but MISHRA not AGARWAL
kabir im sanchi mishra

Kabir : what??? Why u hide ur identity ..???
Sanchi : When i get acceptation latter
I was os happy but when i go to hospital and check the sheet . There was not my name
But there was sanchi agarwal (S.A)
prasha forced me to take her name but i refuesed
But then they said that S.A is no more
They swear me of my dad then i was forced to agree
Kabir : (cnfrming hisself) whats ur father’s dream??
Sanchi : listen me carefully . This hospital was my father’s dream bit Anand he did simagling of chemical and many more things . When my dad know this he was about to expose him but hee…. start crying biterlyyy.
Kabir huged her and calm her down
Kabir : Then what?? Sanchi..!!!!
Sanchi : then he kill my dad and make family’s life hell and (crying heartedly)

Sanchi : Kabir u trust mee naaa..!!!
Kabir : ya sachi. I trusted u . I trust u . And will trust u always

Danchi : My dad wants this hospital as a temple
But Anand he makes this hospital a black market
Kabir : sanchi i promise u I’ll help u to expose anand malhotra and also make this hospital a temple
Sanchi : thnx Kabir for trusting me
Kabir : shhh…. not a word more
Sanchi : hmm…now its gating late we should leave
Kabir : ya lets go..

Kabir drop sanchi to hostel and went 2 his home

Sanchi goes to her room and sees ishgya is sleeping
She goes to her bed and lei on it
After sometime
She calls Kabir

Sanchi (on phone) ghar pohanch gaye
Kabir : yes sweetie
Sanchi : u know what kabkr I m feeling releiz now
Otherwise that before there was a burden on me
Kabir : yes sweetheart i am glad that u told me everything
Sanchi : and im glad too that u trusted me
Kabir : How would’nt i trust u afterall we luv eachother and base of any relation is based on trust if i did’nt trust u then there will not b our future anymore

Sanchi : thnk u so much kabir i luv u

Kabir : i luv u to sweetie
Acha sanchi ab so jao kl subha 7:30 am pe surgery hai so sleep peacefully

Sanchi : ok gd n8 hottie
Kabir : gd n8 and ya i luv u
Sachi : i luv u 2 3 4 5….
Both laughed and cut the phone and sleep peacefully dreaming each other
Ok guys so that all for today if u like it then plz drop a cmnt and ya i apologise again for awaiting u all
And one other thing i know there was many grammatical mistakes in my previous and in this also so plz forgive me for aal things i did
Ok bye guys

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